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Way of working, changeset/revision system

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on: April 28, 2015, 05:08:16 PM
Hi peeps,

for today and leftover time (hope it will be long, muhaha), I will use a new way to commit. As Customers, you won't be impacted in any way, but I prefer to explain why it changes.

Until today, my way of coding was to code and commit when I judged it was ok (decent amount and reviewed stuff). While I coded that way for a long time, there are huge drawbacks : more I add contents to the commit, harder is my time reviewing it. If I make an error, I have to cleanup the whole crap too, and restart from zero. If I decide to cancel one idea, I'm screwed too.

My new way consists to code one idea, and commit it directly, once I reviewed it. I won't lose time to review code I already reviewed that way (I could easily review 5 up to 10 times changes).

What does it change for Customers ?
Strictly nothing, I will continue to share diff patches. But this time, it will concern 10-15 commits instead of a single one. You will probably see 2 numbers from now : the changeset number, and the commit number.

Number of commits will probably skyrocket, but changesets number won't increase. I will continue to decide when a changeset is released, based on amount of work.

If it can give you an order of idea, using that new system, I would say we would be around rev 3000-4000.


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