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[GUIDE] L2OFF GM Commands
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:49:20 PM »
Notes for self and also if someone will be to use L2OFF server.

  • gmspeed [value] - set movement speed ONLY for self with value from [1 ... 5];
  • hide [on|off] - hide mode on/off. In hide mode many actions is not available;
  • kick [name] - kick character with name [name] from the server;
  • loadhtml [name] - load HTML with name [name] and open him in window;
  • ride [type] - possible next types: 0 - dismount (none), 1 - strider, 2 - wyvern;
  • setbuilder [name] [level] - set admin rights level [level] for character with name [name]. Rights: [1] - full rights;
  • undying [on|off] - on/off immortal mode. If enable, then HP will be reduced up to 0;

  • bk [name] - add admin bookmark with name [name]. If name not exists, then opens bookmark list. NOTE: don't understand spaces in name;

  • setclass [id] - set class with [id] for target;
  • setparam [param] [value] - set parameter for target. Available parameters:
    • level [value] - setup [value] level;
    • social [value] - add reputation score;

  • create_pledge [name] - create clan with [name] for target;
  • set_pledge_level [clan] [lvl] - setting level [lvl] for clan with name [clan];

  • earthquake - effect quake of earth (3-5 seconds);

  • eventmatch [param] - configure event;
  • show_eventsetting - show setting for event what defined in eventdata.ini;

  • summon [id|name] [amount] - create item in the inventory of target by [id] or [name]. If [amount] not specified then 1;
  • summon2 [enchant] [id|name] - create item with enchant level [enchant] in the inventory of target by [id] or [name];

  • killnpc - kill NPC from target;

  • create_pet [index] [level] - create pet by index (see petdata.txt Gracia Final) with level [level];

  • attack [castle_id] [clan_name] - add clan with name [clan_name] to attackers for siege castle with [castle_id];

  • setskill [id] [level] - give a skill with [id] and [level] for target;
  • set_skill_all - give all skills for target;

  • servername - name of server;
  • serverstat - information about gameserver (build date, elapsed time, protocol version, players, items, NPCs, etc);

  • escape - analogue for //unstuck. Cast time ~5 minutes;
  • home - you will be teleported to the west side of Talking Island Village;
  • recall [name] - summon to you character with name [name];
  • teleport x y z - teleport by coordinates;
  • teleportto [name] - go to player with name [name];

* Commands list will be updated continuously.
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