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Lineage II Dream Memories

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on: October 23, 2017, 07:03:49 PM

Server Rates:
-XP 2000
-SP 2000
-DROP 2000
-PartyXp 2x.
-Party 2x.
Custom Items:

Sets Custom:PvP Titanium Set(Balanced)
Weapons Custom: Dual Hero Weapons (Balanced)
Masks/Acessories: Hero mask (CP/HP)
All Tattoos: give stats.(Balanced)
Unique features: :

1st, 2nd and 3rd Class: Free
Sub Class : Free
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Loot
Noblesse: Official Quest, Killing Barakiel (8h Respawn)
Buff Slots: 99 Slots
Buff Time: 1 Hours
No Argument Skills
Castle owners get rewarded (Book of Giants per week)
Events Automatics: TVT(1 per 5 hours)

Olympiad game:

Retail olympiad game.
Competition period [4] week.
Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.

Enchant scrolls are Stackable
Safe/max: +10/+51
Normal scrolls:60%
Crystal scrolls: 70%(drop from adena zone or buy from event shop)
Blessed scrolls: 100%(Olympiad only)

Grand Opening

21/10/2017 16:30:300 GMT +2

Website :