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Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on October 18, 2018, 10:19:55 PM »
Some of you may get some problems on first time you access our forum (such as, missing images from menu). Please check your link and if you see that you are using http://HTTP://address , change it where you saved (bookmark or w/e) to http://HTTPS://address    (just add an S to http)

If this is not the case, please report it to me.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on October 15, 2018, 11:56:07 AM »
Updated (fixed reported things that were broke).
Please report any other problem.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns: 27/10/18 !
« Last post by bowling4soup on October 14, 2018, 02:40:51 PM »
Best of luck with your new season!
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns: 27/10/18 !
« Last post by sahar on October 14, 2018, 12:03:31 PM »
Winter season is coming 27/10 !

What's new in a nutshell?
* NO donations for A/S-Grade items when server starts
* NEW missions system for small groups / parties / clans
* BETTER score distribution when doing objectives
* MAJOR class balance improvements
* MANY new maps
* NEW clan shop to Aden Castle owners
* MUCH more (visit our website for details)
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J] L2G-Hybrid Interlude (C6) Mid-PvP server
« Last post by Trance on October 12, 2018, 01:47:51 AM »
JIEM plz
Crappy servers / [L2J] L2G-Hybrid Interlude (C6) Mid-PvP server
« Last post by Lance on October 11, 2018, 10:27:01 PM »
Dear community,

I m here to present you our new Project based on L2Gold Style but a bit different from the same and same and same thing that everyone does.

Facebook page:

On this post we will explain all the general informations you need to know for our server.

General Informations

Rates: xp 75x / sp 75x / adena 1x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too).
Server: Full C6 Server with some custom modifications.
Gameplay: Buff slot 26+4 divine, Buffs 2 hours, Rebirths, Subclass free, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes. Safe enchant +3 & Max enchant is with scale.

Special AIO Buffer

There is a support buffer spawned in every-important town.The buffs last for 2 hours and are free of charge. 3rd class buffs supports as well for 20 minutes.
Scheme exist as well.

Character Creation

A new character will spawn in the basement of Ivory Tower. There you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items. All the low level zones up to 60 level are protected by our low level zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low level players a fair chance to train up to a decent level.

Boosted Characters

in order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills whitch they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc.

Third class

As soon as your character is 76 level or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change that can be done at the NPC job changer "Carola" who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town.

Rebirth System

Once a player becomes 78 level, he can choose to rebirth at the Rebirth Manager in Aden. Your char will become level 1 and you will get a rebirth book but you will not lose your occupation. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths and because of sub class and olympiad, you can change them anytime you want.

Noblesse System

L2G-Hybrid has its own noblesse system based on Gold style. Once you have completed 3x rebirths, 78 level and sub class you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become Noblesse.

Death Lord Hallate


Longhorn Golkonda

Shilen's Messenger Cabrio

Once you have collected all the items and your character is 78 level, you can go to the Noblesse Manager "Eddy Wally" who is located on the stairs at Aden Town and become Noblesse.


You are free to make subclass anytime you want.

Weapons and Special Abilities

To obtain an A and S grade weapon with special ability, you need to farm some mantras and enrias. Then talk to Mantra Manager "Wilbrand". You need 300 Fire Mantras, 200 Wind Mantras, 100 Water Mantras, 5 Enrias and some adena for S grade weapons. You can put lifestones also from the same NPC.

S Grade Armors and Dynasty

In L2G-Hybrid you can find a great way of powering up your armor and jewels. Refining is the custom system with witch you have the chance to increase the defence of your S grade armors and Jewels or even transform your armor into Dynasty! Collecting materials and increasing the % of your armor and jewels is easyer if you farm in groups at the special zone of Monastery of Silence or Primeval Island where monsters with Boosted drops and stats can be found. Dynasty armors has passive noblesse from 55%.

Some things you need to know before you start to refine your armor:

-Refining of armor or jewels can not fail.
-As soon as 1 part of your armor set has a different % than the rest, you will lose your set bonus.
-You will not lose enchants on the armor or jewels if you refine it.
-Keep in mind that Dynasty armor has one more part, you need to buy that extra part from npc "Rex" with 75 Enria.

Custom Boss Jewels

There exist some special jewels that can be collected only by killing the Raid Bosses that owns them!
For example: Earring of Garacsia can be droped only by Cherub Galaxia.

1) Earring of Garacsia: MP +31, +10% bow resistance and +7 speed.
2) Earring of Ipos: MP +31, +10% dagger resistance and +7 speed.
3) Earring of Vermilion: MP +31, +20% fire resistance and +7 speed.
4) Earring of Von Helman: MP +31, +20% dark resistance and +7 speed.
5) Earring of Kandra: MP +31, +20% wind resistance and +7 speed.
6) Earring of Falston: MP +31, +20% water resistance and +7 speed.
7) Ring of Tayr: MP +21 and +100 bow range.
8) Ring of Mos: MP +21 and +10% M.Def.
9) Ring of Shadith: MP +21 and 500% faster hp regen.
10) Ring of Horuth: MP +21 and +10% P.Def
11) Necklace of Naga: MP +42 and +15% HP
12) Necklace of Brakki: MP +42 and +60% resistance to most of the debuffs.
1) Necklace of Hekaton: MP +42 and +15% CP.


Custom Weekly Olympiad, alowed gears A grade, Boosted Hero weapons and skills.

PK Manager

When a player gets more than 5 PK Points he risks loosing his items.
To prevent that from happening use the PK Manager standing in front of Aden Warehouse to erase your pks by offering him a few materials.

Other System / Info

Offline shop system, 2 Clans per ally, No clan penalties, Max lvl8 clan, No need eggs for clan skills just reputation points.

Automatic Events

Team VS Team, DM

Augumentation System

You can farm Lifestones at Primeval Island from T-Rex.
1 active 1 passive alowed. (aCis official)

Server is online almost 2 months now. Growing community every day, Game Masters 24/7 Online, Custom events, easy farm, tons of PvP's and more!
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on October 11, 2018, 08:59:04 AM »
Because we wanted to update our forum, we had to temporarily disable its features.
Please report till Monday any lost, attachments/posts/threads or any other information.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on October 07, 2018, 01:01:46 AM »
Changeset 375 (958)

AIs, Datatype organization, Misc

    - Intentions
      - Move onInteractionInteract logic on PlayerAI (PlayerAI is the only AI to use INTERACT).
      - Improvement of Desire class.
      - _nextIntention Object is updated and not created everytime anymore, which will save some memory.
      - Fix the NPE on onEvtReadyToAct() due to a lack of synchronization.
      - Add a next intention for INTERACT case if current is CAST, but a lot more cases need such improvements (PICKUP after ATTACK/CAST notably).
   - Attack stance
      - Drop _clientAutoAttacking variable.
      - Rename clientStartAutoAttack() for startAttackStance(), same for stop. Correct use of inheritance / override.
      - A missed hit doesn't start victim attack stance.
      - Drop multiple clientStopAutoAttack() / abortAttack().

Datatype organization
   - ScriptManager > ScriptData. Extends XMLDocument, CLogger, few Javadoc.
Community Board
   - Complete cleanup (method names, try-with-ressources, stringified queries, variable renaming, stream uses, CLogger uses)
   - ForumsBBSManager uses ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet() instead of CopyOnWriteArrayList as container (performance).
   - MailBBSManager uses ConcurrentHashMap instead of HashMap as mails container (fix a potential ConcurrentException).
   - MailBBSManager.sendMail method is optimized.
   - Cleanup (use of CLogger, some methods cleanup).
   - ServerStatus.STATUS_DOWN is called when time is <= 60. Before it was called only when the timer was reaching 60, meaning the server status was never updated if a shorter time was set as restart/shutdown time.

   - Drop COORD_SYNCHRONIZE config.
   - Fix Q232. Ty LordWhiz.
   - Some SummonFriend methods cleanup. Add YOU_MAY_NOT_SUMMON_FROM_YOUR_CURRENT_LOCATION message.
   - Added DebugMovement config.
      - Set to 0 by default, if > 0 it will throw items to track server-side movements. Used as a debug tool.
      - The timer, which is the config, delete objects after X seconds.
   - Move ItemTable#createItem and #destroyItem to ItemInstance. Rename them create and destroyMe.
   - Refresh clan wars on clan deletion (db was correctly handled, but not server variables). Ty Sahar.
   - Tweak subclass change overweight check. Ty Root.
   - Addition of Lightning Strike enchant routes. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix an issue where heroes who took gate passes before taking hero status get the gate passes as if they aren't heroes. Ty Sahar.
   - Weekly maintenance time set to Tuesday and not Thursday (was right in 2008 at least, edited for Wednesday since 2011). Ty Sahar.
   - Handle correctly hero item inventory discard on relog - isHero() being not fed on Player object creation, we have to rely on another source. Ty Sahar.
   - Dismount player on Olympiad teleport. Ty th0r1 for report.
   - Raid points event is every month, not every week. Ty Remix2k18 for report.
   - Fix Q118 && Q123 getSponsor check logic.
   - Fix for double penalty of 3rd class summons. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix a typo in clan full system message. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix a bug causing hero weapons to disappear if relogging with them equipped. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix missing stacktype for song of renewal / wind (can cause a bug : when rebuffing that buffs disappears). Ty Sahar.
   - Fix hero items are not being deleted from player if he is online (player had to relog to have the item deleted). Also, drop a double InventoryUpdate packet send. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix being able to buy items from disallowed NPCs in some situations (like teleporting away and then buying something). Ty Sahar.
   - Fix character gets stuck if trying to interact with an unreachable target more than once. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix issue where if you change target while already running to a certain target, you will still run towards the old target. Ty Sahar.
Crappy servers / Re: Swampland
« Last post by ForgeOfGods on August 18, 2018, 09:32:08 AM »
not bad SweeTs , looks fun, i like an ideas :) good luck and best wishes with your project :)
Crappy servers / Swampland
« Last post by SweeTs on August 18, 2018, 01:06:46 AM »

General Rates

Exp: 100
Adena: 10*
Enchant: 50%
Augmentation: 50%
* - retail zones multiplier, custom zones has boosted drop

New Character

All new characters are born at 20 level in Town of Giran, inside the Template.
To help you on your journey, you are granted with a Starting Pack .
Double click it to obtain following items:

After that visit Elena, the Newbie trader to exchange Newbie Armor/Weapon Ticket's for D-Grade gear.

Castle Sieges

To ensure you the greatest PvP experience from the beginning, initially, there are only two available castles: Aden and Rune.


The olympiad cycle lasts for 2 weeks. Default competition hours 18:00 - 00:00.


In order to obtain the subclass status you have to accomplish few tasks.
Collect 100kk of Adena, 100 Moonstones and be level 76, at least.


In order to become a nobleman you must bring me following ingredients.
Subclass Contract, 300 Moonstones, 500kk of Adena, Noble Emerald
and of course be equal or greater to 76 level.

Shadow of Halisha

Halisha is located inside Imperial Tomb. You must slain Halisha in oder to collect Noble Emerald
required to obtain the noblesse status.
Before you reach the Halisha, you must pass through 4 rooms full of mobs.
 Each 1 min, the gates are being opened.
Speak to the monument to open the first gates. Once initialized, the gates opens automatically.
Caution: the Halisha's room is a combat zone.
Droplist: Noble Emerald


Despite her power, she looks like a beautiful and innocent young girl.
Slain Anakim to obtain the Ring of Anakim . The twin, magic version of Queen Ant.
She is located near the Elven Village. The place is secret, you must find it.
Produces the following effects:

Labyrinth of the Abyss

Labyrinth of the Abyss is an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h.
Depending on the level of your party, different Raid Bosses will be spawned.
Important: You must have an party consist of 7 players, at least.
Droplist: to be announced

Hall Of Nightmares

Rim Kamaloka, it's also an instance zone, you can enter the zone only once per 24h.
You can enter solo or with a party.
Droplist: Adena

Lair of the Antharas

Your very first farm zone. Gain experience, collect necessary items, fight for the boss.
Feel the essence of PVE.
Droplist: Adena, Reagent Pouch

Ruins of Despair

Second, S-Grade zone. Here you can obtain sealed S-Grade gear and other necessary items.
Over the Ruins of Despair you can find several raid bosses, see below.
You may farm here solo, eventually, but party farm is highly recommended.
Droplist: Adena, Life Stones, Flames of Desire, Black Flames of Desire,
Weapon/Armor/Jewerly Tresure Chest*
Caution: Monsters also do dop Life Stones. Available only by spoil.
* - double click to obtain a random item


Swampland is our custom items farm zone. It's an instanced, pvp zone.
You will get here all necessary items to create your custom armor, weapon and SA.
Caution: Once you enter the zone, your buffs will be removed. Your own buffers are required.
Droplist: Dark Astatine, Darkness Gem, Black Coin, Black Gemstone, Energy Condenser

Find the Chest

Everyday at 20:00 mini event will take place.

Invisible chests will be randomly spawned over the Garden of Eva's secret room.

In order to reveal the chest, use the Sixth Sense . Then, use the Magic Key to obtain the drop.
Droplist: Event Medals

Party Event

Register your party, show that you are not afraid. You can register any party count from 2 to 9.
Caution: You must challenge the same party size.
Do your best to get the MVP status of the challenge and earn Prince's Trophy .
You can exchange it for various goods.

Useful commands

.res - instant resurrection of your character*
* - Blessed Resurrection Stone required
.repair - repairs all characters on your account
.changepin - assign new PIN code to your character
.instancezone - shows re-use time of instance entry
.aiotime - shows time left of AIO status
.aiolist - displays the list of all AIO characters
 double-click the Adena* to convert it into Bellows Gold**
* - the conversion rate 500.000.000 : 1
** - double-click Bellows Gold to receive Adena

Note that, server still is in development, so some features may be changed
and definitelly added. You can expect new updates soon.

Despite the fact, server is accessible, currently in BETA mode.
Feel free to connect and share your first thoughts.

Initial opening is set on 1st September.