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Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus New Seasson 13.02
« Last post by nighty on March 05, 2016, 03:47:45 PM »
Added Aurum Armor. -> It is top armor and it has more stats than Carmine/ Cobalt armors.
Added Aurum Coin -> This item is dropped on High Farm zones.
Added reuse on Cp potion -> Now the cp pots are having more delay to not influence the pvp that much.
Added Costumes to Raid Bosses drop ( Rank 1-5 and Special Bosses).
The drop is between 10-20% depending on Raid Rank.
Decreased price of Carmine/ Cobalt armors- > Very easy to obtain now.
Challenger Items are free now.
Reworked more skills.
Please check website or download this fix for Misc shop and strider from here -> http://www18.zippysh...MFxaR/file.html
Announcements / Re: Questions & Answers
« Last post by Rootware on March 01, 2016, 07:54:38 AM »
Иных способов нет.
Announcements / Re: Questions & Answers
« Last post by cartman on February 29, 2016, 07:33:02 PM »
можно ли каким то другим способом получить доступ к геодате, а то оплата в евро в пайпале чтото неработает
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus New Seasson 13.02
« Last post by nighty on February 21, 2016, 06:01:28 AM »
## Changeset 21.02.2016 ##
Increased drop on monsters.
Increased buff slots to 36 (40 if you use and Divine Inspiration Book)
Decreased some of their stats. Now new players can obtain the armors faster.
Fixed Herb of Farm (It works only for physical attacks, not spells).
Added Hats lvl 2 on Hard zone monsters.
Fixed some Raid boss minions levels.
Decreased respawn time of Raids from 3 hours+ 1 random to 2 hours +1 random.
Increased reuse on CP Potions.
Decreased run speed of Tyrants on Olympiad.
Decreased Prophet and Eva Saints mana on Olympiad.
Decreased Archers skills power by 5% on olympiad.
Decreased run speed of mages and Titan on pvp.
Increased blow rate chance on dagger class from front and side.
Increased Shackle and Arrest chance to succeed.
Decreased Aura flare reuse and hit time.
Fixed Improved Critical attack to add 7% more crit rate.
Added Light penalty to Tank classes.
Added Heavy penalty to Dagger classes.

Enjoy ^^
I wait your reports for more improves.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Perseus New Seasson 13.02
« Last post by nighty on February 19, 2016, 03:08:20 AM »
Increased dagger skills power.
Increased duelist skills power.
Lowered Necromancer's mdef.
Fixed Tattoos to be enchanted.
Added rank 2,3,4,5 Raid bosses.
You can find them on our Raid Manager called Teon. (Spawned near Global Gatekeeper).

Level 2 Hats are dropped on rank 3 with 30% chance and on rank 4 raids with 60% chance.
Level 3 Hats are dropped on rank 5 raidbosses with 40% chance.

Donate coins is dropped on the next:
Rank 1 raids: 2% chance
Rank 2 raids: 4% chance
Rank 3 raids: 6% chance
Rank 4 raids: 8% chance
Rank 5 raids: 10% chance
Custom Bosses(those from Global Gatekeeper): 10% chance
Mobs of Pvp Zone: 5% chance

Donate coins are like real money. Everyone can use them to purchase goods from Donate Shop!!!
Normal players can have everything that a donator have since donate coin is dropped on more places.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos returns: 29/01 !
« Last post by sahar on February 13, 2016, 11:15:08 AM »

For all photos from server you can check our facebook:
Announcements / Re: Questions & Answers
« Last post by Sikken on February 12, 2016, 03:07:20 PM » i got my geo_bug.txt having atm around 17.3 GB =))))) i'm worried that if i try to open it, it will flood my dedicate.

use a scripting language, and stream over the contents...

Code: [Select]
var fs = require('fs');
var readline = require('readline');
var stream = require('stream');

var instream = fs.createReadStream('your/file');
var outstream = new stream;
var rl = readline.createInterface(instream, outstream);

rl.on('line', function(line) {
  // process line here

rl.on('close', function() {
  // do something on finish here
Announcements / Re: Questions & Answers
« Last post by Tryskell on February 12, 2016, 02:09:04 PM » i got my geo_bug.txt having atm around 17.3 GB =))))) i'm worried that if i try to open it, it will flood my dedicate.
I added a Config setted to False by default, for next revision.
Announcements / Re: Questions & Answers
« Last post by nighty on February 12, 2016, 04:15:03 AM »
Если вас устраивает то, что у вас есть, то зачем платить за разницу которую вы не увидите? Геодата это не машина и жопой, руками, ногами комфорт и качество не оценить.

Пользуйтесь тем что у вас есть, только отключите любое логирование ошибок в геодате, иначе geo_bug.txt будет измеряться гигабайтами на живом сервере. i got my geo_bug.txt having atm around 17.3 GB =))))) i'm worried that if i try to open it, it will flood my dedicate.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on February 12, 2016, 02:13:19 AM »
Changeset 359 (539)

TaskManager drop, LoginController, Instances, Scripts / AI, Misc

TaskManager drop
   - Fix and cleanup ScheduledQuest.
   - Move existing tasks to ScriptManager. Tasks are handled by scripts.xml.
   - Drop old TaskManager system and associated SQL table global_tasks.

   - handle login attempts in a more consistant way (concurrent map, working concept).
   - basic cleanup, from using JDK8 goodies to formatting rules.
   - L2Guard : Drop ReturnTask, drop onSpawn() redundant check (already handled by super.onSpawn()).
   - L2TownPet : Variabilize task in order to be dropped when npc is deleted.
   - L2ClanHallDoormenInstance : _clanHall is fed using onSpawn().

Scripts / AI
   - Addition of Q114, Q227 - ty sharers.
   - Harmonize all HTMs regarding level/class checks.
   - Swap 2 HTMs content for Q226.
   - L2Attackable can now see L2NpcInstance (notably for better AI control).
   - Fix NPE and stackoverflow (prior to last revision) from onEvtAggression / onEvtAttacked. Optimize the loop checks. Rework PrimevalIsle script.
   - NPE fix for Gordon AI, if he died on server startup (prior to last revision). Ty cross for report.
   - "Returning home" monsters && random walking monsters can now be faction called. Ty Hasha.
   - Core support for Q227 (addition of L2Skill parameter for onAttack).
   - Core support for decay event (addDecayId / onDecay(L2Npc)). Ty Hasha for idea.
   - Edit all 2nd class transfer quests to fix DD exploit, since all 2nd classes are now done. Ty Zero for the patch.
   - Fast and ugly fix for Olympiad towers broadcasting. Ty sahar.
   - Hotfix for //delete command (even if it will be probably reworked in 2 revs). Ty svipben for fix.
   - Avoid to compute twice the same things for pets users relation updates.
   - Add clientStopMoving(null) on player thinkAttack().
   - Fix the 2 following issues (ty ErHard for report)
      - Archer acts like melee player on dead targets.
      - Archer auto follow dead NPC.
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