How to access private sources

Started by Tryskell, November 27, 2011, 09:24:04 PM


The concept evolved a little !

New freemium rules will apply at the 40th cycle.

Following systems are still maintained internally and publically :
    - "Changeset" ("release" on Gitlab) : a compilation of bugfixes reaching a state of stability, based on my own self-appreciation.
    - "Cycle" : a compilation of 10 "changesets", generally associated to a main goal.

Supporter rank
    - "Customer" rank will be now known as "Supporter". They will still benefit custom section from forums.
    - "Supporter" rank will be way more pricey : a one-time fee will be asked, then a monthly fee will be required to maintain your supporter rank.
    - Supporters will be directly registered to the Git.
    - Issues will be migrated on Git issues tab. Forums won't hold any issues anymore.
    - No more diff patches / trunk shares over forums. Forums won't hold it anymore. Changesets / releases are still pickable from Git.

Public Git
    - Public version is still maintained, and is now old of 1 year and not 10-19 revisions.
    - Stability state isn't guaranteed. It is shared as a "demo", to see aCis progression.

    - You still can contribute to the pack with bugfixes, or via the "lab monkey". Your contribution can eventually lead to rewards (the most obvious being, free monthly fee).
Triskel does not speak with foolish fellows who do not know their profession!


"Supporter" membergroup is renamed "Donator", and "Inner Circle" membergroup  is renamed "Supporter".

Added "re-join" definition
Triskel does not speak with foolish fellows who do not know their profession!


(Copy-paste from Discord Announcements)

Hello everyone,

since the cycle 39 is currently ended, and rev 400 will "virtually" never be reached (at least as shared diff), I'm cleaning up customers.

Previous customers WILL HAVE TO PAY the 100€ initial fee. Two exceptions exist, though :

Following previous customers, while still bound to pay the initial 100€,  are rewarded with free months, due to their past contribution into bug report section :
- ErHard : 3 free months
- Shyr : 6 free months
- Denzel : 1 free month

Following previous customers are EXEMPTED to pay the initial fee, due to their all-time donations (>= 50€). This offer exists for the incoming month (July 2021), but if you don't make a valid monthly fee, you will be in the "re-join" case.
- Ailierynn
- Alesha
- Caparso
- Cheewe
- DarthVader
- Denzel
- Djjapulis
- Djwegas
- Elfocrash
- ErHard
- HaddWik
- HeeroYuy
- Henrique
- Hitchnik
- Ikamp
- InsiTo
- Katara
- Kraker
- Mfg_1984
- SmokiMo
- Lothar
- Nighty
- olo50
- pandragon
- Root
- sergeykbr
- Seuss
- Shilen
- StinkyMadness
- Traitor
- Trance
- UYFranck
- vmlinuz
- xdevel
- Zemaitis
- Roko91

Following previous customers which still have "credits" (that's 11 ppl actually who paid for 400+) can either ask me a refund for the sum of cycles which weren't delivered, or use that amount to pay part of the initial fee. If such customer asks a refund and is in the previous list, he won't be able to claim his free initial free. The sum is the possible claim.
- Alesha : 80€
- Denzel : 10€
- ExTrEmEDwarf : 10€
- Ixasou : 30€
- Mfg_1984 : 70€
- Rasta : 60€
- Seuss : 10€

- StinkyMadness : 20€
- Trance : 40€
- AcidRain : 10€
- Roko91 : 90€
Triskel does not speak with foolish fellows who do not know their profession!