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Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by Shyque on May 23, 2020, 12:51:07 PM »

Stinky, you are right about the names "coin" but in my opinion it is a detail. Some agree and I will change it. I invite you today to start the server at 19:00 GMT + 2.
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by StinkyMadness on May 14, 2020, 04:42:50 AM »
Why you name everything "coin"  :troll:
I don't see even one coin there :D only crystals/medals/scrolls :P
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by zemaitis on May 14, 2020, 12:20:31 AM »
It's no wonder that strain quit design because his latest designs are not even related to l2 anymore :D

Anyways, good luck.
Crappy servers / [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by Shyque on May 13, 2020, 10:01:17 PM »
Closed beta its online !!!
Grand Opening : 23 May 7 PM UTC+2 Central Summer European Time!!!

Site :

Join our discord server and create with us the L2Epiral server community. We are happy to answer your questions and help you.

Basic Information

Experience Rates: x5000
SP Rates: x5000
Adena: x 1000
Game Currency:
The server will have several currencies that will apply to the server
Farm Coin can be dropped on the farm, you can buy custom items for it
Raid Coin, drop from raidboss, you can use them to upgrade your custom items
Event Coins, you can get them for participating in events interesting rewards.
Vote Coin, get them for voting for the server, buy interesting things
You can use Rune Coin to improve your status

 Safe +3
 Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
 Blessed Max Enchant +14 with 90% rates
 On blassed fail: +3 to +7 on failure +3 , +7 to +10 on failure -1 ,+11 to +14 on failure -2
 There is a small chance to enchant item +2 instead of +1
 Crystal max +16( with 50% rates,after break enchant still the same)
Custom Scroll / PvP max Enchant +20
PvP Enchant(every 15 kill a randomly item will be enchanted +1), only in lvl 3 items and after +16

 Augment Skills 1+1
 High grade life stone - 10%   
 Top grade life stone - 15%   

Custom Features

 Custom Weapons: Ancient Gold,Icarus,Abyssal (Same status)
 Custom Armors: Vesper,Epic,Dyantsty (Same status)   
 Custom's are 3 levels , starting from the first(50%) and you update to second(75%) and finally to 100% which is the top level
Upgrating Weapon/Armor will keep your augment/enchant
Epic Mask (From Special Boss)increases your movement speed
Tatto Fighter increases your attack speed by 15%
Tatto Mage  increases your castin speed by 15%
 3 Zone types(Safe,Pvp-Pk Allowed,No Pk allowed)
 BE CAREFULL: If you dont follow each zone rules you will get jailed for 10 minutes
 Cancellation System , after 10 sec you get buffs back
Siege for only 3 castle's Rune ,Aden , Giran

You can get Epic jewelry by killing raidboss, grandboss, PvP Reward and by passing a special dungeon solo.

We have prepared a dressme system for free for all players, you only need to get 100 PvP, use the .menu command and enjoy your costume !!!

Healers now are getting pvp's from their party

Rune Pages

You can have 6 Rune Pages in your status
 But You can Select only 1 page
 You can obtain them by dungeons,Bosses


 Custom Bosses every hour
 Epic Bosses every 3 Hour's
 Special Boss every 4 Hour's

 1vs1 event
Party Farm every 6 hours with 1 event hour duration

Party Farm

 Open every 6 hour
 Duration 1 hour
 Custom Mini Bosses with good drops
 Minimum players for enter is 3

 Olympiad period evert 1 week
 Heroes will be given 1 hour after Sunday olympiad end(Monday 1:00 AM)
 Olympiads arenas re?tail like
 Class Announcement in start
 No custom items allowed (Only Tattoo)
 Max enchant is +6
 The rankings update after every match you play
 The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2)?
Crappy servers / [L2J] L2Drip - Interlude PvP Server
« Last post by BIGMANF on May 03, 2020, 12:07:34 AM »

Grand opening -> Friday, 8th May - 20:00 GMT+2


Rates, Enchantment & Augmentation
- x5000, each Monster increases your level by 1.
- Safe enchantment: +4
- Max enchantment: +16 (+20 with crystal)
- Normal scroll chance: 60%
- Blessed scroll chance: 80% (failure: back to +4)
- Crystal scroll chance: 90% (failure: back to +16)
- High Grade Lifestone: 5%
- Top Grade Lifestone: 10%
- Max Augmentations: 1 active & 1 passive

General Information
- Auto loot for monsters, dropped loot for bosses.
- Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds.
- Available buff slots: 48 (only buffer's buffs count)
- Subclasses per character: 3
- If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes.
- Automatic potions (HP, MP, CP) by pressing right click & retail usage by pressing left click.
- Pressing shift & click on monsters or raids, you can see their droplist.
- All accessories increase character's speed by 17%.

Fast Augmentation
- If you double click on the Lifestone, your equipped weapon gets augmented.
- If you get a skill, you get an announcement on screen and the weapon gets unequipped automatically.
- The retail augmentation system is still working for old school players.

- Available castles for the moment: Giran, Aden, Innadril
- Sieges are scheduled every Sunday at 17:00 (GMT+2).

Clan Ranking
- We've developed a new engine which counts your clan's efficiency based on actions.
- You can increase your clan's ranking in the ladder by hunting bosses, conquering castles & killing war enemies.
- Every Sunday, the top 3 clans of the ladder win a big prize.

Grand Olympiad
- The Grand Olympiad Games start at 18:00 and finish at 00:00 (GMT+2).
- New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2).
- Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game (enchantment doesn't change, only stats).
- Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable.
- Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with Drip Token for every olympiad fight victory.

Character Menu
- By typing .menu you have access to many features related to your character.
- You can control your party invitations, trade requests, incoming buffs and personal messages.
- Also, you can check server's popularity and basic information & rates.

Real Time Balance
- We are using a unique balancing system which helps us readjust balance in real time.
- Please, don't complain about balance while developing your character.
- Balance is adjusted based on end-game.

Global Event Engine
- Automatic event engine with 5 global events: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing, Ultra rapid fire.
- Running every 1 hour with vote poll.
- Including portable functions by typing .events (to register -> .register).
- You can increase your pvp count & take pvp reward like playing normal pvp.

Real Party Zone
- The party zone is chaotic, that means a lot of PvP action.
- The drops of Chaotic Monsters are individual for each party member (more members, higher multiplier).
- All party members have to do a specific amount of damage to get drops.
- Bishops get drops too, based on their healing value.

Raid Battlegrounds (boss difficulty: medium)
- A unique battleground zone with 5 raid bosses at the same place.
- The battleground zone is chaotic, that means a lot of PvP action.
- Respawn time for each battleground boss is 3 hours.
- Exclusive drop of this zone: Epic Jewel Box (rewards you with a random Epic Jewel).

Dungeons (boss difficulty: high)
- An underground chaotic zone with 5 chaotic arenas.
- In every arena there is a raid boss.
- Respawn time for each dungeon boss is 6 hours.
- Exclusive drop of this zone: Epic Jewel Box (rewards you with a random Epic Jewel).

Dynamic PvP Zone
- Changes automatically every 1 hour.
- Top 3 players based on PvP kills are getting rewarded.
- Bishops are not allowed to enter this zone.
- There is 20% chance for 'Blessed' version of the zone. Special rewards inside when the zone is 'Blessed'.
- Blessed version rewards: x2 PvP Kills, x2 PvP Reward, 10% chance to get Drip Token and 1% chance to get an exclusive reward.

Vote Engine
- Individual vote system with multiple sites.
- Voting at least 3 vote sites, unlocks the Vote Blessing at Magic Supporter.
- Vote Blessing increases your P.Def. +6%, M.Def. +6%, Speed +4%.
- Global vote reward for all online players.
- Weekly Voter Event, the player with the most votes at the end of the week wins.

Grand opening -> Friday, 8th May - 20:00 GMT+2

Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on April 30, 2020, 09:56:10 PM »
Changeset 391 (1815)

Rev 390 bugfixes, Cubics part II, MailBBS, Geoengine, Skills, Organization, Bugfixes

Rev 390 bugfixes
   - Fix Guards / FriendlyMonster which don't see chaotic pets/summons. Ty shyr for report.
   - Summons can properly attack FriendlyMonster. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix Summon follow stackoverflow.
   - Drop GM onAction shift behaviour, which automatically fixes missing ActionFailed issues (= stuck) over multiple shift uses.
   - Fix Non-Playable not being attackable in Peace Zones. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix SummonItems cast process. Don't consume flute anymore. Ty shyr for report.
   - Item consumption is fixed (checked on canDoCast, done on doCast).
   - Remove USE_S1 message over item skill usage. Only item usage message should be sent.
   - Fix CreatureCast#onMagicHitTimer/onMagicFinalizer NPE. Ty shyr / xTakegawa for report.
   - Fix missing ActionFailed mackets over INTERACT/FOLLOW. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix attackable states for ControlTower, Door, FlameTower.
   - Proper HP/MP checks over CreatureCast#canDoCast.
   - Fix invalid interact radius. Ty shyr for report.
Cubics part II
   - Add a 2s cast task (tested on L2OFF for at least 3/8 cubics, I suppose other do the same). Ty shyr for report.
   - All fireAction() submethods are cleaned up.
   - Implement CubicList, a Player related container.
   - Fix error upon sending mail. Ty Marcatu for the fix.
   - Move MailType to enums package.
   - Various optimizations + 2 potential NPE fixes.
   - Subject overview is limited to 30 chars to avoid layout deformation.
   - Fix double-layer issue, creature must follow the upper layer.
   - Fix Pig Chest skillId 2309. Ty RooT.
   - Fix 4624 skillId. Ty Vonak.
   - Fix effect power for 4 "chance" enchant routes. Ty xblx.
   - Add missing ItemSkills handler for Rice Cake. Ty shyr for report.
   - Implementation of //info, merging GM onAction shift content (summons, players, doors, npcs, statics objects), //summon_info and //npcinfo. The idea is to keep consistancy between GM and regular user behaviours.
   - Introduce Siege#announceToPlayers(SystemMessageId).
   - Rework Clan notice/introduction handling.
   - Add StringUtil#trim method, allowing elegant one-liner over String truncates handling.
   - Titles are now properly showing 16 chars, not 15.
   - Fix missing Clan buttons over character restart. Ty djwegas.
   - Add sps/bsps consumption upon Cubic/Servitor summon process.
   - SiegeFlag are now immune to Swoop Cannon damages. The task is now backed by a Future for doDie / deleteMe cases.
   - Drop FestivalMonster#isAttackableBy override (no specific mean).
   - Doors can now be damaged by regular skills. Walls are still not attackable by anything except SiegeSummon. Swoop Cannon can't target or inflict damages to doors/walls.
   - Fix orc mystic stat calculation. Ty Hasha.
   - Fix Admin teleport (Pirate Tunnel). Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix 3 HTM typos. Ty An4rchy for report.
   - Fix isMortal() concept ; limit the HP drop to 1 and not 0.
   - Properly set Attackable aggro over Summon doDie.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on April 26, 2020, 07:54:14 PM »
Added tag system over Bugs report section, to make things clear. Ty Sido !  :dw2_14:
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on April 20, 2020, 06:07:11 PM »
- "Public Workbench" board is dropped, since it wasn't used as it should be. All shares are moved to "Shares" board.
- All subboards of "Bugs report" are dropped, and content merged with "Bugs report" section. It will be eventually replaced by a tag system.
- Add a subboard "Transitional Crap" on "Bugs report". It reflects the current progress of Bugs report resolution for next revision. When a revision is reached, the whole content is moved to Archives, as it was before.