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Guides / Download aCis datapack using SVN
« Last post by Reynald0 on January 17, 2018, 12:11:35 PM »
Remember to activate the English subtitles

All you need in video description
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on January 11, 2018, 07:00:42 AM »
Changeset 374 (920)
Datatype organization, Geoengine, Clan, Zones, TaskManagers, Misc

Datatype organization
   ZoneManager cleanup
      - Moved to data.manager, extends XMLDocument, full Javadoc documentation.
      - Zone types are now based on file name (automatically set, the dedicated variable is dropped).
      - Few optimizations are done (zone constructor is unique per loaded file, Node 'for' loops are merged, use of IntIntHolder, getRegionX is moved one step higher to avoid to process it on every y call).
   FishingChampionshipManager cleanup
      - javadoc, CLogger, try-with-ressource use, String black magic > StringBuilder, use of addBatch and avoid to create a PreparedStatement per player.
   MovieMakerManager cleanup
      - javadoc, moved to data.manager, all _sequences container uses are enhanced. Don't create a new Sequence object when you update it.

Geoengine (was supposed to be part of next revision, but the removeInvalidSkills() hotfix made me commit it)
   - Merge GeoEngine and GeoEnginePathFinding, use CLogger, edit _debugItems CopyOnWriteArrayList for ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet().
   - Delete PathFinding config.
   - Tweak clan_data datatypes.
   - village_master Clan and Alliance HTMs are harmonized.
   - Extend internal usage of static pledge types, remove "Clan." from existing ones.
   - updateClanMember method is deleted (it was full garbage).
   - Implement "clan leader transfer cancellation" bypass (was written as undone in HTM).
   - Addition of ClanLeaderTransfer task, which fix possible exploits regarding clan transfer. Set on THU 16:55 (17:00 being retail maintenance time, on 2007). Compared to L2J version :
      - If the given newLeaderId doesn't exist on task execution, we reset it to 0 for this clan (no future execution of the task for this clan).

   - BossZones
      - Following zones are deleted : Ant Queen, Orfen (don't exist on L2OFF).
      - Following zones are edited using L2OFF GF values : Sailren, Frintezza, Altar of Sacrifice.
      - Ice Fairy zones have been implemented (3 new zones).
      - Drop EnabledByDefault parameter (unused, I don't see the use since everything is on by default).
      - CopyOnWriteArrayList is replaced for ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet() for better performance.
      - Players aren't teleported out if summon enters in a BossZone. The summon is still unsummoned. The unsummon part is moved inside the null check to avoid NPE.
   - Zone names classes lose L2 prefix, javadoc is added. Some variables are either deleted (when unused), or renamed.
   - Zaken curse zone is deleted (postIL).
   - Damage zones deal 200 damages per tick, not 100.
   - SpawnZone is renamed SpawnZoneType, to follow ZoneType and CastleZoneType.
   - Addition of ZoneId.BOSS, to easier checks about boss zones.
   - Cleanup htm/admin/zone.htm and related admincommand
   - Fix an exploit using mass resurrect out of BossZone, reviving people inside it. Ty Sahar.

   - ItemsOnGroundTaskManager : merge 2 db connections, use of CLogger.
   - MovementTaskManager : use regular ThreadPool, drop iterator and try/catch.

   - Fix a MySql data truncation error for shadow items with time >= 600. Ty shyr for report.
   - Fix players stop to attack when speaking to a NPC (before they were continuing attacking first target). Ty RooT for the report.
   - Fix archer double damage.
   - Fix skill animation cancellation with ESC.
   - Fix autoattack which was cancelling by itself (for some dudes).
   - Implementation of removeInvalidSkills(). Fix Expertise system, and regular skills downgrade / deletion on player delevel (based on player level + 9).
   - All Clan containers are now concurrent. ConcurrentModificationException were rare, but they were possible.
   - Fix blow formula (CRITICAL_DAMAGE_POS calculation). Ty sahar.
   - Fix NPE for clanless people on siege (3 potential spots, because switch can't accept a null value being passed on it). Ty sahar for the catch.
   - ServerRestart and ServerShutdown tasks are set to THU 17:00. Promise, I stop to edit them.
   - All packets logs concerning exploits/integrity checks are dropped (obviously checks themselves are retained...).
   - Say2
      - Max number of characters is now 100 (from 99). Ty kvex.
      - CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE can be used only by GMs characters.
      - Invalid integrity checks simply return and don't logout player.
   - Move CastleManager initialization higher in the hierarchy (was called indirectly by ItemsOnGroundTaskManager).
   - Fix a NPE using "remove castle" admin command if CastleManorManager is disabled.

PS :    - clan_data enabled column datatype is edited from enum to tinyint.
      - SSQZone file is dropped (unused), all zones lose "type" parameter.
      - Sailren zone id is changed to 110011, from 110015 (I ordered zones using L2OFF areadata.txt). Ant Queen && Orfen boss zones are deleted. Scripts are edited to reflect the change.
      - The 3 animation bugs (archer, cancel skill, autoattack) come from rev 338 (exist since 2015). Consider to throw some stones to Hasha.
      - if you use a live server, consider to redesign items.sql table.
Guides / View Lineage 2 NPCs
« Last post by Reynald0 on December 29, 2017, 11:47:01 PM »
Remember to activate the English subtitles

Download link in video description
Guides / Re: Create patches with Eclipse - Create DIFF with Eclipse
« Last post by StinkyMadness on December 28, 2017, 11:40:03 PM »
You do not like anything, at least you have contributed something? :serious:

I'm doing this my way, if you already know about the subject just ignore my topics

Dude when somebody will do "Right Click" > "Team" he will not find and option "Create Patch".
You have this option because your project is linked with SVN and eclipse can understand the changes you have done so it can make a diff.

Most of people using just filed downloaded from (rar) and extracted on workspace of eclipse.

So in your guide information add VirtualSVN or tell them "That work only if you take the project from SVN"

That's what i told you nothing personal with your Guide just is not completed.

at least you have contributed something? :serious:

i think you are rly new on L2 world if you dont know how many things i have share for new peoples out there. ^_^
Guides / Re: Create patches with Eclipse - Create DIFF with Eclipse
« Last post by Reynald0 on December 28, 2017, 01:58:24 AM »
You need SVN to make bro... so show them how they open VirtualSVN Server if you wanna call this "Guide"

You do not like anything, at least you have contributed something? :serious:

I'm doing this my way, if you already know about the subject just ignore my topics
Guides / Re: Create patches with Eclipse - Create DIFF with Eclipse
« Last post by StinkyMadness on December 28, 2017, 01:07:34 AM »
You need SVN to make bro... so show them how they open VirtualSVN Server if you wanna call this "Guide"
Announcements / aCis Test Server
« Last post by SweeTs on December 26, 2017, 11:28:41 PM »
aCis Test Server -

Here is the IP of a test server, always based on latest. If you want to see actual progress, check differences between free and head rev, feel free to log in and test. Everyone has admin access, except few maintenance commands.

Changeset: 374
SVN changeset: 924

27.12 - cleaned the database, all accounts are lost.
Guides / Create patches with Eclipse - Create DIFF with Eclipse
« Last post by Reynald0 on December 26, 2017, 02:13:33 AM »
Remember to activate the English subtitles
Crappy servers / [L2j] Ancient World
« Last post by Sinister Smile on December 25, 2017, 12:41:17 PM »

Grand Opening: 31.Jan.2018

Server Rates:

• Exp  x100
• Sp x100
• Adena  x1
• Drop x1
• Spoil x1
• Karma Drop: 40%

Enchant Rates

• Safe enchant +3/ full+4
• Max enchant +25
• Max. Enchant Weapon: +25
• Max. Enchant Armor: +12
• Max. Enchant Jewelry: +12
• Normal Scroll: 55%
• Blessed Scroll: 65%
• Ancient Scrolls: 75%

Other Information

• Max SubClasses: 2
• All classes reworked
• Added New passive skills
• Added New Active skills
• Added New Skill effects
• Full Working Interlude Geodata
• Full Working Interlude Skills
• Spawn Protection 10s
• PvP / Pk Reward System


• Level Zones
• Event Zone
• Olympiad Zone
• Newbie farm zone
• Medium Farm Zone (for Mages and Fighters)
• Hard farm zone
• Party farm zone
• Chaotic Farm zone
• 1 Solo PvP Zone
• Random PvP Zones
• 25 Custom Raid Bosses


• TvT
• Saturday Event
• Facebook Event
• Youtube Event
• GM Event's


• Captcha Antibot
• Anti duplicate items
• Anti L2 Phx
• Secure Char



• .online
• .menu
• .vote
• .getreward
• /pincode
• .dressme for donators ( unique system with 5 suits)

Olympiad Info

• Olympiad grade max (A grade) weps, armors, jewerly.
• Disabled all Augments!
• Retail olympiad game
• Competition period 1 week
• Hero Every Saturday 12:00
• Olympiad start time 20:00
• Olympiad end time 00:00
• Olympiad Recall: 60 seconds
• Olympiad re-use your skills after match

Siege Info

Sieges Every week
Siege duration 2h
Spawn - 10sec after death

Server NPC's

• GM SHOP - items from No grade till A grade, misc items
• Custom Shop - S grade weps/armor/jews, custom armors, weapons, jewerly, tattoos, wings, masks
• Global Gatekeeper - Included all important zones
• Upgrade Manager - Top items ( armor, jews, weps )
• Donator Manager - You can buy all you need!
• Party Teleporter - Special teleporter which can teleport you and your mates to special zone.
• Ranking Manager - Top PvP, Pk's, Online
• Enchant Manager - Enchant your items safety to +12/16/21 for weps and +8/10 armor/jews
• Noblese Manager - Become noblese
• Clan Manager - Upgrading clan skill & level, Registrer for sieges
• Rebirth Manager - Rewarding the player with special Rebirth Coin ( it can be used for upgrading the char stat )
• Buffer - max buffs 69
• Vote Manager (invidual with special rewards)
• Char Manager - Customize your char, change your name, color, get full rec's, change class, buy augments, get noblese, clean pk, premium account for 3/7/15/30 days
• Achievement Manager - 18 Unique Achievements


Custom Items
• 2 Custom Masks ( same stats )
• Dynasty armor (1 lvl )
• Vesper blue rain ( 2 lvl )
• Dusk Weapons ( 1 lvl )
• Lindvior Weapons ( 2 lvl )
• 1-3 LvL Tattos ( Mage & Fighter )
• Little Wings
• Costumes

Other Information:

The server is not based on vote reward system! We have unique farm system, which will make the gameplay interesting.
Unique farm and achievement system. You will get reward even when you are afk in the game! ( not from vote)
All mobs / rbs will drop special scroll's that you can use to enchant safety your armor to +8/10 and wep to +12 / 16 / 21.
Every enchant will require different amount of enchant coins. For example to +12 you will need 1000 Blue Enchant Scrolls
For +16 you will need 1500 Gold Enchant Scrolls. For +21 you will need 2000 Red Enchant Scrolls.

If you want to see the full information you can visit

If you have any questions about our project you can send me PM!
Guides / Re: Search for properties, skills, NPC and more in Lineage 2 datapack
« Last post by kvex on December 23, 2017, 03:09:52 PM »
Notepad++ does the same thing, and is much better in my opinion. GG for video anyway.
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