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Terms of Agreement

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on: January 05, 2020, 11:01:59 AM
Terms of Agreement

Using aCis, you accept the following:
  • You can't sell aCis pack, customized or not.
  • You can't share any revision posterior to current public revision.
  • aCis forks are allowed for following conditions:
    • Your pack stays open source (in order useful fixes can be used in the main pack).
    • You can use any of the free versions as base.
    • You don't update it with revisions posterior to current free revision.
Breaking rules lead to following punishements:
  • As Customer/Inner Circle, an immediate forum rank drop. In case you donated, I won't refund your money.
  • No support of any kind.
  • A boycott of your pack, notably your marketing topics, no matter used forums.
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