aCis PTS "Blackbird" is on !

Started by Tryskell, October 01, 2021, 07:06:48 PM


I'm proud to announce a PTS (Public Test Server) called "Blackbird" is actually on, reachable from !

The account creation is set to Auto, and characters are directly set with access level 8 (master access level). It will be updated with latest, experimental sources every week if some useful/testable edit was done.

You can find a system folder with L2.ini already encoded (you have to use latest, updated IL client) here :

Please, don't restart/shutdown server by yourself or I will have to restrain access. If the server is stucked (instability issues), consider to report it in reports. If I'm not available, you are allowed to RESTART the server. Shutdowning it will make it unavailable for anyone.

If you //find me ingame, you can PM me or //teleportto on me. If you lack about admin commands knowledge, consider to use //help. It handles every single admincommand, with a little description.

Good tests to everyone ! :dw2_14:
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