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Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 27, 2021, 09:41:32 PM
Registration allowed.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 23, 2021, 07:52:33 PM
-custom theme still unavailable
-registration still temporary disabled

Some configs, images\files might not be as they were before, please report anything that seems unusual.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 22, 2021, 07:53:47 PM
Registration temporary disabled.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 22, 2021, 07:41:01 PM
Custom theme disabled.
Some mods are disabled as well.

If images, attachments are missing, please report.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 22, 2021, 03:24:19 PM
Attachments and any other custom file/image, together with aCis theme are not available ftm.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 16, 2021, 01:29:33 PM
We will be performing scheduled maintenance this week. During this time, aCis forum is expected to have downtime periods.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
Last post by Tryskell - July 28, 2021, 06:30:52 PM
Changeset 401 (2407)

Bugfixes, Organization

   - Implement SiegableHall HQZones and the possibility to build Headquarters and respawn at the flag during a SiegableHall siege.
   - Banish all Players from ClanHallZone upon SiegableHall start.
   - Add Henna check over class change, disabling stats if invalid. Ty RooT for report, Hasha for fix.
   - Fix NPE over Contract Payment. Ty Sahar for report, StinkyMadness for fix.
   - Don't remove toggles upon teleport. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix silence interrupting wrong type of skills. Ty Sahar for fix.
   - Fix both Pagan's Temple top platform doors coords. Ty KabLe for report.
   - Fix augmented items shortcuts. Ty TigVecc for report, Evolution for initial fix.
   - Don't reward dead Party Players with items, only with adena. Ty Evolution for fix.
   - Karma players can be kept attacked. Ty ErHard for report.
   - Implement NO_REQUESTS_TO_DISPERSE sysMsg.
   - Don't change Summon follow state if using "attack" action. Ty Gigi85 for report.
   - Fix Summon "move" action - it now follows the target, but still simply move to location for Creature-unlike WorldObjects.
   - Fix Nightshade - Shade Sacrifice skill targethandler. Ty Gigi85 for report.
   - Implement EffectHeal / EffectManaHeal, fixing Sweeper enchant route n°2. Ty bojikman for report.
   - Make SiegeFlag un-lethalable.
   - Fix all Dwarven / Orc Villages Guards HTMs, which were leading to NPE due to invalid territory bypass. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix 38 merchants HTMs (up to 31670 included). Few had also the NPE due to invalid territory bypass.
   - Fix SHOW_SUMMON_CREST over teleport. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Add missing observe mode checks : NO_OBSERVE_WITH_PET, CANNOT_OBSERVE_IN_COMBAT and one (custom ?) Olympiad registration check (ty KabLe for that last one).
   - Implement GAMES_DELAYED sysMsg over Olympiads low amount of participants.
   - Rework Q414 quest logic. Ty stepbystep for report.
   - Fix ClassCastException upon CORPSE_MOB / AREA_CORPSE_MOB. Ty Sahar for fix.
   - Player, when under attack, shouldn't stand up if operating a shop. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Cancel Player shop process if teleporting (Player stay sat).
   - Add ClanHallManager#getActiveSiege (based on the same idea than regular Siege).
   - Implement ClanHallSiege#checkSide/checkSides (was only returning true).
   - Delete Castle#getDistance, ZoneForm#getDistanceToZone, ClanHallManager#getNearestSiegableHall ("approximative" zone check got no sense - the only viable checks are about if you are "in" or "out" a zone).
   - Rework "//zone show all" to show ZoneTypes in the Player's neighborhood.
   - Add WorldObject#getZones, delete ZoneManager#getZones (new version is more versatile/shorter coded).
   - Merge SiegableHallZone and ClanHallZone zones (previous was adding complexity for nothing, since there was no use of the extends).
   - Delete Player#isInSieagableHallSiege concept (unused).
   - Rework IAcceptFilter#accept to handle Socket instead of SocketChannel (fix 2 potential ressource leaks).
   - Use Point2D / Location instead of int[] for commons.geometry.
   - Implement "//show door", to visualize door coords in the Player's neighborhood.
   - Implement canBeHealed to harmonize checks between Heal/ManaHeal and their "over time" versions.
   - Cleanup OlympiadManager (use values() instead of Entry, use of computeIfAbsent, and don't make strange operations over Lists).
Newcomers, read this / Re: How to access private sour...
Last post by Tryskell - July 02, 2021, 06:32:50 PM
(Copy-paste from Discord Announcements)

Hello everyone,

since the cycle 39 is currently ended, and rev 400 will "virtually" never be reached (at least as shared diff), I'm cleaning up customers.

Previous customers WILL HAVE TO PAY the 100€ initial fee. Two exceptions exist, though :

Following previous customers, while still bound to pay the initial 100€,  are rewarded with free months, due to their past contribution into bug report section :
- ErHard : 3 free months
- Shyr : 6 free months
- Denzel : 1 free month

Following previous customers are EXEMPTED to pay the initial fee, due to their all-time donations (>= 50€). This offer exists for the incoming month (July 2021), but if you don't make a valid monthly fee, you will be in the "re-join" case.
- Ailierynn
- Alesha
- Caparso
- Cheewe
- DarthVader
- Denzel
- Djjapulis
- Djwegas
- Elfocrash
- ErHard
- HaddWik
- HeeroYuy
- Henrique
- Hitchnik
- Ikamp
- InsiTo
- Katara
- Kraker
- Mfg_1984
- SmokiMo
- Lothar
- Nighty
- olo50
- pandragon
- Root
- sergeykbr
- Seuss
- Shilen
- StinkyMadness
- Traitor
- Trance
- UYFranck
- vmlinuz
- xdevel
- Zemaitis
- Roko91

Following previous customers which still have "credits" (that's 11 ppl actually who paid for 400+) can either ask me a refund for the sum of cycles which weren't delivered, or use that amount to pay part of the initial fee. If such customer asks a refund and is in the previous list, he won't be able to claim his free initial free. The sum is the possible claim.
- Alesha : 80€
- Denzel : 10€
- ExTrEmEDwarf : 10€
- Ixasou : 30€
- Mfg_1984 : 70€
- Rasta : 60€
- Seuss : 10€

- StinkyMadness : 20€
- Trance : 40€
- AcidRain : 10€
- Roko91 : 90€
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
Last post by Tryskell - July 01, 2021, 11:05:30 PM
Changeset 400 (2376)

Bugfixes, Organization

   - Fix NodeBuffer exhaustion. Ty Hasha.
   - Add missing CLAN_MEMBER_GRADUATED_FROM_ACADEMY message use. Ty Kable for report.
   - Fix a visual issue over movement (attacking while target is on PZ).
   - Fix NPE over PlayableCast#canDoCast. Ty shyr for report.
   - Save hidden effects (eg. buffs under herbs) upon Player restart/logoff. Ty Gigi885 for report.
   - Fix calcPhysicalAttackDamage missing boost ss, prior to rev 399 formula refactor. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Fix following messages from effects :
      - S1_HAS_WORN_OFF and EFFECT_S1_DISAPPEARED are now used depending about effect left length time, and aren't called both anymore.
      - EFFECT_S1_DISAPPEARED is called if an added effect replaces an existing effect (equal or superior).
      - YOU_FEEL_S1_EFFECT is called on every effect application, and removed from skillhandlers and side systems.
   - Fix proper handling of long values into Config. Ty StinkyMadness for fix.
   - Allow offensive skill / attack over same clan/alliance under arenas. Ty Kable for report, Penacho for fix. Fix also few isInsideZone checks, where getActingPlayer() was tested instead of Playable (overriding Summon state).
   - Add missing getAttackSpeedMultiplier() over PetInfo. Ty stepforstep for report.
   - Fix //reload announcement. Ty Denzel for fix.
   - Clean target to avoid to get "ghost" target upon //recall. Ty RooT for fix.
   - Fix Q294 reward. Ty YulRun for report.
   - Added 9 missing NpcStringIds.
   - Extensive use of broadcastNpcShout.
   - Few SonarLint cleanup.
   - Few Clan method renames.
   - Delete ZoneForm#getDistanceToZone concept.
Newcomers, read this / Re: How to access private sour...
Last post by Tryskell - June 26, 2021, 03:05:53 PM
"Supporter" membergroup is renamed "Donator", and "Inner Circle" membergroup  is renamed "Supporter".

Added "re-join" definition