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What is aCis ?

Started by Tryskell, January 05, 2020, 09:59:01 AM



aCis (acronym for "another Crappy interlude server") is a Java emulator, based on L2J work, focusing on Interlude chronicle. Project leader is named Tryskell. The project begun around december 2010, after the end of L2JArchid. At this moment, none European L2JIL pack was maintained.


  • We focus about retailness ; a big emphasis is done to reproduce the good aspects of L2OFF behavior, using all informations we still have.
  • The customs are dropped when not needed. It allows you to make WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, avoiding any conflict. The time saved not developing customs is fully used to enhance retail behavior.
  • The pack is under a freemium concept, which mean you can contribute with money or with code, and get rewarded with latest sources access. Read the dedicated thread to understand the whole concept.


Countless reworks have been done, but the biggest could be named as:

* XMLization of numerous tables.
* Complete rework of scripts folders, with drop rates checked from L2OFF.
* Rewritten AIs using L2OFF behavior.
* Cleaned up knownlist system.
* New movement system.
* Multiple hundreds, if not thousands, fixed issues.

A lot of work is still needed : join the community in order L2J world got one day a decent IL emulator.
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