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Server installation

Started by Tryskell, July 08, 2019, 07:04:20 PM


MariaDB with HeidiSQL

Download and install MariaDB from it's official site. I recommend to install latest stable version, which is, at the moment, 10.4.11 (direct link).

HeidiSQL is included into MariaDB package. It is a free replacement of Navicat SQL.

Note, you can also use MySQL Server 5.5, but ONLY for free revision 370. So, to avoid re-installation, I suggest to stick with MariaDB.

JDK 8 / 11

Download JDK 8 / 11, depending of your sources revision. Free sources uses Java 8, from revision 381 JDK 11 is a must.

Pick it on AdoptOpenJDK website, select the Java version you would like to download and hit the button.

If you downloaded the installer from AdoptOpenJDK site, you can skip this step, as the installer adds the Java path itself.

Follow it only if you downloaded OpenJDK / Oracle / archive version as it requires manual edits.

You must add Java path to the system environments when using JDK 11. Java 8 automatically adds it to the path, so for free sources skip this part.

Right click on your Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Environment variables, select the Path variable and click Edit button > path to JDK, default "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.5\bin"

Eclipse IDE

Download latest Eclipse IDE, at the moment, 2019‑12. It does not really matter which version you choose, Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers or Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
I recommend the second one, Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, as it's lighter and contains everything you need.

Importing the project from shared sources - customer case

Importing the project from GitHub

Project compilation and configuration

Updating server

After some personal edits, you will need to do following :

  • If you edited core side : compile the pack, pick l2jserver.jar library and copy/paste it in the libs folder of your loginserver/gameserver, depending what you edited.
  • If you edited datapack : replace whatever you edited.

Preparing the client

Windows 10 users, if your game does NOT start : DOWNLOAD new engine.dll
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