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on: December 24, 2010, 12:21:40 AM
General behavior

As my goal is to moderate as minimum as I can, I have to warn you topics which don't enter in "the normality" will be edited or deleted without any type of warnings.

Here are sort of abnormal states :
  • You post in the wrong section ;
  • You advertise anything of any sort anytime ;
  • You are offtopic ;
  • You spam ;
  • You insult, talk of forgiven subjects (porn, nazi, and such), got a bad behavior.

Those sorts of topics/posts will be edited/deleted without warnings, and if the poster continue, he will just be banned. This forum isn't a playground, this is a workshop.

As you perhaps remarked, there isn't any Spam section. So even "light" subjects related to IRL or L2 in general have to be politicaly correct.

In a general case, if you got an ask about a DP script or a core system and you're not part of Inner Circle / Donator, your question will be dropped in Junk section.

HTM links

HTM links should be shared under a redirection text. Example: Here
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In a general way, external advertising is forbidden. That's right for other pack projects, communities, and servers if they aren't using aCis.
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