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HTM typos hunt - Customer rank as reward !

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on: February 05, 2015, 01:41:10 PM
L2J got many handwritten HTMs (they probably didn't know copy paste system back in the time), leading to ridiculous amount of typos. So I decided to create a new system to encourage people to fix those typos.

Every 20 files edited, I will credit your account of 10 revisions.

It means you can become a temporary Customer, or increase your lifetime as a Customer if already considered as a Customer.

Some rules :
  • Admin HTMs aren't concerned. Don't try your luck on Quests too, as they already use L2OFF HTMs.
  • NPCs with missing HTMs, but specific system (I think to the Adventurer guildsmen with PC Cafe Coupon system) aren't concerned. Until you code also the Instance/script, and you will be blessed !
  • If you share fixed HTMs than someone already shared / are already fixed on latest revision, you aren't credited.
  • I only accept reworked HTMs based on HTM folder linked below. If the result is way too different compared to IL, consider to speak with me before trying anything.
  • Easiest mean to share is under diff patch. But you can also pack HTMs under .zip or .7z ENCODING SYSTEM IS DIFFERENT ON L2OFF SO DON'T C/P FILE LIKE A NEWBIE (copy the content of the file inside the existing file).
  • Respect the existing formatting rules : carriage return after a <br.>, replace "  " for " ", replace Paagrio for Pa'agrio, <html><body> tags on the same level than NPC name. All tags in minuscules.
  • NO MONEY INVOLVED : service for service.

Good hunt !


HTM folder :
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