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Last aCis updates

Started by Tryskell, January 04, 2011, 10:46:15 PM


Changeset 111

Sieges fixes + weapons cAtk fix

All the code from sieges is entirely from me. That means yeah, I can do other things than c/p, but that means yeah, it can have after-effects as it has been tested only by me, and on a short time laps. So feel free to test all possibilities and report on forum for eventual NPEs/errors I didn't think about.

   - admin commands about sieges won't bypass anymore conditions (can't reg 50 times same clan as attacker/etc).
   - The SQL code to include clan on sieges has been improved (avoid duplicate).
   - replaced circlets for crown at chamberlain "Give a crown" option. My bad.
   - remove both crowns and circlets (before only circlets were removed) ;
   - Crowns and circlets are removed only at the end of a siege (and not at middle time victory like before), and only if the initial castle's owner differs from the end owning castle's owner.
   - Corrected restriction to avoid to register on multiple sieges at the same time (retail confirmed).
   - Added alliance restriction, clan A/B of the same alliance can't anymore register on different side of a castle's siege. They have to be both on attack/defense.
   - Added message for people who aren't clan leaders and try to register to a siege (You aren't authorized...).
   - Replace all buggy "cAtk" for "cAtkAdd" in order to correct bugged critical damages, credits to SweeTs.

Issues :
   - L2J Freya bug : the skill "Seal of Ruler" (seems) bugged, if you changed of target at cast's end it will try to take the objectID of your ACTUAL target, not on the previous one (so if your actual target isn't an artifact, the entire cast process fails). I got already an idea to fix it, which could be used in order to make some others actions (trade, etc) secured aswell.
I would like informations about missing stuff from sieges, in order to make another refactor part. I would like to add artifact zones mainly. So give ideas on forums, with eventually proofs about what you say.
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Changeset 112

Some deletions, circlets/crowns fix

    Deletion of L2ControllableMob (as the poll shows it, no one knew the existence of this feature).
    Deletion of WayPointNode? (old code, no idea why it's still on Freya), and the 5 related variables in
    Fix the NPE scenario about circlets/crowns removal. Surely due to NPC owning castle.
    admin panel reorganization : move of strider/wyvern from "effects" to "teleport" panel, add of unride option.

If there are still errors at removal circlets/crowns, please consider to give full infos, such as actual people on, who's attacker/defender, etc. Try to test with not defenders on.
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Changeset 113

DayNightSpawnManager? refactor.
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June 07, 2011, 02:04:32 PM #63 Last Edit: June 07, 2011, 07:14:50 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 114

Duel refactor

  • singletons
  • one case of permaduel fixed
  • code clean, typo
  • less packets update

   The "error" at withdrawal is related to client side. It could (and read the "could") be related to server, but it's not supported at all else. Variable $s1 should be $s2.

Changeset 115

Seal of Ruler zoning restriction.

Ty DiNoR for initial XML/SQL values, and Ferb for idea/report.

Work better with geodata on. Don't report if you got zoning error without the use of geodata... If players respect zones, zones respect players :P.

Changeset 116

Correct all recipes for IL values, ty DiNoR for initial work.

If some are still missing, you're allowed to cry on forum.
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June 16, 2011, 10:55:52 PM #64 Last Edit: June 17, 2011, 12:00:32 PM by SweeTs*
Changeset 117

Multiple little fixes

    - Danse of medusa got anew a time.
    - Some packets modifications (added some packets infos, etc).

    Nothing to kill yourself.

Changeset 118

[SpartaCis] Items refactor - part I

Many has been done those last days. Thx to DiNoR for incredible fast work on DP ^^.

   - Items don't use anymore SQLs. All engine and DP is made for/of XMLs. All items can be found on data/stats/items, and follow original game system (melting armors, weapons, and etcitems in same files).
   - SkillHolder implementation.
   - Duals got now their +4 passive skills.
   - shortBuffTask implementation (healing potions icons).
   - Apprentice PK && CW drop restrictions are now handled in DP.
   - Full rework of shots, + 2 fixes (1 due to Freya, 1 old).
   - Items icons now fade if the item is of same sharedReuse group. Item shortcuts timers are still buggy (as Freya).
   - Potions / Elixirs can be casted during casting. Thx momo61 for initial share.
   - Some beginning rework on petItem. isPetItem() => isPetCollar(), isPetItem() implementation (consider pet armors/weapons as pet items). This chapter is buggy, even on current L2J Freya. More work will come soon or later.
   - update for BroadcastStatusUpdate, in order to get less sent packets (limit mana updates)
   - L2ExtractableItems are ported from initial .csv to existing skills XMLs. No more loading process for it.
The second part of items refactor will come once people tested and report eventual problems with part I. So you know what you have to do : TEST !
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Changeset 119

AdminCommands refactor.

Here are fresh commands for you, mighty admins ^^.

   - cameramode: same as retail //camera, thx to Airin (L2J User contribution)
   - admin_summon_info: displays an information window about target summon
   - admin_unsummon: unsummon target's pet/summon or target
   - admin_summon_setlvl: set the pet's level
   - admin_show_pet_inv: show pet's inventory (currently NOT WORKING)
   - admin_party_info: find party infos of targeted character, if any
   - admin_clan_info: find clan infos of the character, if any
   - admin_remove_clan_penalty: removes clan penalties
   - save_modifications, part of the "Edit" button panel of the selected character.
   - visible/invisible, deprecated cause of the existence of vis/invis.
   - Many panels are improved. Some holes have been filled aswell with the new commands.
   - Main panel have "dualbox" and "pet infos" buttons
   - "List" > select a character got a fresh panel with new added commands.
   - "Edit" button panel has been seriously revisited. It got only useful stuff.
   - Cleaned 2 skills. Nothing for you.
   - L2ClanMember typos.
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June 18, 2011, 04:26:12 AM #66 Last Edit: June 18, 2011, 11:34:47 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 120

Some little fixes.
       core support for isClanSkill().
       add an effect on Grade Penalty skill (-50% runspd/atkspd/cstspd).
       update correctly passive skill list when Grade Penalty occurs.
       update/complete 2 serverpackets.
       change calcLvlDependModifier formula method.

   Experimental : Point3D doesn't use "synchronize" anymore, which means less used ressources. Such points are used for signets casting as exemple. If you handle strange behavior on signets positioning or such, please contact on forum asap. This fix has been released recently on L2J.

Changeset 121

Fix hennas typos problems. Additionally improve DB structure for those tables.

Ty stanus for report.

PS : prices have been updated aswell. When they seem more... normal (from my player's PoV), if you got proofs old prices were retail, send screen / cry on forum ^^.

Changeset 122

Items, part 1.5 ^^

Correct following errors :
   - stackable items (5 missing);
   - herbs effects (both DP && core issue);
   - SoE castles/clans (it was using the old itemhandler, used for backward compatibility, but now it was bypassing real effects so bb old itemhandler and welcome new generation :));
Misc :
   - added a config for bosses items drop rate;
   - fixed the targeting issue when sitting (when you double protect something sometimes that bugs, lol).
   - added Dummy skillhandler, correct "the DUMMY skillType isn't implemented". You can launch fireworks without bugs ! Eweussaumeu !

Changeset 123

   - Add core support && DP for Court Magician (allow to use castle crown's skill), currently fully working.
   - Correct shields item restriction (as they migrated from L2Weapon to L2Armor).
   - Improve EffectFear (geodata check). I still don't know why mobs take time to be affected. It's not due to effect anyway.
If by any hazard, the Court Magician got other stuff, consider send as much infos as you got on forum, and if possible with proofs about what you say. I didn't manage to find any decent IL infos, except the clan gate part.
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June 20, 2011, 03:17:18 AM #67 Last Edit: June 20, 2011, 02:52:44 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 124

Items refactor, part II

   - Replace all differences in terms of values and names typos from Freya to IL.
   - Added back pet armor/weapons type, and bodypart related to pet's race. Drop of is_petitem boolean.
   - Added all missing onCast skills.
   - correct tatoos/cloaks, add pDef to cloaks.
   - Added missing SAs.
   - Corrected all typos.
   - And many more...
DP part entirely made by DiNoR, thanks him for the amazing work :).

Items DP is supposed to be finished. Consider report any strange item. Ty in advance.

Changeset 125

Misc fixes.

    Correct all skills values "cAtk" from 1.3/1.4/1.5 to 1.3/1.325/1.35. Ty Zerador for the report.
    Fixes buggy entrance message on arenaZone.
    Add 2 Arena managers on Giran and Gludin arenas. Move the Derby Monster Track one outside the arena. Corrects the hardcoded CP recovery for a buff use, and add a popup if you haven't enough adenas (ty Zerador for the initial code).
    Crests refactor, should correct all problems of crests for clan/ally (staying crests after ally kick).
    Added back ToI and coliseum doors as opened at server start.
    Added the passive buff "Equip Set Items", which is added/removed in same time than a set passive skill. Verified from a L2Off.

Report if you still got problems with crests, I only managed to put/remove/change one to see if I have broken something :P.
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June 24, 2011, 03:59:58 AM #68 Last Edit: June 24, 2011, 02:49:26 PM by SweeTs*
Changeset 126


Quest engine / AIs, part I

Quest engine.
   - rework of quests engine, using the unstable L2J trunk, in order to be able to use java files (mainly AIs).
   - deletion of the jscript folder. If you want to help refactoring quests, save this folder anywhere else, or dl back IL quests. "scripts" folder is added, with some AIs.
   - Some AIs added. They're supposed to be final and working. Report all you can about them. I only tested chests and Gordon.
   - Addition of many configs, mainly about World/Grand Bosses and quest rates. Report bosses respawn timers on the forum, as they seem all wrong.
PS : The engine has been stripped of the compiled cache stuff (.rar-ed events and such). ON_SKILL_LEARN has been dropped too.
   - Reworked AIs. Mobs can know support, heal when low HPs, use skills (they spam them those bitches...)
   - npc_ai_data.sql has been added. It is supposed to get all AIs stuff concerning NPCs templates.
   - some infos of npc.sql have been deleted, and moved to npc_ai_data (mainly faction => clan).
   - npcskills.sql is renamed npc_skills.sql
   - L2MinionInstance is dropped. Now all minions are normal L2Monsters. They're still linked to the leader via the minions.sql
   - datapack is now parametered to see java errors. Allow easy debug on java quests.
   - NpcSat, TutorialCloseHtml, TutorialEnableClientEvent serverpackets added.
   - core support for tutorial quest (Q255).

Two issues exist on hardcoded AIs :
- minions dont appear back, even if the leader is alive (whatever mobs, general AI issue).
- mobs with caster types skills don't attack back if their casting range is higher than the distance of the player. Saying it differently, they stay without moving at their position until you reach the good distance. Kinda strange.

No issue has been found currently about the quest engine itself (loading Python/Java correctly).
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June 25, 2011, 08:57:58 PM #69 Last Edit: June 25, 2011, 09:34:00 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 127

Misc changes
   - change sql table format of npc_ai_data table, as some people couldn't install it correctly.
   - correct HTMs and internal issues for following custom/quests : shadowWeapon, heroCirclet and heroWeapon.
   - set the rb pdef/mdef multiplier config to 100 instead of 300. Any RB had x3 pdef/mdef.
   - you can't give anymore a castle via the admin command if the target already got a castle (fix a bug).
   - fix the getExp/Sp rewards formulas (use of MaxHP in formula ? Lol).
   - tweak the //zone_visual admincommand in order to get less adenas dropped when creating the zoning visual (x2 faster at draw/clean).
Ty SweeTs for many reports, and TheLastHero for the recall : don't forget to change HTMs' quests bypasses.

PS to quests helpers : you have to change HTMs aswell in order to make quests working. It's kinda easy : search for IL name of the quest over the whole "data/html" folder, and use "replace" tool with the corrected quest's name.

Changeset 128

Items variables cleanup
   - drop of "is_questitem" and "is_herb". It's now handled directly by etcitem type.
   - Ty Dinor for suggestion.
   - differenciation between isHerb() (item) and isHerbEffect() (effect).

You have to change all your items XMLs.
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July 05, 2011, 04:19:07 AM #70 Last Edit: July 05, 2011, 12:38:54 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 138

Quests stuff, and misc.

   - Rename "Help My..." serie for "Help The...", following client infos.
   - Apply min/max level restriction on quests.
   - addition of Q003_WillTheSealBeBroken (old name was refering to nothing existing).
   - cleaned Q045, addition of (qitem, previous quest, level) restrictions, following L2off htms. Race condition must be made at quest 006.
   - 3 NPCs HTMs have been corrected (DE village).
   - npcs aren't effected by effects (except buffs and debuffs).
   - walking/run spd set to 0 isn't a problem anymore. You normally can spawn anything you want. That doesn't mean the db doesn't need a correction.

Changeset 139

Boats system

   - Boats have been refactored using Freya. It removes the 2 .csv, corrects all related packets, kick players without a good ticket, announce using client strings.
   - Paths seem ok, I tested 2 boats on 5 (go and back).
   - Boats enable config is now enabled by default.
   - fix a Freya issue when you got only one ticket (inventory glitch at item destroy).

   - CreatureSay serverpacket allows the use of client strings from now, as I already said higher.
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Changeset 140

One quest, glad formula, misc

   - deletion of one useless lib (removed then added back at rev 69-70, kept for old qengine only).
   - glad formula is more retail like. Damages are really heavy with 7 charges, around xx + 1 it's normal power (xx is the number of charges the skill uses). Compared to PDAM skills damage, the result seems appropriated.
   - Addition of one quest, Q166. Ty DiNoR for initial share.
   - Correction of all quests considering onAdvEvent() method. Please refer to existing quests in order to get a good template.
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Changeset 141

Some formulas rework.

   - Shields are supposed to block both magic && physic skills (L2Guru 2007 topics). I thought it was post IL, and for so, when I refactored skills I kicked this part of code. Now I got the good infos, I add it. So yeah, tanks aren't so weak in this chronicle :). For info, it works exactly like pdef, but add mdef and can do critic success (1 damage).
   - Seeds have been corrected. I did 2-3 tests only but it worked for one fire/wind seeds combo, and 2 fire seeds, no reason it doesn't work for others combos. So from now, all skills are supposed to work correctly.
   - Improved/reworked Attack serverpacket.
   - Completion (removed quoted stuff from skillhandlers) of the NPC soulshot system. Current AI table is kinda messed in this case, as mobs with soulshots haven't any chance to use it, and mobs with chance haven't any soulshot. Freya, freya...
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July 08, 2011, 08:24:24 AM #73 Last Edit: July 08, 2011, 09:12:03 PM by Tryskell
Changeset 142

Quests !

8 quests related to fishing, all have been tested and corrected comparing to L2J, but if you found some errors, you know what to do.

Ty to DiNoR for scripts.cfg && initial share of 2 of them than I corrected, others are clones made by me.

I didn't test the fact to fish. I poped items in my inventory. Report if fishing is broken somehow (you have to get the GOOD LEVEL OF FISHING before trying, it depends of the quest).

Changeset 143

Drop protection.

What to say more... It's the retail drop protection, which block others players to pickup your loots for 15 seconds. If someone is in your party or is from same clan, he got priority aswell.

Changeset 144

Two new quests, 5 && 7. Tested from A to Z.

Ty to fernando and DiNoR for initial commits. HTMs have been corrected using L2off (L2J was/is wrong about HTMs conditions of 7, and some HTMs use were missing after condition is successed on 5). Tip of the day for awesome Freya c/pers : never think L2J make perfect quests :). Better c/p aCis quests, all remade with love :D.
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Changeset 145

Quests 006, 008, 110.

Changeset 146

Quests, spawn protection, crests packets

   - 3 quests added, Q112, Q157 && Q161. Ty Fernando for good work.
Spawn protection
   - Spawn protection config has been corrected;
   - The trigger was activated even when player was simply invul (gm invul, skill invul), which launch code for nothing;
   - Some packets were activating the trigger from their own (Appearing, etc), which basically focked up the protection at enterworld;
   - A message has been added if you move before the protection ends;
   - The only possible action is now Say2. So yeah, you can flame the campers until protection ends. Awesome, no ? :)
Crests packets (client/server)
   - cleaning, packet structure simplification when there is no crest.
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