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Crappy servers / L2Ophylia Retail Like x10
« Last post by L2Pulse on July 18, 2020, 07:59:23 PM »

Server Side

Max Windows per IP : x1

Pin Code Security 

Smart Guard Security


Exp Rate :  x10

SP Rate : x10

Adena Rate :  x5

Item Drop Rate : x5

Spoil Drop Rate : x5


Buffer only basic prophet buffs for fighters , mages.

GM shop To exchange Event Medals,Vote Runes,PC Bang Points for other usefull items.

Global Market to buy and sell items without making stores aka Auction.

Service Npc includes all premium things like buying exp runes,color name/title,wh expand etc... [Nothing overpowered].

Class changer Npc Require Adena + Vote runes to change for each profession , if you do not want to spend , then retail way will be.


Auto Loot : Enabled

Herbs : Enabled

Skill Learning  : Retail

Shift + Click on mobs : Enabled

Sub Class : Retail 

Noblesse : Retail

Buffs Duration : Retail

Offline Shop : Enabled

Accounts : auto create

Quests All quests working 100%
Class's All class's working 100%
Olympiad working 100% starts everyday at 18:00. Retail Cycle.

PC Bang System you can exchange them for Farm Boxes that will help you on farming.

Event Medal Collection System  For each mob you kill there is a high chance to obtain an Event Medal the more you collect the faster you progress. You can exchange Event Medals on GM Shop for Exp Runes,Accessores,Armors,Weapons,Jewls up to C grade.

Special feature

Dungeons Gather your friends and try to beat the strong monsters that hide inside the dungeons and you will be rewarded with special items.

Command: .instancezone to see the time left and re-entry time. Dungeons reset every 16 hours.

Note* Each dungeon holds 20 Channels, that means you can enter with your party without messing with other people.

Raid Boss Info's

Antharas Respawn every 7 days

Valakas Respawn every 8 days

Baium Respawn every 6 days

Frintezza Respawn every 5 days

Sailren Respawn every 4 days


.instancezone to see Dungeon time left and re-entry time..

.whoiam Showing characters details in window.

.menu Ingame character settings.

.acp Auto potions settings.

.rb Status list of 70+ Raid Boss's.

.epic Status list of Epic Boss's.

Overall View

Our farm friendly system allows you to enjoy the grinding phase without making it like a boring chore. With proper calculations that have been made by our Team we want to give you the best experience. We plan to stay and run as long as it's possible.

General Info's

Our server is running with one of the best l2j projects out there [Private] and our team is constantly working  on the files 

website is still under contruction but accessible, ETA of BETA is planned around end of september, more will be announced


Note* We are always open for suggestions.

Topic will be constantly updated

                                                                                  Beta runs until 9-10-2020 and server will open at 10-10-2020 21:00 GMT +3 

                                                                                                                       Discord Channel

Announcements / Away From Keyboard - 17th July > 3rd August
« Last post by Tryskell on July 16, 2020, 08:21:03 PM »
I will be off for the next ~3 weeks, 17th July up to 3rd August .

Customers ranking is frosted until I come back.

Happy holidays to everyone !
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on July 11, 2020, 10:16:10 PM »
Changeset 393 (1913)

L2DatabaseFactory, CreatureStatus, tryToX, Weight system, Organization, Bugfixes

   - Rename it ConnectionPool. Move it to commons.concurrent, use static instead of Singleton.
   - Use MariaDbPoolDataSource instead of C3P0. Delete related JARs.
   - Indirectly fix "SQLNonTransientConnectionException: (conn=13) unexpected end of stream, read 0 bytes from 4" after inactivity time.
   - Update MariaDb connector to 2.6.1.

   - Merge CreatureStatus and CreatureStat. Use of generics, add Javadoc. Use internal variables instead of getter/setter.
   - Delete all getters used as shortcuts from Creature/Player.
   - Rename setCurrentX to setX (right for CP, MP, HP).
   - Move Cp related methods to PlayerStatus.
   - Delete all redundant StatusUpdate calls. Basically, whatever which was calling setX()- X being HP, MP, CP.
   - AddMp and reduceMp are slightly edited to avoid to call setMp if value isn't worthy to be edited. Implement CreatureStatus#addHp based on those.
   - Implement setMaxHp/HpMp/CPHpMp. Those are optmized to call StatusUpdate only once.
   - Intentions use direct methods to avoid to "guess" parameters type. It also shortcuts writting style by a lot.
   - Delete SkillUseHolder container/use, which was generating a lot of objects.
   - Players previous stance isn't hidden anymore by ACTIVE triggering IDLE. When a Player calls ACTIVE or IDLE, it goes directly to IDLE.
Weight system - Ty Hasha
   - Addition of PlayerStatus#isOverbuden (80% volume check), with uses.
   - Fixed pet weight calculation. AltWeightLimit applied to pets too.
   - Fixing AltWeightLimit config being double parameter read as int.
   - Fix potential bug, when removing weight penalty functions from Pet.
   - Fix multiple item extraction to first check available slot and than create items.
   - Update ConditionPlayerWeight to use weight penalty, updated XMLs.
   - Added missing WEIGHT_PENALTY stat, updated XMLs to AdvExt values.
   - Dropped Creature#_isOverloaded, as only Player and Pet may get overloaded. Overload solved by checking speed == 0, as L2OFF.
   - Added missing system message in MoveBackwardsToLocation.
   - Fixed Pet not getting effect of weight penalty.
   - Rename commons.concurrent > commons.pool.
   - Delete unused effect EffectCombatPointHealOverTime and EffectType.COMBAT_POINT_HEAL_OVER_TIME.
   - CreatureAttack#doAttack is correctly overriden in Attackable and Player cases.
   - Rename StatusType to ServerType. Rename related methods / variables.
   - Generate StatusType out of StatusUpdate packet.
   - Move _exp, _sp, _level to PlayableStatus.
   - Delete isChampion() concept. The whole custom is dropped.
   - Rework Formulas#calcCrit and calcMCrit.
   - Some Blow/Pdam cleanup.
   - Delete isBehindTarget() / isInFrontOfTarget(). The concept is wrong, since effected isn't specially actual getTarget().
   - Move isBehind / isInFrontOf / isFacing from Creature to SpawnLocation. Any WorldObject can now call it.
   - Rework targetLost to handle more checks, rename it isTargetLost.
   - Siege#announceToPlayers is renamed Siege#announce and allow SiegeSide as parameters (making it possible to call it independently for ATTACKER and DEFENDER, or both).
   - Delete Player#isInSiege concept, since it's wrongly used (used as a mixed "isSiegeParticipant" and "isInSiegeZone" checks).
   - GMs are now affected by death penalty and by castle foreigner teleport.
   - 3200-3299.xml is partially fixed (reviewed 15+ item skills).
   - Add missing check regarding Baium Angelic Vortex. Ty Kitsos.
   - Fix SiegeGuard NPE during attack. Ty henrique for report.
   - Fix "Need to press ctrl to attack siege guards". Ty henrique for report.
   - Fix SiegeGuards respawn upon end of a Castle siege. Ty henrique for report.
   - Fix Guards can't be debuffed at any case. Ty shyr for report.
   - Add back interact possibility with FriendlyMonster. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix Gatekeeper CANNOT_PORT_VILLAGE_IN_SIEGE condition. Ty Denzel for report.
   - Add missing Broadcasting Towers spawns. Ty henrique.
   - Introduce INTERACT for Summons. It basically is a MOVE_TO with shift possibility.
   - Fix a ClassCastException over PlayerAI interaction (boards use).
   - Fix a ClassCastException over RequestActionUse (throne use). Ty henrique for fix/report.
   - Summons react to shift command over attack.
   - Summons return back to owner if isTargetLost is triggered (interact, cast, attack).
   - Summons owner follow status is now broken while sent to attack/interact.
   - Add missing SUMMON_GAVE_DAMAGE_S1. Correct override. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Summons can't be sent to attack dead targets. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix "When you're running and click on npc to speak with it, your char only stops on client, but continues to run on server". Ty SlugeR for report.
   - Fix "Trying to cast skill + moving teleports you on client". Ty SlugeR for report.
   - Fix proper uses of tryToSit/tryToStand. You shouldn't "tryTo" when using a skill, but directly execute it.
   - Fix pick up animation timer. Ty SlugeR.
   - Add retail C5 implementation of Charm of Courage.
   - Fis death on siege properly decreases xp by 1/4.
   - Add proper check messages for siege summons attempts.
   - Fix siege process timer, based on AdvExt.
Announcements / Re: [Share] L2D Geodata for aCis Project
« Last post by Hasha on July 03, 2020, 10:52:39 AM »
:delf1_2:  The Link has Broken!

Please reup link in media fire or megaupload please!  :delf1_4:  ;)
The link on Discord points here:
Announcements / Re: [Share] L2D Geodata for aCis Project
« Last post by admrasiel on July 03, 2020, 10:23:57 AM »
 :delf1_2:  The Link has Broken!

Please reup link in media fire or megaupload please!  :delf1_4:  ;)
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on June 16, 2020, 10:09:14 PM »
Changeset 392 (1847)

ExServerPrimitive, GeoEngine, Movement, Friend/BlockList, Enchant / Paperdoll

   - Color is now defined only via Color, rather than int. Extra methods are dropped.
   - Added addSquare, addRectangle methods for easier draw concepts.
   - Updated AdminGeoEngine "can_see" command graphics.

GeoEngine - ty Hasha.
   - Updated canSee, canMove and getValidLocation methods.
      - Now using exact line of sight/movement and checks all cells in the way, rather than using LoS/LoM approximation using Bresenham's line algorithm (see ).
      - Computation more heavy per each iteration. Performs approx 25% more iterations per path (25% more geodata cells evaluated). Still worth the accuracy.
   - Fix LoM check giving false positive result, when target is on "balcony".
   - Added first iteration of canFloat check, can be used for both, flying and swimming. Though the movement itself should handle all special cases (like water level, when swimming from bottom up).
   - Added new admin command "geo_fly" to check LoF.
   - Misc.
   - Rework moveToPawn / moveToLocation concept, for both Creatures and Players.
   - Introduce ValidatePosition debug (part of //show move) to visually see server<>client desync. Rework ValidatePosition.
   - Fix most of server<>client desync.
   - Fix dead/teleporting/disconnected over target follow.
Friend/BlockList systems rework - ty RooT.
   - Add missing packets and make a correct use of it.
   - Delete //silence && //tradeoff admincommands.
   - Move isBlockingAll concept to BlockList. Basic BlockList cleanup.
   - Add missing blocklist check over clan invitation.
Enchant / Paperdoll rework - ty RooT.
   - Drop all admin commands from AdminEnchant except "admin_enchant".
   - Drop enchant.htm, use quickbox instead.
   - //enchant doesn't work if the same enchant is already set.
   - Introduce Paperdoll enum. Rework most methods to use it.
   - Big cleanup of Inventory. Move some overriden behaviors back to PcInventory. Add Javadoc. Move ChangeRecorder out and rename it ChangeRecorderListener.
   - Delete 2 unused ItemInstance variables.
   - Few unused methods deletion over SendablePacket.
   - Move ItemLocation and ItemState to gameserver.enums.items.
   - XCast/XMove/XAttack now use generics, _creature is renamed _actor and now uses proper instance type which avoid cast.
   - Introduce back NPC castle guards. It will be kept like this until SpawnManager introduction.
   - Fix NPE related to castle guards / mercenaries Castle attribution.
   - Fix ControlTower castle guards spawns cleanup over doDie.
   - Fix NumberOutOfRange exception over hero fight loading. Ty BIGMANF.
   - Fix GMViewWarehouseWithdrawList packet. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Fix Blacksmith Rooney spawn time. Ty vampir.
Crappy servers / Lineage2 Revolution
« Last post by L2Pulse on June 15, 2020, 10:20:13 PM »

 • Rates - Xp x100
 • Sp x250
 • Adena x150
 • Epic Drop x1.

 • Weapons enchant
   Normal : +3 - +7 60% | +8 - +14 50% | +15 - +19 45% | + 20 - +22 40%.
   Blessed : +3 - +7 60% | +8 - +14 50% | +15 - +19 45% | + 20 - +22 40%.
   God Scrolls: +20% more chance than Normal/Blessed

 • Armor enchant
   Normal : +3 - +6 50% | +7 - +10 40%
   Blessed : +3 - +6 50% | +7 - +10 40%

 • Weapon Max +22 / Armor-Jewels Max +10

   Unique features

 • Starting Point Giran Town Harbor .
 • You start at level 40 with top D.
 • Weekly Olympiad - Hero weapons equal to +16.
 • Nefertiti - AA/Upgrade Olympian/Gods Blessings/Scrolls
 • Hera - Event exchanger /PvP Exchanger.
 • Misc Shops Weapon/Armor C-B-A-S
 • Class Manager.
 • TOP 15 PVP/PK Manager.
 • Epics info manager.
 • Siege Info.
 • Account Manager.
 • NPC Buffer has every buff .
 • Subclass --- Free.
 • Nobless : Retail Quest Or Last hit Raidboss
 • CTF running every 1 hours rewarding Event Medals.

   Custom Armor and Gear
Ancient Gods Armor:
Olympian Gods Armor:
You can upgrade to Olympiad Gods armor that will boost the stats +1% than the Ancient and +1000hp/mp/cp
God's weapons (Artermis Bow, Hades Dagger , Ares Fists, Medusa Blade , Medusa Blade*Medusa Blade, Poseidon Lance, Zeus Mace, Aphrodites Staff)
God Weapons
 • Ancient God's Armors is farmable at Primeval Isle or Raidbosses
 • God's weapons at Monastery of Silence
 • God's Blessing via farming/Grandboss
 • Farm AA in Forgotten Temple

   Farm Zones

 • Forgotten Temple : Solo Zone you can farm Ancient adenas + Blood of gods
 • Primeval Isle : Farm God's Armor Parts + LS + Heart of Gods + Blessed Scrolls
 • Mos Deep: Farm God's Weapons + Blessed Scrolls


 • All 70+ Raids -> Clan egs/bogs/ls/bloods/raid papyrus.
 • All 80+ Raids drop weapons/raid papyrus/blood of Gods/1part of Ancient armors.
 • Spawn every 3-5 hours all the raidbosses Random. Barakiel every 5-8 Grandbosses.
 • Valakas: Every 3.5 Days Respawn
 • Antharas: Every 3 Days Respawn
 • Baium: Every 1 Day Respawn
 • Zaken: Every 1 Day Respawn
 • Frintezza : Every 2 Days Respawn
 • Queen Ant: Every 12 Hours Respawn
 • Core: Every 12 Hours Respawn
 • Orfen: Every 12Hours Respawn
 • Lindvior: Every 12 Hours Respawn,17.0.html  test3.png  Grand Opening 11-7-2020

Antibot protection added , i am online most of the times to assist players for testing! Join us on our beta :)
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by Rootware on May 23, 2020, 02:12:41 PM »
Try to use this one for making Vampire_Armor to Vampire Armor:

Code: [Select]
_text = _text.replaceAll("_", " ");
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by Shyque on May 23, 2020, 12:51:07 PM »

Stinky, you are right about the names "coin" but in my opinion it is a detail. Some agree and I will change it. I invite you today to start the server at 19:00 GMT + 2.
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]L2Epiral PVP Custom Server Interlude
« Last post by StinkyMadness on May 14, 2020, 04:42:50 AM »
Why you name everything "coin"  :troll:
I don't see even one coin there :D only crystals/medals/scrolls :P