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Guides / Re: Apply patches / diff in datapack source code
« Last post by Denzel on November 17, 2017, 12:01:11 PM »
no link
Guides / Apply patches / diff in datapack source code
« Last post by Reynald0 on November 17, 2017, 02:26:12 AM »
Remember to activate the English subtitles
Guides / Let's talk about zones / L2jZones / L2j zones
« Last post by Reynald0 on November 15, 2017, 09:04:14 PM »
Remember to activate the English subtitles

1. Introduction to the shapes of the zones

2. Locate zones in the datapack

3. Trace zone on Lineage 2 server

4. Inspect zone in Lineage 2

Frases relacionadas:
l2j zonas
l2j zona
custom zone
custom zona
zona custom
crear zona custom
crear zona personalizada
crear custom zone
crear zone personalizada
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on November 05, 2017, 05:05:14 PM »
Changeset 372 (846)

Datatype organization, Recommendation system, Sahar fixes, AdminCommands, Misc

Datatype organization
      - Moved to data.manager, we use IdFactory to get a fresh id, Javadoc.
      - Moved to data.manager, rename it, use of StatsSet. Data is edited to reflect changes. Javadoc addition.
   Lottery > LotteryManager
      - Moved to data.manager, renamed LotteryManager, basic cleanup.
      - Initialization is made on Gameserver (before it was a lazy initialization).
   MonsterRace > DerbyTrackManager
      - Moved to data.manager, renamed MonsterRace > DerbyTrackManager, generic cleanup.
      - HistoryInfo is moved into model package.
      - RaceManagerNpc is renamed DerbyTrackManagerNpc.
      - moved to data.manager, cleanup.
      - IdFactory id is correctly released on couple deletion.
   Skill datatype part II
      - Pet weight system (not overload, only the lower levels handled by weight penalty) is "desactivated" time I find a workaround to avoid a NPE.
      - Merge addSkill / removeSkill methods on Player, since it's the only place it is used. There is only one way to addSkill / removeSkill for now.
      - getAvailableAutoGetSkills() / getAllAvailableSkills() don't filter skills based on current player skills (skills correctly delevel back).
      - addSkill got a check to avoid to add a skill you already own (for now it uses equals, not sure if correctly working)
      - Don't save/restore autoGet skills since they're rewarded on player restore, saving 10+ skills per character. When an autoGet skill becomes a regular skill (cf. Wind Strike), it is stored into db.

Recommendation system
   - The task runs at 13:00 and not 06:30 (was a postIL date).
   - The task both handles online and offline players. Recommendations are normally correctly calculated for everyone.
   - The saving process has been entirely reworked ; _lastRecomUpdate is dropped.

Sahar fixes
   - Fix many Item Skills.
   - Fix Focus Death / Focus Power.
   - Fix Special Ability: Mighty Mortal.
   - Fix Special Ability: Infinity Scepter.
   - Fix Frenzy.
   - Fix Mystic Immunity.
   - Provide enchant routes for Rain of Fire.
   - Fix SystemMessage in CombatPointHeal.
   - isDebuff is initialized before isOffensive, since it is used by isOffensive.
   - Make use of IS_CRAFTING_ENABLED config in Recipes.
   - StatsSet: getList/getMap now return generic List/Map.
   - Added missing items to Blacksmith of Mammon SA removal multisell.
   - Added packet: ExServerPrimitive.
   - Added getters for custom use: BufferTable#getAvailableBuffs, MultisellData#getList, Hero#getAllHeroes.
   - Added abnormal="changetexture" to Zaken skill id 4223.
   - Fix summons stucking in walls on summon process.
   - Fix basemul wasn't working at all for MCritRate stat.
   - Drop z1 parameter from 2d MathUtil#calculateDistance method.
   - Fix the movement issue when you run near a NPC and interact with it (initial movement intention was kept).
   - Fix missing skills from previous resist rework. NPC resists should work anew correctly.
   - Fix OlympiadManager message.
   - Fix stuck character if new target is null (case of targeting high altitude wyvern users), and drop the Z check.
   - Fix all occurences of -100 > -1 for character ban process, prior to AdminData cleanup. Ty hqsly for report.
   - //invul command is deleted. //setinvul now work on any Creature type.
   - Fix //heal radius attribute.

   - ServerRestart / ServerShutdown tasks are by default done on WEEKLY time rather than DAILY (still commented by default).
   - Delete unused "char_slot" tag on characters.sql
   - Few rename/edits regarding CharSelectInfo packet and associated content.
   - Pet instance entire cleanup (rework and String-ify queries, drop _isRespawned tag and updateRefOwner() method).
   - Fix a NPE on siege zone ressurection for clanless people.
   - Added retail implementation of shift click (interact/attack without moving). GMs can still use GM panel, but it will be replaced in case of a successful NPC interaction by regular showChatWindow.
   - Edit doormen/busy.htm.
   - Create a new instance type, BorderGuard, for "Guardian of Border" NPCs (those NPCs aren't Gatekeeper anymore, since they weren't using any functionalities of this instance). Move related bypasses and showChatWindow behaviors from Npc to it.
   - Add/edit/drop some javadoc.
   - CastleManager#getSiege() is renamed getActiveSiege() because it only shows sieges in progress (reflect better the result).
   - showPkDenyChatWindow uses are now made on both onBypassFeedback and showChatWindow, on the correct instances (to avoid instanceof checks).
   - Drop Gatekeeper validateCondition system (not retail and was using HTMs which weren't existing). The "siege in progress" check on teleport location is still correctly handled.
   - Delete PartyMatchRoom creation/edition logs.

PS : characters.sql loses "last_recom_date" and "char_slot" parameters.
Announcements / Re: Latest free sources
« Last post by Tryskell on November 01, 2017, 10:29:15 PM »
Added link for basic geodata under L2D format.
Crappy servers / Lineage II Dream Memories
« Last post by darkpower on October 23, 2017, 07:03:49 PM »

Server Rates:
-XP 2000
-SP 2000
-DROP 2000
-PartyXp 2x.
-Party 2x.
Custom Items:

Sets Custom:PvP Titanium Set(Balanced)
Weapons Custom: Dual Hero Weapons (Balanced)
Masks/Acessories: Hero mask (CP/HP)
All Tattoos: give stats.(Balanced)
Unique features: :

1st, 2nd and 3rd Class: Free
Sub Class : Free
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Loot
Noblesse: Official Quest, Killing Barakiel (8h Respawn)
Buff Slots: 99 Slots
Buff Time: 1 Hours
No Argument Skills
Castle owners get rewarded (Book of Giants per week)
Events Automatics: TVT(1 per 5 hours)

Olympiad game:

Retail olympiad game.
Competition period [4] week.
Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
Olympoiad start/end times can be found in olympiad manager.

Enchant scrolls are Stackable
Safe/max: +10/+51
Normal scrolls:60%
Crystal scrolls: 70%(drop from adena zone or buy from event shop)
Blessed scrolls: 100%(Olympiad only)

Grand Opening

21/10/2017 16:30:300 GMT +2

Website :
Announcements / Re: Changesets
« Last post by Rootware on October 21, 2017, 05:13:13 PM »
Changesets #12

Ty sahar for reports.

  • Fixed Broken Waterfall hunting zone. Multilayer collision;
  • Little fixes of Aaru Forterss, Narsell Fortress, Hive Fortress, White Sands Fortress, Ivory Fortress, Borderland Fortress.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos returns: 07/10 !
« Last post by sahar on October 19, 2017, 10:04:46 PM »
Halloween event started !

Guides / [Development] How to import aCis code (source) into Eclipse workspace
« Last post by Reynald0 on October 16, 2017, 02:28:59 AM »
Spanish vídeo, Mute it and follow the steps.
Links, docs, programs, in video description

YouTube URL

Guides / [Development] How to import project into Eclipse workspace
« Last post by Reynald0 on October 13, 2017, 04:13:29 PM »
Spanish vídeo, Mute it and follow the steps.
Links, docs, programs, in video description

YouTube URL

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