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Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
Last post by Tryskell - October 26, 2021, 12:01:05 AM
Changeset 403 (2566)

AI, Scripts, Drop/spoils, Manor domains / Seeds, Bugfixes, Organization

    - Rename ScriptEventType > EventHandler and enum content to fit with L2OFF naming convention.
    - Proper implementation of ATTACK_FINISHED (rename of ATTACK_ACT), which is now called on either bow or regular attack END (and no over successful regular attack).
    - Move MY_DYING call to Npc, instead of Attackable.
    - Rework the aggro system, which is now bound to SEE_CREATURE (rename of ON_CREATURE_SEE) event. Delete ON_AGGRO EventHandler (custom).
    - Implement master/minions system directly on Npc, and add the mechanisms over AttackableAIScript, allowing overriding. Delete MinionList. Implement retail tasks about "minion despawn upon master death" and "teleport to master if out of territory".
    - Monsters which random walk don't return to spawn location anymore if they are already isInMyTerritory().
    - Introduce Quest#createOnePrivate and Quest#initializePrivate.
    - Introduce Npc#lookItem/lookNeighbor.
    - Gordon now pickups the Cursed Weapon if dropped on ground and it didn't dissapear yet.
    - Add OUT_OF_TERRITORY event over ImperialGravekeeper script.

Drop/spoils - Ty Hasha
    - Remove HerbDropData and herbDrops.xml. Remove "dropHerbGroup" param from NPC templates.
    - Update NPC templates (XMLs) with re-parsed droplists. Data source is npcdata.txt from AdvExt September 2019. Herbs are now part of droplist.
    - Merged various Monster#calculateXXXItem methods to one DropCategory#calculateDrop.
    - Rework //info drop and //info spoil. It now includes config rates, drop categories and use Pagination. DropCategory#getChance and DropData#getChance return chance in % as double, update the usage accordingly.

Manor domains / Seeds - Ty Hasha
    - Introduce manor domains under manorAreas.xml, using L2OFF defined territories. Replace usage of MapRegionData to ManorAreaData for seed sowing check. Indirectly fix a possible exploit of luring monster to another manor area to sow it.
    - Cleanup Seeds item handler, reorganize conditions to match L2OFF, added one missing SystemMessageId.
    - Cleanup Harvesters item handler, use FrequentSkill for harvest skill.
    - Fix an issue where multiple players could sow a monster.
    - Refactor SeedState
        - does not extend ArrayList, the crop is always one item type
        - added #isHarvested check
        - fix #isAllowedToHarvest, checks for player itself or seeder's party member (as per L2OFF)
    - Sow skill handler
        - Reorganize conditions to match L2OFF.
        - Add one missing SystemMessageId. Ty Denzel for report.
        - Remove custom extra sound and party message.
    - Harvest skill handler
        - Reorganize conditions to match L2OFF.
        - Remove useless SystemMessageId and InventoryUpdate usage.
        - Remove party distribution of crops - only harvester gets them, while party members only get info message (as per L2OFF)
    - Player#addItem system message logic is extended by "Harvest".

    - Fix TargetAreaCorpseMob / TargetCorpseMob : they now work on any Creature registered into DecayTaskManager (which are, Summons and any NPCs - they don't work on Pet for obvious reasons).
    - Implement Creature#forceDecay. Will work on any instance being registered in DecayTaskManager. Fix servitors force decay.
    - Fix a NPE over Salvation skill over summons. Implement it for pets.
    - Add missing SERVITOR_PASSED_AWAY message.
    - Fix one typo over armorSets. Ty RooT for fix.
    - Add missing client notification during clan dissolution process. Ty RooT for report.
    - Fix chest behavior. Ty Hasha.
    - Revert aggro bonus for Raid related NPCs.
    - Delete MoveTime FloodProtector, generating desync upon click spam.
    - Fix SiegeSummon stackoverflow upon unsummoning it over siege zone. Ty Denzel for report.
    - Add ItemInstance parameter to ISkillHandler#useSkill.
    - Introduce DropType enum.
    - Delete herb specific drop rate configs, merged them under one "RateDropHerbs".
    - Rename "RateDropAdena" to "RateDropCurrency", since it now also affects Seal Stones.
    - Introduce StringUtil#trimAndDress.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - October 12, 2021, 10:08:03 AM
You can pick the dark theme >HERE<
-please report any unreadable or blinding text.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - October 10, 2021, 11:16:11 PM
Forum theme updated. (PC/Mobile)
-please report any strange things you find. (unreadable text, strange buttons, missing images)

Totally black theme is on the way.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
Last post by Tryskell - October 01, 2021, 07:25:45 PM
Changeset 402 (2516)

SpawnManager, Castles / Sieges, Scripts, Bugfixes, Organization

Initial implementation of L2OFF territory system - ty Hasha
    - Allow NPCs to randomly spawn over a defined territory, which is considered as "their" territory.
    - Allow to spawn multiple NPCs, if part of the same event.
    - Implement "out of territory" concept.
Following spawnlist types are now handled by that new system :
    - Regular
    - Raidboss
    - Seven Signs
    - Day/Night
    - Autospawn
    - Castle guards

Castles / Sieges
    - Implement PC guards upon start/mid victory.
    - Mid victory upon NPC siege doesn't end the siege anymore.
    - Add FollowerMovingAroundMaster script. Delete TownPet instance. Register some Folk as MutedFolk.
    - Queen Ant
        - Guard Ant now teleport if out of territory. Ty Denzel for report.
        - Add a Player kickout behavior upon Queen Ant spawn if they are on territory.
        - Guard Ant randomly frenzy, not Royal Guard Ant.
    - Fix Zaken teleport behavior. Add missing offset upon teleport. Ty Denzel for report, Hasha for fix.

    - Fix Beholder of Light 1 second respawn time. Ty Denzel for report.
    - Seven Signs monsters seal stones drop now depends about current winner few different spawnlists based on current seal owner).
    - No more "multiple times" spawns (some areas were previously flooded by monsters).
    - Monsters attack timeout is now handled by "out of territory" concept (60s timeout during combat mode, refreshed if returning to territory meanwhile).
    - Fix one typo over main menu. Ty Denzel for fix.
    - Fix Tutorial Book spam upon Player log out/in. Ty Denzel for report.
    - Cancel Player associated QuestTimers when such Player logout.
    - Fix 3075, 3079 and 3192 skills. Ty Denzel for report, Hasha for fix.
    - Skill oneshots upon Attackable properly trigger faction call behavior. Ty Kitsos for fix.
    - Add Npc#isInMyTerritory() concept.
    - Add ScriptEventType#OUT_OF_TERRITORY concept (used notably by Queen Ant script).
    - Add ZoneType#getKnownTypeInside(Class<A>, Predicate<A>) for easier usage.
    - Rename ZoneType#movePlayersTo as ZoneType#instantTeleport.
    - Add artifacts locations into CastleManager. They aren't controlled by SpawnManager anymore. Add related infos into castle.htm.
    - Rework ControlTower to use getScriptValue.
    - Implement IXmlReader#parseLocation(NamedNodeMap) and parseSpawnLocation(NamedNodeMap).
    - Move few methods from Location to Point2D (addStrictOffset, addRandomOffset, addRandomOffsetBetween). Introduce addPositiveOffset method. Rename addRandomOffsetBetweenTwoValues > addRandomOffsetBetween.
    - Replace the way new forum id is being generated. Ty StinkyMadness.
    - Pagination cleanup. Ty StinkyMadness.
    - All uses of Pagination are visually unified (//bk, //find, //skill and //skill list, //knownlist, //effect).
    - Replacement of <center> tags inside <td> by <td align=center>
Announcements / aCis PTS "Blackbird" is on !
Last post by Tryskell - October 01, 2021, 07:06:48 PM
I'm proud to announce a PTS (Public Test Server) called "Blackbird" is actually on, reachable from !

The account creation is set to Auto, and characters are directly set with access level 8 (master access level). It will be updated with latest, experimental sources every week if some useful/testable edit was done.

You can find a system folder with L2.ini already encoded (you have to use latest, updated IL client) here :

Please, don't restart/shutdown server by yourself or I will have to restrain access. If the server is stucked (instability issues), consider to report it in reports. If I'm not available, you are allowed to RESTART the server. Shutdowning it will make it unavailable for anyone.

If you //find me ingame, you can PM me or //teleportto on me. If you lack about admin commands knowledge, consider to use //help. It handles every single admincommand, with a little description.

Good tests to everyone ! :dw2_14:
Crappy servers / L2Core grand opening 29th Sept...
Last post by l2corepvp - September 28, 2021, 02:15:29 PM
L2Core grand opening 29th September 2021

[L2 Core project rates information]
Exp: 300x
Sp: 300x
Adena: x15
Drop: x15
Spoil: x10
Quest: x1
Avg karma rate drop 60%

Premium account rates:
Exp/sp: 300x + 40-50%
Adena: x15 + 40-50%
Drop: x15 + 40-50%
Spoil: x10 + 40-50%
Extra: unlimited access to vip buffs
Extra: +2 to +7 chance on enchant scrolls based on premium type
More info you can find in game about premium accounts

Enchant rates:
Safe enchant +4
Max enchant +20

Simple enchant scrolls 50%, max enchant +1 to +20

Blessed scrolls 60%, max enchant +1 to +15 for armor / weapons
(if item wont successfully enchant will drop to +4)

Crystal scrolls 25%, max enchant +15 to +20 for armor / weapons
(if item wont successfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow) when crysatl fails on +15 to +16 it restores back to +15

Augmentation rates:
Normal life stone lvl 76 - 2%
Mid life stone lvl 76 - 4%
High grade life stone lvl 76 8%
Top grade life stone lvl 76 17%
Olympiad life stone 100% (reward from acquiring hero status)
Augmentation system rate retail like
Max 1 active and 1 passive augment at a time


[L2Core project basic information]
Start level 52
Main town giran
Castle sieges [aden, goddard, rune] every friday and weekends
Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants, enchants
PvP solo zones
More than 10 active raid bosses
Casino bet julia nova reward manager
Wedding system
Achievements reward book
Unique farming areas
Npc skill enchanter
Unique tattoos
Full npc buffer with auto buff
VIP buffs
Max count of buffs 24+4
Buff duration time 2 hours
Max subclasses - 5
Subclass without quest
Free and no quest class change
Nobless from raid boss barakiel or farm with 10k farm coins
No weight limit
No grade limit
Quake pvp system.
Pvp/pk show on title
Hp left durring pvp show on title
Ingame password change
Top 20 pvp/pk npc in game
Unique monsters and farm areas
Offline trade system
Interlude retail like skills
Best class balance
6 events with special rewards
Unique event shops in main towns
Maximum clans in ally 3
No custom items!
Server up-time [24/7] [99]%
Server is secured with smartguard
Server firewall by athena-project
Server ddos protection by servers4host


[Boss Info]
1 - Core's Spirit - Chaotic (Hard)
Core's Spirit - Chaotic is located in a Chaotic zone and it spawns 1 time a day at 24:00 GMT +2
It drops 2 Random Boss Jewel boxes (a box that when you open it, it gives you a random epic boss jewel),
along with various other goods.
The drops go to the party or player that dealt the most damage.

2 - Core's Spirit - Normal (Medium)
Core's Spirit - Normal spawns 2 times a day: 18:00, 3:00 GMT +2
It drops 1 Random Boss Jewel boxes (a box that when you open it, it gives you a random epic boss jewel),
along with various other goods.
The 1 boxes are given to 1 random players that participated in killing the boss, which means it does NOT matter if you did more damage, you have to be lucky.
The other drops go to the party or player that dealt the most damage.
(It can only give to 1 player per HWID. in any case you have 1 players from same computer.

3- Custom Bosses:
3 Bosses in Ketra (Hekaton, Tayr, Brakki) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
3 Bosses in Varka (Shadith, Horus, Mos) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
1 Bosses in FoG Lower (Ember) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
1 Bosses in Hot Springs (Hestia) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window

Grand Bosses:
All Grand Bosses respawn every 6 hours


CTF Reward Event Coins
TVT Reward Event Coins
DM Reward Event Coins
1vs1 (Valorant) Reward Augment Skills
Random Fight 1vs1 Reward 3 Top Grade LS
Simon Says Reward Event Coins

Valorant 1vs1 Olympiad Like style Start every day at
15:30, 19:30, 00:30, 04:30, 09:30 duration for 45 minutes
Reward Legend Coins, you can obtaing Augment Skills and Crystal Scrolls.

3v3 + 9v9 Events:
3v3 Automated Tournament
You form your 3v3 before the games starts or you match up alone.
Matching up alone works only on 3v3.
You need a a team of 3 players to match up as a team.

9v9 Automated Tournament
You need a team of 9 Players
You register at npc for the next game.
No Res skills/scrolls

Tournament informations
Every player has his own Elo Points, you can exchange these points at the end of the week for varius rewards on the Tournament shop.
The team with the most wins in the end of the week will be announced as the Winner of the Season.

Custom Party zone:
The party zone is split in 2 parts: Normal & Chaotic zone. You can choose the spot you want to teleport at the gatekeeper.
The Normal part of the party zone has less drops than the Chaotic.
In the Chaotic part, there is a Mini-Boss which spawns every 3 hours and has good drops.
You can only enter the party zone with a party of 3 players at least.
The party zone changes every day to a new zone.

Party Matching & Boss Hunting:
You can search for party in our party matching system, for bosses, for pvp, for farm and ctrl.
System works easy and smoothly, you only need to select what party you looking for, and our party matching system will automatically search a party that fits you!
However, you can also see all the parties in in our server live, and ask leader to join them, by a just single button ''Party request''.

Custom Noblesse System:
The party that will last hit the boss Barakiel (5 hours respawn time & 1 hour window +/-) will
automatically gain noblesse status.
You can also trade 10.000 Farm Tokens in our Noblesse/Subclass Manager which is located in Giran to gain noblesse status.

Core Dungeons:
To make the game easier and more enjoyable for both the solo and clan players
we have created Instanced Dungeons in Lineage 2 Core which you can enter 12 hours.

Dungeon: Story mode(Solo)
In this Dungeon you can only enter alone. There are 4 rooms with monsters that need to be killed. After each room is cleaned up,
you proceed to the next stage. These monsters have good drops and are fairly easy to be killed.
After the 4 first stages have been completed, you have 2 final stages to finish the dungeon!
In the last 2 stages, you have to slay the Sons of Vitality!
If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 GMT +2

Dungeon: Party mode(Hard)
You can only enter this Dungeon with a full party.
There are 5 rooms of monsters that need to be cleaned up.
The mobs are x10 times stronger than the story mode.
Like the story mode, after you finish cleaning up the rooms of monsters, you have to slay the Sons of Vitality!
This is only the beginning though, since after you complete these 2 stages, you proceed to the final stage.....
You have to slay Vitality the Forbidden himself!
If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 GMT +2
Rewards & Prizes

Dungeon: Story Mode
You get to choose 1 epic jewel which will last for the next 6 hours(Time Spend only when u use it), along with many other misc
rewards which include lifestones, book of giants, crystal scrolls and more!

Dungeon: Party Mode
Various rewards which include lifestones, book of giants, blessed scrolls and many more!
You also get the drops of the boss Vitality the Forbidden!

Olympiad period 7 Days(1 week)
Heroes will be given automatically at 12:00 GMT +2
Olympiads arenas retail like.
Upon selecting 5 Buffs before match starts on the Arena manager (To make dd classes and some other classes more fair to play olympiads)
After every fight, a panel with information about the match and the participants is displayed to both the winner and the loser:
- Class-based games are disabled to avoid feeding.
- The rankings update every 5 minutes when the Olympiad runs (the manager announces it every time they update).
- The games are announced by the manager before they begin.
- Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they will be modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted.
- The class balance in olympiad is untouched to ensure retail battles.
The Olympiad begins every day at 18:00 and ends at 00:00 AM (GMT+2).

[In game Commands]

Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - September 07, 2021, 01:50:13 AM
Forum is back.
Some configs, images\files might not be as they were before, please report anything that seems unusual.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - September 04, 2021, 10:34:05 PM
We will be performing scheduled maintenance this next week. During this time, aCis forum is expected to have downtime periods.
Crappy servers / -
Last post by AlexTic - September 02, 2021, 08:49:47 AM
seems like lately our order guild VAMP is pretty active with 4-5 members online and there are no chaos guys ever really to be seen.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
Last post by Sido - August 27, 2021, 09:41:32 PM
Registration allowed.