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Crappy servers / L2 Madrazo
« Last post by devilmstar on July 08, 2021, 07:55:48 PM »
Welcome to L2 Madrazo Interlude PvP Server


 Website :
 Forum :

Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT -3
Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 3 hours
Maximum Buffs Slots - 44
Maximum Buffs take from Buffer - 37
Anti-Bot System - Yes
Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes
Sub-Class Quest - Not
Maximum Sub-Class Number - 3
Master Class - Yes
Offline mode Shop - Yes
Auto Learn Skills - Yes
Auto Learn Loot - Yes
Retail Class Balance
Retail All Skill
Debuffs (Rootes,Stuns etc.) time 7 Serconds
Starting Level 25 with 3rd Class Already!
Experience (EXP) - 300.0x
Skill Points (SP) - 300.0x
Drop Items - 1.0x
Drop Adena - 1.0x
Rate Party Exp - 1.5x
Rate Party Sp - 1.5x
Premium Account Experience/Spoil (EXP/SP) - x2
Premium Account Drop Items/Adena - x2
Safe Enchant +4 | Max Enchant +20
Normal Scroll Chance - 60% [+16]
Blessed Scroll Chance - 100% [+16]
Crystal Scroll Chance - 50% [+20]
Mid life stone skill chance - 5%
High life stone skill chance - 10%
Top life stone skill chance - 15%
Augmentation rate retail like
No Custom Armor/Weapons
Starting with B Grade Items
3 Main Towns [Goddard,Giran,Aden]
Unique Tournament System [Like no one server has!!!]
Unique Event Engine Runs 24/7 [by Voting]
Events DM/Domination/D.Domination/LMS/TvT/VIP TVT/CTF/KoreanStyle
Wedding System
Unique Skins [DressMe System]
Color System [With Custom Titles Colors too!]
No Weight Limit
No Grade Limit
Unique PvP Zones [With vote before Change]
Unique Party Zones [Opens Specific Time]
GmShop tills S Grade Items
Free Nobless [Get status by item or Raid Boss]
Unique NPCs With Visual Effects
2 Pc with Same IP [if more punish with Jail (Contact with GM/Admin for unjail)]
2 Client per Pc [if more punish with Jail (Contact with GM/Admin for unjail)]
Olympiad Period - 7 Days
Olympiad Start - 18:00 ends 00:00 (Server Time)
Olympiad Rules like Retail
All Castles Give Reward
Castles Giran/Goddard/Aden are Cartels of SERVER!
Sieges gameplay are like L2Off (Golems,Flags,Merchury etc.)
Clan crest system to towns

Server Currency
Weed Leaf    →    Marijuana (Processed Item)
Coca Leaf    →    Cocaine (Processed Item)
Opium Flower    →    Heroin (Processed Item)
Festival Adena
Vote Coin
Newcomers, read this / Re: How to access private sources
« Last post by Tryskell on July 02, 2021, 07:32:50 PM »
(Copy-paste from Discord Announcements)

Hello everyone,

since the cycle 39 is currently ended, and rev 400 will "virtually" never be reached (at least as shared diff), I'm cleaning up customers.

Previous customers WILL HAVE TO PAY the 100€ initial fee. Two exceptions exist, though :

Following previous customers, while still bound to pay the initial 100€,  are rewarded with free months, due to their past contribution into bug report section :
- ErHard : 3 free months
- Shyr : 6 free months
- Denzel : 1 free month

Following previous customers are EXEMPTED to pay the initial fee, due to their all-time donations (>= 50€). This offer exists for the incoming month (July 2021), but if you don't make a valid monthly fee, you will be in the "re-join" case.
- Ailierynn
- Alesha
- Caparso
- Cheewe
- DarthVader
- Denzel
- Djjapulis
- Djwegas
- Elfocrash
- ErHard
- HaddWik
- HeeroYuy
- Henrique
- Hitchnik
- Ikamp
- InsiTo
- Katara
- Kraker
- Mfg_1984
- SmokiMo
- Lothar
- Nighty
- olo50
- pandragon
- Root
- sergeykbr
- Seuss
- Shilen
- StinkyMadness
- Traitor
- Trance
- UYFranck
- vmlinuz
- xdevel
- Zemaitis
- Roko91

Following previous customers which still have "credits" (that's 11 ppl actually who paid for 400+) can either ask me a refund for the sum of cycles which weren't delivered, or use that amount to pay part of the initial fee. If such customer asks a refund and is in the previous list, he won't be able to claim his free initial free. The sum is the possible claim.
- Alesha : 80€
- Denzel : 10€
- ExTrEmEDwarf : 10€
- Ixasou : 30€
- Mfg_1984 : 70€
- Rasta : 60€
- Seuss : 10€

- StinkyMadness : 20€
- Trance : 40€
- AcidRain : 10€
- Roko91 : 90€
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on July 02, 2021, 12:05:30 AM »
Changeset 400 (2376)

Bugfixes, Organization

   - Fix NodeBuffer exhaustion. Ty Hasha.
   - Add missing CLAN_MEMBER_GRADUATED_FROM_ACADEMY message use. Ty Kable for report.
   - Fix a visual issue over movement (attacking while target is on PZ).
   - Fix NPE over PlayableCast#canDoCast. Ty shyr for report.
   - Save hidden effects (eg. buffs under herbs) upon Player restart/logoff. Ty Gigi885 for report.
   - Fix calcPhysicalAttackDamage missing boost ss, prior to rev 399 formula refactor. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix following messages from effects :
      - S1_HAS_WORN_OFF and EFFECT_S1_DISAPPEARED are now used depending about effect left length time, and aren't called both anymore.
      - EFFECT_S1_DISAPPEARED is called if an added effect replaces an existing effect (equal or superior).
      - YOU_FEEL_S1_EFFECT is called on every effect application, and removed from skillhandlers and side systems.
   - Fix proper handling of long values into Config. Ty StinkyMadness for fix.
   - Allow offensive skill / attack over same clan/alliance under arenas. Ty Kable for report, Penacho for fix. Fix also few isInsideZone checks, where getActingPlayer() was tested instead of Playable (overriding Summon state).
   - Add missing getAttackSpeedMultiplier() over PetInfo. Ty stepforstep for report.
   - Fix //reload announcement. Ty Denzel for fix.
   - Clean target to avoid to get "ghost" target upon //recall. Ty RooT for fix.
   - Fix Q294 reward. Ty YulRun for report.
   - Added 9 missing NpcStringIds.
   - Extensive use of broadcastNpcShout.
   - Few SonarLint cleanup.
   - Few Clan method renames.
   - Delete ZoneForm#getDistanceToZone concept.
Newcomers, read this / Re: How to access private sources
« Last post by Tryskell on June 26, 2021, 04:05:53 PM »
"Supporter" membergroup is renamed "Donator", and "Inner Circle" membergroup  is renamed "Supporter".

Added "re-join" definition
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on June 26, 2021, 04:01:00 PM »
Big cleanup :

  • Moved vladalien, bowling4soup from active developers to retired.
  • Moved Sluger from active developer to Sidekick.
  • Deleted "Outer Circle" membergroup (only Wreaper, from LU4 team, was part of it).
  • Renamed "Supporter" to "Donator", and "Inner Circle" to "Supporter".
  • Cleaned all existing "Supporters".

Newcomers, read this / Re: How to access private sources
« Last post by Tryskell on June 20, 2021, 11:33:15 PM »
The concept evolved a little !

New freemium rules will apply at the 40th cycle.

Following systems are still maintained internally and publically :
    - "Changeset" ("release" on Gitlab) : a compilation of bugfixes reaching a state of stability, based on my own self-appreciation.
    - "Cycle" : a compilation of 10 "changesets", generally associated to a main goal.

Supporter rank
    - "Customer" rank will be now known as "Supporter". They will still benefit custom section from forums.
    - "Supporter" rank will be way more pricey : a one-time fee will be asked, then a monthly fee will be required to maintain your supporter rank.
    - Supporters will be directly registered to the Git.
    - Issues will be migrated on Git issues tab. Forums won't hold any issues anymore.
    - No more diff patches / trunk shares over forums. Forums won't hold it anymore. Changesets / releases are still pickable from Git.

Public Git
    - Public version is still maintained, and is now old of 1 year and not 10-19 revisions.
    - Stability state isn't guaranteed. It is shared as a "demo", to see aCis progression.

    - You still can contribute to the pack with bugfixes, or via the "lab monkey". Your contribution can eventually lead to rewards (the most obvious being, free monthly fee).
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on June 02, 2021, 08:44:05 PM »
Changeset 399 (2353)

Formulas, Scripts, Bugfixes, Organization

   - HP/MP/CP - ty Hasha.
      - Unhardcode HP/MP/CP regen base values. Each class got now its own tables. Indirectly fix formulas (values aren't linear, but step-up every 10 levels).
      - Formulas are checked and tested using L2OFF (specific order maintained).
      - Weight Penalty is not handled by skill anymore (was producing issues with HP/MP/CP regen).
      - Fix few skills related to HP/MP/CP regen.
   - Physical hit / skill formulas
      - Rework charge skills formula.
      - Rework physical skills formula. Split physical hit and skill formulas. Add a Config.DEVELOPER to track output.
         - Add ssMul 2.04 instead of 2.0 for physical skills.
         - Rework attacker elemental trait usage during regular hit. A physical hit is now considered as "elemental attack" if such trait occurs, raising or decreasing overall damage. Ty Arrowhead for report.
         - Add missing position multiplier for physical hit.
   - Shield rate is now impacted by physical CRITICAL attacks. Add a Config.DEVELOPER upon the associated method.
    - MEN bonus is now only used for isMagic skills. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix Q501 loyalty check. Ty lucabruns.
   - Add missing Q351 reward. Ty Gigi85 for report and StinkyMadness.
   - Fix Q627 to be party friendly. Ty StinkyMadness for report.
   - Fix Q376 / Q377 onKill logic. Ty StinkyMadness for report.
   - Fix potential CME over Q409. Ty StinkyMadness for report.
   - Flat all uses of Npcs containers using ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet. Fix NPE over Core script.
   - Rework (rework mechanisms) following quests : Q348, Q403, Q409, Q421 - ty Hasha.
   - Complete (add missing content) following quests : Q114, Q171, Q316 - ty Hasha.
   - Fix (found and fix issues) following quests : Q021, Q609, Q615 - ty Hasha.
   - Replace hardcoded Strings for NpcStringIds over all scripts - ty Hasha.
   - NewbieHelper : Remove uneeded files, fix one link. Ty RooT.
   - Remove Attackable regen task upon active region.
   - Fix FloodProtectors for values > 2147. Ty Gigi85 for report and StinkyMadness.
   - Add charge check over Force Blaster. Ty Gigi85 for report.
   - Fix pet food usage over pet window. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix server-side heading upon unmoving interaction.
   - Fix 8570-8575 items.
   - Avoid to follow yourself. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Avoid to stop moving upon using skill under cooldown. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Avoid to stop attacking upon using skill under cooldown. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix the clan/alliance issues upon TargetCorpseAlly / TargetAlly. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix the NPE upon TargetCorpseMob on dead Guard/SiegeGuard. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Use cast int on double values of HP/MP consuming under canDoCast boolean. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Update flag pvp status while heal/buff flagged summon. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Allow the usage of skill on dead target without giving effect. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Add attacking rules on summons/pets. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Add "Contract Payment" (Skill ID: 4140) upon Soulless summon. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Vincenz Blacksmith HTM's (Rune Territory). Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Set 'Lost Buffalo' as minion of 'Frost Buffalo'. Delete individual minions. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix wrong HTM and tokenizer order for observe cost on BroadcastingTower. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix Private Store Buy issues. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Manor : Reset seed sales. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Added missing privileges to academy members. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Normalize all uses of canGiveDamage.
   - Fix few reported HTM typos.
   - Add 32007 npcId missing content (buylist, HTMs). Ty Root.
   - Fix 31616 npcId HTMs and type. Ty RooT.
   - Fix Mortal Strike enchant routes. Ty Sahar.
   - Implement WeightPenalty, ShieldDefense enums.
   - Implement static approach for ExVariationResult failed result.
   - Few SonarLint cleanup.
Crappy servers / L2RedRiver Interlude Classic PvP Server
« Last post by Shyque on May 12, 2021, 05:25:12 PM »

L2RedRiver Interlude Classic PvP Server
Official start 22.05.2021 19:00 GMT+2!
Website :

Rates, Enchantment & Augmentation
¦ x1000,
¦ Safe enchantment: +4
¦ Max enchantment: +15 (+20 with crystal)
¦ Normal scroll chance: 60%
¦ Blessed scroll chance: 100%
¦ Crystal scroll chance: 20%
¦ High Grade Lifestone: 5%
¦ Top Grade Lifestone: 10%
¦ Max Augmentations: 1 active & 1 passive

General Information
¦ Auto loot for monsters, dropped loot for bosses.
¦ Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds.
¦ Available buff slots: 48 (only buffer's buffs count)
¦ Subclasses per character: 3
¦ If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes.
¦ Automatic potions (HP, MP, CP) by pressing right click & retail usage by pressing left click.
¦ Pressing shift & click on monsters or raids, you can see their droplist.
¦ All accessories increase character's speed by 10%.
¦ Main Town Giran
¦ Easy Farm S Grade max 10min farm
¦ RB Jewel Box from Raid Bosses
¦ Hero every 7 days
¦ Automatic potions use (MP/HP/CP) - right click in skill bar
¦ Red Unique Hero Aura for L2RedRiver player's!!
¦ New Clan Event - Bring along 5 of your friends and visit Jurek in Giran to receive clan level 8

Fast Augmentation
¦ If you double click on the Lifestone, your equipped weapon gets augmented.
¦ If you get a skill, you get an announcement on screen and the weapon gets unequipped automatically.

¦ Easy Farm Zone
¦ 2 spawn Hard Farm Zones
¦ 3 spawn Dragon Valley PvP Farm Zone
¦ Raid Boss Zone

¦ Available castles for the moment: Giran, Aden, Innadril
¦ Sieges are scheduled every Sunday at 17:00 (GMT+2).

Clan Ranking
¦ We've developed a new engine which counts your clan's efficiency based on actions.
¦ Killing Raid Bosses and Clan Wars to become number 1 in the server and Top 3 Clans will be rewarded Donate Coins worth 225 euros

Grand Olympiad
¦ The Grand Olympiad Games start at 18:00 and finish at 00:00 (GMT+2).
¦ New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2).
¦ Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable.
¦ Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with RedRiver Token for every olympiad fight victory.

Global Event Engine
¦ Automatic event engine with 5 global events: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing, Ultra-rapid fire.
¦ Running every 1 hour with vote poll.
¦ Including portable functions by typing .events (to register -> .register).
¦ You can increase your pvp count & take pvp reward like playing normal pvp.

Real Party Zone
¦ The party zone is chaotic, which means a lot of PvP action.
¦ The drops of Chaotic Monsters are individual for each party member (more members, higher multiplier).
¦ All party members have to do a specific amount of damage to get drops.
¦ Bishops get drops too, based on their healing value.

¦ There are 12 Bosses in L2RedRiver
¦ 6x Raid Bosses with 3 hour respawn
¦ 6x Epic Bosses with 6 hour respawn and Massive Drops
¦ All Raid Bosses are in Chaotic zones which means auto flag status
¦ To Village after death is delayed by 30 seconds in Raid Boss Zones
¦ Bishops get drops too, based on their healing value.

Dynamic PvP Zone
¦ Changes automatically every 1 hour.
¦ The top 3 players based on PvP kills are getting rewarded.
¦ Bishops are not allowed to enter this zone.
¦ There is a 20% chance for the 'Blessed' version of the zone. Special rewards inside when the zone is 'Blessed'.
¦ Blessed version rewards: x2 PvP Kills, x2 PvP Reward, 10% chance to get RedRiver Token and 1% chance to get an exclusive reward.

Vote Engine
¦ Individual vote system with multiple sites.
¦ Voting at least 3 vote sites, unlocks the Vote Blessing at Magic Supporter.
¦ Vote Buff increases your P.Def. +6%, M.Def. +6%, Speed +4%.
¦ Global vote reward for all online players.
¦ Weekly Voter Event, the player with the most votes at the end of the week wins
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns !
« Last post by sahar on April 23, 2021, 09:49:24 PM »
L2 OvC Interlude season comes back 1st May !
Added new King's Landing mission.
Added Agathions (appearance only).
Spoilers are now theives again (can steal adena from other players).
Added shadow items with SAs / set bonuses to newbies who join at a later stage of the server.
And much more, see our website for full details.
Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns April 3, 2021
« Last post by henrique on March 26, 2021, 03:22:31 PM »
New season coming, begins on April 3, 2021 at 6PM. (UTC -3)
Server information updated in the first post.   :delf1_4: