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Last aCis updates

Started by Tryskell, January 04, 2011, 10:46:15 PM


Changeset 401 (2407)

Bugfixes, Organization

   - Implement SiegableHall HQZones and the possibility to build Headquarters and respawn at the flag during a SiegableHall siege.
   - Banish all Players from ClanHallZone upon SiegableHall start.
   - Add Henna check over class change, disabling stats if invalid. Ty RooT for report, Hasha for fix.
   - Fix NPE over Contract Payment. Ty Sahar for report, StinkyMadness for fix.
   - Don't remove toggles upon teleport. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix silence interrupting wrong type of skills. Ty Sahar for fix.
   - Fix both Pagan's Temple top platform doors coords. Ty KabLe for report.
   - Fix augmented items shortcuts. Ty TigVecc for report, Evolution for initial fix.
   - Don't reward dead Party Players with items, only with adena. Ty Evolution for fix.
   - Karma players can be kept attacked. Ty ErHard for report.
   - Implement NO_REQUESTS_TO_DISPERSE sysMsg.
   - Don't change Summon follow state if using "attack" action. Ty Gigi85 for report.
   - Fix Summon "move" action - it now follows the target, but still simply move to location for Creature-unlike WorldObjects.
   - Fix Nightshade - Shade Sacrifice skill targethandler. Ty Gigi85 for report.
   - Implement EffectHeal / EffectManaHeal, fixing Sweeper enchant route n°2. Ty bojikman for report.
   - Make SiegeFlag un-lethalable.
   - Fix all Dwarven / Orc Villages Guards HTMs, which were leading to NPE due to invalid territory bypass. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix 38 merchants HTMs (up to 31670 included). Few had also the NPE due to invalid territory bypass.
   - Fix SHOW_SUMMON_CREST over teleport. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Add missing observe mode checks : NO_OBSERVE_WITH_PET, CANNOT_OBSERVE_IN_COMBAT and one (custom ?) Olympiad registration check (ty KabLe for that last one).
   - Implement GAMES_DELAYED sysMsg over Olympiads low amount of participants.
   - Rework Q414 quest logic. Ty stepbystep for report.
   - Fix ClassCastException upon CORPSE_MOB / AREA_CORPSE_MOB. Ty Sahar for fix.
   - Player, when under attack, shouldn't stand up if operating a shop. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Cancel Player shop process if teleporting (Player stay sat).
   - Add ClanHallManager#getActiveSiege (based on the same idea than regular Siege).
   - Implement ClanHallSiege#checkSide/checkSides (was only returning true).
   - Delete Castle#getDistance, ZoneForm#getDistanceToZone, ClanHallManager#getNearestSiegableHall ("approximative" zone check got no sense - the only viable checks are about if you are "in" or "out" a zone).
   - Rework "//zone show all" to show ZoneTypes in the Player's neighborhood.
   - Add WorldObject#getZones, delete ZoneManager#getZones (new version is more versatile/shorter coded).
   - Merge SiegableHallZone and ClanHallZone zones (previous was adding complexity for nothing, since there was no use of the extends).
   - Delete Player#isInSieagableHallSiege concept (unused).
   - Rework IAcceptFilter#accept to handle Socket instead of SocketChannel (fix 2 potential ressource leaks).
   - Use Point2D / Location instead of int[] for commons.geometry.
   - Implement "//show door", to visualize door coords in the Player's neighborhood.
   - Implement canBeHealed to harmonize checks between Heal/ManaHeal and their "over time" versions.
   - Cleanup OlympiadManager (use values() instead of Entry, use of computeIfAbsent, and don't make strange operations over Lists).
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Changeset 402 (2516)

SpawnManager, Castles / Sieges, Scripts, Bugfixes, Organization

Initial implementation of L2OFF territory system.
   - Allow NPCs to randomly spawn over a defined territory, which is considered as "their" territory.
   - Allow to spawn multiple NPCs, if part of the same event.
   - Implement "out of territory" concept.
Following spawnlist types are now handled by that new system :
   - Regular
   - Raidboss
   - Seven Signs
   - Day/Night
   - Autospawn
   - Castle guards

Castles / Sieges
   - Implement PC guards upon start/mid victory.
   - Mid victory upon NPC siege doesn't end the siege anymore.
   - Add FollowerMovingAroundMaster script. Delete TownPet instance. Register some Folk as MutedFolk.
   - Queen Ant
      - Guard Ant now teleport if out of territory. Ty Denzel for report.
      - Add a Player kickout behavior upon Queen Ant spawn if they are on territory.
      - Guard Ant randomly frenzy, not Royal Guard Ant.
   - Fix Zaken teleport behavior. Add missing offset upon teleport. Ty Denzel for report, Hasha for fix.

   - Fix Beholder of Light 1 second respawn time. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Seven Signs monsters seal stones drop now depends about current winner few different spawnlists based on current seal owner).
   - No more "multiple times" spawns (some areas were previously flooded by monsters).
   - Monsters attack timeout is now handled by "out of territory" concept (60s timeout during combat mode, refreshed if returning to territory meanwhile).
   - Fix one typo over main menu. Ty Denzel for fix.
   - Fix Tutorial Book spam upon Player log out/in. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Cancel Player associated QuestTimers when such Player logout.
   - Fix 3075, 3079 and 3192 skills. Ty Denzel for report, Hasha for fix.
   - Skill oneshots upon Attackable properly trigger faction call behavior. Ty Kitsos for fix.
   - Add Npc#isInMyTerritory() concept.
   - Add ScriptEventType#OUT_OF_TERRITORY concept (used notably by Queen Ant script).
   - Add ZoneType#getKnownTypeInside(Class<A>, Predicate<A>) for easier usage.
   - Rename ZoneType#movePlayersTo as ZoneType#instantTeleport.
   - Add artifacts locations into CastleManager. They aren't controlled by SpawnManager anymore. Add related infos into castle.htm.
   - Rework ControlTower to use getScriptValue.
   - Implement IXmlReader#parseLocation(NamedNodeMap) and parseSpawnLocation(NamedNodeMap).
   - Move few methods from Location to Point2D (addStrictOffset, addRandomOffset, addRandomOffsetBetween). Introduce addPositiveOffset method. Rename addRandomOffsetBetweenTwoValues > addRandomOffsetBetween.
   - Replace the way new forum id is being generated. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Pagination cleanup. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - All uses of Pagination are visually unified (//bk, //find, //skill and //skill list, //knownlist, //effect).
   - Replacement of <center> tags inside <td> by <td align=center>
Triskel does not speak with foolish fellows who do not know their profession!