New revision 370 is out ! Beginning of the new cycle 370-380.

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Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus Starts Tomorrow!!
« Last post by nighty on May 19, 2016, 09:45:52 AM »
Fixed vote buff reward.
Fixed Dynasty weapon stats while they get Special abbility.
Fixed dynasty weapons multisell.
Fixed clan hall prices.
Fixed Hecarim respawn time.
Increased scheme buffer slots to 42.
Added more monsters on Dvc spot 1.
Lowered archer c.atk with 10%.
Increased mage classes m.atk with 10%.
Increased tankers bow resist by 10%.
Increased tankers c.atk by 5%.
Upgraded server core to latest rev (include many fixes).

Achievement system reward will be fixed.
More maps added on Event engine.
New items.
Announcements / Searching for a new laboratory monkey (test server)
« Last post by Tryskell on May 15, 2016, 08:27:55 PM »
As Sahar moved to another chronicle for his next L2OvC season, I'm forced to search a new test server.

Test servers got access to experimental codes and got priority about fixes. You also don't have to wait for the public release of the revision to get fixes. Sahar cooperation ended with something like 40-50 issues fixed.

The statut is accessible to (all criterias must match):
  • any "old" Customer (20€+ spent), or a Customer with a decent reputation on MxC / L2J world in general (so, I don't want proxies users russians coming from nowhere).
  • decent at english (which don't use translator for every single sentence...)
  • a reactive people, which can care about his server (maybe not on a daily base, but at least every 2-3 days), which uses Skype notably for logs reports.
  • someone who is semi-experimented (can apply/revert code without I babysit him) and know a minimum aCis organization.
  • which own a server sticked to LATEST revision (and which stay sticked to LATEST), with a decent server activity (50+ minimum, 100+ would be a good thing to get faster reports).

Benefits :
  • A cool forum reward (animated dancing monkey). Just for that, you want to help, isn't it ?
  • Promoted to Inner Circle if cooperation is successful after few weeks (no need to pay).
  • Fast access to critical fixes (no need to wait next public revision).
  • Get experimental fixes, so your server is the coolest server of the world.
  • Support the project on a unique way.

That's all, monkeys.

Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus Starts Tomorrow!!
« Last post by nighty on May 15, 2016, 03:37:25 AM »
Opening today at 19:00 gmt+2
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on May 13, 2016, 01:29:22 PM »
Changeset 361 (568)

World/WorldRegion refactor, CoupleManager, RooT's fixes, Skills cleanup, Misc

World/WorldRegion refactor
   - rename both classes, dropping "L2".
   - Drop 3 "grid" configs (hardcoded for now).
   - Merge unique methods.
   - Drop _allPlayable CHMap. Edit _visibleObjects CHMap for a simple arraylist with a lock. Count only players, not all playable as region activators.

CoupleManager rework
   - Store couples in a ConcurrentHashMap instead of ArrayList (avoid ConcurrentException, better index management).
   - Save process is made on server shutdown rather than couple creation.
   - Loading process isn't cutted between Couple && CoupleManager, which avoids 1 connection per Couple loading.
   - Cleaning (drop isMarried boolean as we can reuse coupleId, drop Couple model for IntIntHolder) + Javadoc.
RooT's fixes
   - Interaction distance with NPCs is setted to 100 instead of 150 (maybe has to edit players ?).
   - Add more ids in non-talking guards. MoveToPawn and ActionFailed packets are sent for such guards.

Skills cleanup

   DP side
      - Pa'agrio Fist and Rapid Fire are counted as buff. Pa'agrio Fist heals 800 CP back, not full CP.
      - Few NPC skills got remove target attribute (dino skills).
      - Added missing enchant routes for : Shock Stomp, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Mass Fear, Mass Gloom, Trance, Erase, Magical Backfire
      - Mystic Immunity uses the correct target type.
      - Summon Treasure Key reuse time is fixed.
      - Heart of Pa'agrio HP regeneration effect is fixed.
      - Heroic Berserker mdef malus is fixed.
      - Infinity Axe passive skill is fixed.
      - Counterattack, Dodge, Mirage are using IL values.
      - Shield of Revenge got a mana cost now.
      - Fear effects don't bug anymore.
      - Fix Item Skill: Battle Roar augment.
   Core side
      - The player now runs to the target when skill is under reuse and target out of range.
      - CPHEAL_PERCENT type is dropped (unused).
      - Toggle skills can't be desactivated anymore while in combat.
      - You can't stack anymore Fear, Sleep, Root && Stun effects. Ty xblx.
      - ExRegenMax packet implementation (temporary health gauge on HoT use). Ty svipben to catch it up, and RooT for writing style.
   - Fix a minor typo on 2 packets, ty svipben for report.
   - Mimyu teleport behavior. Ty RooT for share, Sikken for report.
   - Fix SE 2nd class transfer. Ty emanueld for the fix.
   - Lower Loginserver RAM allocation (to 32m), as it doesn't need that much (could even work with 12m with spikes at 9m).
   - SetupGauge packet now uses an Enum to enforce color types.
   - Water task is cleaned up. Drop _isInWater boolean, and "unique-use" methods.
   - Heal participants' CP/HP/MP on Olympiad battle start. Ty sahar for report.
   - Workaround fix for returnHome method (killed stunned mobs = clean aggrolist).
   - Move Die packet call on Enterworld to avoid buffs visual issue. Ty SweeTs/svipben.
PS : skills cleanup got nothing related to skills rework. Those are only fixes to wait for a bigger rework, which will come in few months.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus Started 13 march!
« Last post by nighty on March 24, 2016, 05:32:38 AM »
Added Costumes.
Added Level 2 and Level 3 Hats in Misc shop.
Added Donate Shop.

Fixed freeze issue caused by weapons. Please to avoid visual bugs on custom weapons, unnequip the weapon before you put another on you.
Reworked some classes in Olympiad:
Dagger got lowered in olympiad.
Bladedancer got lower power on skills.
Duelist got lower power on skills.
Modified Misc Shop npc.
Added new farm zone with special drop (Dvc 1 and 2).

Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus Started 13 march!
« Last post by nighty on March 17, 2016, 09:09:36 AM »
-=====L2Perseus Update======-

Added Dressme system.
You have to use .dressme command, so the game will set your appearance to your current items.
Added C,B,A,S grade items to Armor Shop and Weapon shop for dress. (They don't have more stats than custom items)
Type .undress to take off your saved appearance.

Removed .stats command because many players reported it.
Decreased Hell knight c.atk by 20%
Decreased Anchor and Curse Fear by 3%
Fixed Password Npc.
Lowered Raidboss Respawns with 1 hour(from all of them)
All Raids got respawn time of 2 hours.

Special costumes and Hats will be added on shop.
Gold coins will be useful to purchase them :)
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus Last Season -> 12 March!
« Last post by nighty on March 14, 2016, 04:54:35 PM »
Added Fashion shop. You can change your appearance + name and tittle color.
Blessed coins: If they fail they go back to +10. If the item is under +10, it will go to +5.
If you hit Divine Retributer (monster from hard zone) you get flag.
Augmented weapons can be traded. You get a message about the augment.

Updated first post with actual informations.
Announcements / Re: Latest free sources
« Last post by SweeTs on March 09, 2016, 07:05:31 PM »
350 rev is out. The fattest commit in (aCis) history.

9969 files added, 37 removed and 449 edited  :happyforever:
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on March 09, 2016, 04:02:02 AM »
Changeset 360 (553)

Commons, ThreadPool rework, CharNameTable rework, Misc

   - Creation of ArraysUtil, holding common arrays related methods. Will be feed overtime.
ThreadPool rework (based on L2JFree, but tweaked to death).
   - ThreadPoolManager is renamed ThreadPool and is moved to commons. Use a static approach rather than singleton.
   - Merge all pools (ai, packets, general,...) to a single one.
   - Generate pools according to core numbers (by default -1 for scheduled and instant pools).
   - The tasks charge is balanced through the different pools (random selection).
   - Move hidden configs to

CharNameTable rework - ty svipben and welcome to IC !
   - Cache player informations on server startup rather than on player login (avoid one db call per invalid player entry request).
   - Drop all synchronized blocks, and use a single ConcurrentHashMap (holding infos of the 2 previous HashMap).
   - Tweak few L2World.getPlayer(), in order they use id parameter instead of name when possible (avoid a pointless call on CharNameTable).

   - Addition of Q118, Q333. Rework Q123 (which is a clone of Q118). Ty RooT.
   - Drop AutoDeleteInvalidQuestData config. Rework quests loading method (use a single query, don't process enterworld event on quests you don't own).
   - Few tweaks : addition of getSponsor() / getApprentice(), put null checks as priority checks, put few final keywords, use of Rnd.get(List).
   - Addition of DebugGeoNode config, setted to False by default (avoid to flood geo_bugs.txt on live servers).
   - addFence returns L2FenceInstance. Ty sahar.
   - SpecialXMas itemhandler doesn't broadcast its content (lol). Ty sahar.
   - Fix isInCombat() - Ty cross for report.
   - Slight validateItemManipulation method edit (avoid double getInventory check on RequestDropItem).
   - "Organize Import" edit : net.sf.l2j.commons are divided from regular net (simply to keep things cleaner).
   - Fix a NPE prior to ClassId rework - Ty sahar for report.
   - Rework MailBBSManager.sendLetter ; fix non-GM mail sending and optimize all checks. Ty Mayhem for report.
NB : compared to L2JFree L2ThreadPool :
   - dropped long running pooler.
   - dropped getThreadPools() approach which generate pointless arrays.
   - edit the purge limit from 1min to 10min.
   - delete and merge all pointless classes (10+ merged to 1).
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus New Seasson 13.02
« Last post by nighty on March 05, 2016, 03:47:45 PM »
Added Aurum Armor. -> It is top armor and it has more stats than Carmine/ Cobalt armors.
Added Aurum Coin -> This item is dropped on High Farm zones.
Added reuse on Cp potion -> Now the cp pots are having more delay to not influence the pvp that much.
Added Costumes to Raid Bosses drop ( Rank 1-5 and Special Bosses).
The drop is between 10-20% depending on Raid Rank.
Decreased price of Carmine/ Cobalt armors- > Very easy to obtain now.
Challenger Items are free now.
Reworked more skills.
Please check website or download this fix for Misc shop and strider from here -> http://www18.zippysh...MFxaR/file.html