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Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on November 12, 2020, 04:35:28 PM »
Changeset 396 (2123)

Scripts, Bugfixes, Organization

Scripts - Ty Hasha.
   - Add missing Q501 and Q503. Ty RooT and Hasha.
   - Rework entirely Quest to be able to handle basic operations without a QuestState. All regular scripts are now QuestState free.
   - QuestState now extends MemoSet.
   - QuestStatus enum implementation, SQL is edited accordingly.
   - Add ElmoderenCemeteryTeleporters, splitted from Q620_FourGoblets. NPC 31919 and 31920 changed to Folk type, moved HTMLs.
   - Merge GoldenRamMercenary instance with Q628, and edit NPCs to Folk.
   - Move death event registration from Player to Quest.
   - Quest loading process is moved from Enterworld to Player#restoreCharData.
   - Implementation of QuestList, a Player container holding QuestStates.
   - Entire script reorganization and renames, to fit with future changes.
   - Complete rework of all Sagas, using dedicated npcIds, itemIds, NpcStringIds. Ty Hasha.

   - Revert one edit introduced in 395, leading to quest html modified in sysmsg. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix rechargeShots bug upon toggle activation. Ty MasterRoshi for the fix.
   - Edit rank > ranking over clan privileges to bypass MySQL reserved word RANK. Ty Hasha for the fix.
   - Summons can't trigger pvp flag over their masters upon attack.
   - Fix SummonAI stackoverflow.
   - Fix bow>melee>bow cooling down exploit. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix Player rotation over interaction, for both regular and Walkers.
   - Implement Npc#forceAttack, delete AttackableAIScript#attack and cleanup all uses.
   - Delete AccessLevel allowPeaceAttack, takeAggro, gainExp concepts. They were defeating the contract about GMs being as "playerish" as possible.
   - Priviledge > Privilege typo.
   - Drop unused CreatureMove#canfollow.
   - Drop few ActionFailed uses.
   - Move ON_ATTACK call from Attackable to Npc (allow futher custom or non custom usages).
   - Add few missing NpcStringIds.
   - BossInfoType stores NpcStringId instead of Strings.
   - ExShowScreenMessage packet is cleaned up. SMPOS is mandatory.
   - AbstractGroup#broadcastOnScreen is added.
   - Npc#broadcastNpcShout and broadcastOnScreen are added.

PS : Following SQL update is needed for live servers:

ALTER TABLE `clan_privs` CHANGE `rank` `ranking` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

UPDATE `character_quests` SET `var` = '<cond>' WHERE `var` = 'cond';
UPDATE `character_quests` SET `var` = '<flags>' WHERE `var` = '__compltdStateFlags';
UPDATE `character_quests` SET `value` = 'CREATED' WHERE `var` = '<state>' AND `value` = '0';
UPDATE `character_quests` SET `value` = 'STARTED' WHERE `var` = '<state>' AND `value` = '1';
UPDATE `character_quests` SET `value` = 'COMPLETED' WHERE `var` = '<state>' AND `value` = '2';
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on November 01, 2020, 12:11:16 AM »
Changeset 395 (2038)

GeoEngine, StatSet / MemoSet, AggroList, Gatekeeper, Raid Curses, Bugfixes, Organization

GeoEngine - Ty Hasha
   - Added MoveDirectionType enum with pre-calculated constants.
   - Added getValidSwimLocation, which calculates last accessible swimming location. It also handles getting out of water correctly.
   - Dropped geo coordinate validation when converting from world coordinates (getGeoX, getGeoY).
   - Added world coordinate or geo coordinate checks in various can/get methods. GeoEngine now support processing of coords, when outside of world.
   - Fix LoM check giving false positive result, when target is on "balcony".
   - Simplified GeoEngine#getWorldX/Y calculation.
   - Added new admin command "geo_fly" to check LoF.
   - Fixing movement blocked / pathfinding fail /  by dual-layer (e.g. Sirra's pond).
StatSet / MemoSet
   - Implementation of MemoSet, a CHMap storing String pairs.
   - StatsSet is renamed StatSet and moved to
   - NpcMemo and AbstractMemo are deleted.
   - Lazy initialization concept is deleted from PlayerMemo and ServerMemoTable.
   - Introduce AggroList container, gathering all methods related to aggro.
   - Move few methods here and there for an easier and more logical use (notably, hold AggroInfo instead of Creature and compute back getHating).
   - Rework and cleanup methods, for easier use and/or optimization.
   - AggroList#stopHate/reduceAllHate trigger an AI reaction when a most hated isn't foundable.
   - Implement //info aggro for easier aggro management, include it in the existing panel.
   - Fixes related to that refactor :
      - AggroList#reconsiderTarget doesn't consider anymore actual most hated as a valid choice.
      - The aggro isn't cleared anymore if the most hated becomes out of range (so the second on the list inherits the attack stance).
      - Fix multiple aggro values (all are checked). "Raid related" use their own formula.
      - AggroList#randomizeAttack() don't build anymore aggro like crazy and can now work on non aggressive, 0 getAggroRange().
   - Delete 35001 > 35341 instant locations / associated HTMs.
   - Fix all Ivory Tower Gatekeepers, using proper systems.
   - Fix few HTMs typos.
   - RaceTrack > MonsterRaceTrack script rename.
Raid Curses
   - Correct implementation of Raid Boss curse system. Ty shyr for report.
   - Trigger it exclusively for Playable during a regular hit.
   - Regular RaidBoss now casts AntiStrider skill during a regular hit.

   - Fix revive animation. Remove the paralyze effect upon revive. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix deadlock over AttackableAI#onEvtAttacked.
   - Fix broken movement Intention (fix few, linked, issues such as boat moving in ground, etc).
   - Secure all spawns position using World borders.
   - Fix doAttackHitByPole logic (ss consumption is fixed, add allowPeaceAttack() check) and optimize it.
   - Fix "Focus Attack" skill target amount.
   - Implement missing Seal of Strife siege banish behavior.
   - Fix rewardNewbieShots for Q273 and alike. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix skillId 2217 leading to Inventory NPE. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix Peace Zone messages/checks for attack/cast. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Add RandomizeHate effect, used by 3 different skills (used notably by Confusion). Ty shyr for report.
   - Delete PenaltyMonster instance and introduce FishingBlocker script using L2OFF.
   - Rework Monastery script to fit with L2OFF.
   - Fix ON_SKILL_SEE being centered on actor and not on acting player.
   - canScheduleAfter is desactivated for AttackableAI. Fix onSpellFinished behavior, mage AI, aggro movement over a Confusion cast, etc.
   - Fix //reload npc, add //reload script. Ty nighty for report.
   - Shift Z upon teleport action.
   - Fix the NPE over CreatureAttack#onHitTimer.
   - Add World#isOutOfWorld method.
   - Remove all -100 / +100 from WorldObject#spawnMe/setXYZInvisible.
   - Add Location#addRandomOffsetBetweenTwoValues method.
   - Optimize Attack process.
   - Baium script heavy cleanup. Introduce Quest#addGrandBossSpawn.
   - Delete unused SummonCast.
   - //info is slightly edited / reorganized. 2 buttons are added, AggroList and knownlist
   - Quest#onSkillSee handle Creature[] targets, not WorldObject[].
   - Quest#showResult is slightly edited (secured html tags, move few null checks).
   - All "data containers" holding a single Queue/Map/List now directly extends it.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on October 29, 2020, 01:46:08 PM »
  • Added one missing retired developer (DiNoR, how could I miss you :()
  • Created subsections for Tavern>Guides, cleaned invalid guides.
Crappy servers / Re: ADT Reborn
« Last post by hanzl on October 20, 2020, 10:47:11 AM »
Diky / Thanks  :elf1_10:
Crappy servers / Re: ADT Reborn
« Last post by Hasha on October 20, 2020, 10:00:10 AM »
Hodně štěstí / Good luck :)
Crappy servers / Re: ADT Reborn
« Last post by KabLe on October 19, 2020, 11:49:11 PM »
GL :) - vela stastia :P
Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns October 25, 2020
« Last post by henrique on October 19, 2020, 11:43:33 PM »
New season coming, begins on October 25, 2020 at 12:00. Server Timezone (UTC-3) :O
Server information updated in the first post.  :ork1_10:
Crappy servers / ADT Reborn
« Last post by hanzl on October 19, 2020, 11:17:47 PM »
We are czech Interlude server. We host 10x and 150x rate servers based on aCis pack. No donate is present on server and no regular wipes are planned. There are basic GM shops, cata porters and BoM/MoM spawned. RBs are weakened so require less players to beat. Both servers ar eup since mid July, but castles are still to be taken and clanhalls to be bought! We will be happy to see you there.
RateXp = 150
RateSp = 150
RatePartyXp = 2.1
RatePartySp = 2.1
RateDropAdena = 150.
RateDropItems = 200.
RateRaidDropItems = 200.
RateDropSpoil = 300.
RateDropManor = 75
RateQuestDrop = 30.
RateQuestReward = 30.
RateQuestRewardXP = 150
RateQuestRewardSP = 150
RateQuestRewardAdena = 150

GMShop to C grade
2h buff time
28+4buff slot
Subclass no quest
BoM a MoM in Giranu
Offline Shop/Sell/Manufacture
Wedding Manager
Cata/Necro/TOI Gatekeeper
Champion Mobs
RB respawn 18+4 random
Barakiel 24+12 random
RateXp = 10
RateSp = 10
RatePartyXp = 2.1
RatePartySp = 2.1
RateDropAdena = 15
RateDropItems = 20
RateRaidDropItems = 20
RateDropSpoil = 30
RateDropManor = 20
RateQuestDrop = 15
RateQuestReward = 15
RateQuestRewardXP = 15
RateQuestRewardSP = 15
RateQuestRewardAdena = 30
EnchantChance = 80%

GMshop - shots to D
Class Master
buffs 2h
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on October 03, 2020, 02:23:13 AM »
Changeset 394 (1972)

Scripts, Teleport system, Seven Signs, Organization, Bugfixes

   - Introduction of Tutorial / NewbieGuide - Ty howlrang/Marcatu for initial cleanup of L2J script.
   - Fix following quests : 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 257, 260, 265, 273, 293.
      - Rewards are done using rewardItems instead of giveItems.
      - Fix ss/sps beginners rewards amount.
      - Rewards are now secured by a PlayerMemo var instead of QuestState var, making it exploit-free (case of 257, 260, 265, 273, 293).
   - Q105 now rewards regular ss/sps ng, aswell as potions.
   - Q260 / Q265 reward formulas are fixed using L2OFF.
Teleport system
   - Revamp whole teleport system, using lord_rex initial share.
   - goto/tele/etc bypasses are deleted, and replaced by only those 2 versions : instant_teleport and teleport_request. Move the teleport logic to Npc. Children classes can override isTeleportAllowed(Player).
   - Implement TeleportType enum, based on L2OFF AI content.
   - Implement instantTeleports.xml. Those teleports only check Npc#isTeleportAllowed(Player), while regular teleports check siege, item consumption and Npc#isTeleportAllowed(Player).
   - Improve teleports.xml, reparsing the content using L2OFF. The model now holds the Castle, teleports are organized by npcId and by TeleportType. The initial data was double check with RooT's work, allowing to add 10 missing ids and cut 60+ pointless ones.
   - The HTM which shows teleports is now built out of nothing from data. All existing, related HTMs are deleted (scripts and regular teleporters).
   - Add few missing "-pk" HTMs (30162, 30836, 31964).
   - Add (back ?) FREE_TELEPORT config.
   - Rename "teleporter" HTM folder to "gatekeeper" (to match class names).
   - Rename script ToIVortex > DimensionalVortex.
   - Add castle chamberlains teleports aswell - parsed from L2OFF GF, since the content of Vanganth and AdvExt was lacking. They are not yet implemented.
Seven Signs - Ty Hasha.
   - Updated all HTMLs to L2OFF GF, formated them, fixed obvious mistakes, typos and names.
   - Added missing HTML with - not enough adena to purchase Records of Seven Signs.
   - Fix xxxx_priest_2c.htm to not containCatacomb/Necropolis teleport location link (Seal of Gnosis owner lost -> no teleport).
   - Fix "Failed to retrieve cabal from bypass command." upon trying to contribute Seal Stones while Seven Signs is in Competition period.
   - Characters with 1st class transfer can now join any side.
   - Add //show html, which toggles on/off the HTML path for GMs (similar to L2OFF). There is no associated config, and is set to false by default.
   - Secure //set class, which now checks dummy ClassIds, and provide more infos upon fail.
   - Introduce QuestState#rewardNewbieShots method for easier management of beginner reward.
   - RadarList#addMarker/removeMarker now accept a Location as parameter.
   - QuestState#addRadar/removeRadar only accept Location as parameter.
   - Hardcode all Locations used in Quests for easier management. Replace some int[][] for Location[].
   - MIMYU SpawnLocations are downgraded to Locations.
   - Delete all unused SkillTypes.
   - Drop all "Alt" and "Game" from either Config .properties or java side. Few Config renames.
   - Cleanup all checks regarding TAKE_CASTLE, STRIDER_SIEGE_ASSAULT, SIEGE_FLAG and SUMMON_FRIEND - moving methods from Player to dedicated handlers.
   - Generate NpcTalkCond enum. Rename and generate on Npc #validateCondition(Player) > Npc#getNpcTalkCond(Player), which now acts as overriden. Cleanup all uses.
   - Fix Benom spawn timer.
   - Fix trade NPE, upon empty lists pushing "Start" button.
   - Fix Broken actions upon invalid trade windows checks.
   - Fix Summon Friend and alike skills. Remove the 50 radius check. Add a SystemMessage and avoid the cast on yourself.
   - Fix Gate Chant, adding SUMMON_PARTY SkillType.
   - Fix Elpy AI. Ty Bruns87.
   - Allow Config.OLY_MIN_MATCHES to be correctly spread over queries when a Config reload occurs.
   - Fix a stackoverflow over siege end. Ty Kitsos for report/fix.
   - Fix StriderSiegeAssault, using skill target instead of getTarget().
   - Fix bow attack reuse over CreatureAttack#stop() call. Ty MonKEY fo report.
   - Delete active siege check on Wyvern Managers + class cleanup.
   - Switch Schuttgart CHs to correct order, fixing CHs doors and spawn.
   - Auto loot Config properly checks inventory size.

PS : Q257 is now race bound to HUMAN. While NOT RETAIL, it looks like a NCSOFT fail :
   - It defeats the C3 layout being than "all races get access to 13k ss / 6k sps".
   - Out of 13 newbie quests, it's the only "race unbound" quest.
If you manage to find any retail info about why it has been done that wrong way, I'm willing to revert it.
Crappy servers / - Interlude - New Classes - PvP x4000 - Join Now!
« Last post by bojanjane1 on September 23, 2020, 05:23:46 PM »
L2 Bios Promotional Video:

L2BIOS.COM - New Gameplay -  All classes CAN PVP - Lineage 2 Interlude PvP - MaxLvl 95 x4000.

» Grand Opening 26 September, 2020 at 17:00 UTC +2 «

Only for the 1st week! Reach 99 Pvp and receive a boost skill for your class!


- Server Chronicles: Interlude.
- Platform: Java.
- Server: Exp-PvP - Easy start, leveling area with scale mob lvls without difficulties.

- Greek Community .. Plus Players from all over the world!
- The strongest clans and const party!
- PvP battles 24/7 and fixed balanced Olympiad!
- Constant server support by advertising!
- Long-term work without wipe!
- Stable operation of all project resources!
- Quality assurance and protection from third-party software!

• Rates - Exp x4000 | Sp x4000 | Adena x8000 | Party Xp/Sp x2.
• Enchant - All-Grade : | Safe +7 | Max +25
 (+7) to (+16)
Normal 75% | Blessed 100% | Crystal 65%

(+16) to (+25)
Normal 45% | Blessed 90% | Crystal 35%

• Enchant - Interlude: | Safe +6 | Max +35
• Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+25).
• Karma - Drop 40%


• Mid life stone skill chance - 10%.
• High life stone skill chance - 15%.
• Top life stone skill chance - 20%.
• Augmentation: 1 Active + 1 Passive skill.


• Healer:
Healers are in favor of earning PvP with high odds by helping their party members. Also, they can use the Skill (Might of Heaven) to deal damage to players.

• Fortune Seeker:
Fortune Seeker is edited in an off-DPS player  dealing massive damage as well as surviving with boosted health.

• Maestro:
Maestro is edited in an Summoner player dealing magic damage and sharing blood with it's pet.

• Sword Singer:
Sword Singer is edited in an off-Tank player dealing strong melee damage with sword.

• Blade Dancer:
Blade Dancer is edited in an light off-Duelist player dealing strong melee damage with dual swords.

• Warcryer:
Warcryer is edited in an Joker player could support, give magic or melee damage and wear any equipment. Is up to you to find the best combo!


• Main town -Gludio
• Castle sieges every week.(Goddard, Aden, Giran)
• Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants, enchants.
• Unique Pvp flag vs flag areas with reward.
• Pvp add Skills System!
• Pvp chances of enchanting your items!
• Max Level: 95
• More then 6 active raid bosses.
• Casino event manager.
• Unique adena to pouch of Not allowed system.
• Wedding system.
• Unique farming areas.
• Npc skill enchanter.
• B grade items for free.
• Shops till top S grade.
• Unique tattoos and jewels.
• Full npc buffer with auto buff.
• Max count of buffs - 76.
• Max subclasses - 13.
• Free and no quest class change.
• Free and no quest sub class.
• Nobless from Caradine's letter item - is farmable.
• No weight limit.
• No grade limit.
• Quake Pvp system with Hero Aura!.
• Pvp/Pk count show on title.
• Online password change.
• Top 10 Pvp/Pk/Items npc in game.
• Augmentation system in Npc.
• Server information Npc.
• Unique monsters and farm areas.
• Offline Trade system with unique sell/buy item.
• Interlude retail skills.
• Server up-time [24/7] [96]%.
• Maintain class balance.
• Accessories give stats.
• No custom items !

The entire list is simply impossible to list!
To see everything with your own eyes, just go to the BETA version and see for your own!
(This is not just words, you will find a lot of little things in the game that will intrigued your interest).

• More information of the server: