Beginning of the cycle 380-389. Current focus : exploit fixes, scripts ending. Changeset 380 (1133) is up ! RaidBossManager rework, Admincommands, DayNightSpawnManager rework, Scripts, Cleanup, Bugfixes Changeset 381 (1225) is up ! Updates (Java 11, mysql connector 8.0.15), Cleanup, ClanHall, Bugfixes !

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Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on Yesterday at 02:51:34 PM »
  • Addition of forum links, to avoid to copy-paste 50 times per day links to people. I will definitively stop to answer such stuff in future.
  • Addition of Bug reports subsections : "Movement", "SpawnManager". Edit "AIs" for "AIs / Scripts".
Announcements / Re: Latest free sources and geodata
« Last post by Tryskell on July 18, 2019, 02:44:05 PM »
GitHub migration

I inform you than both public and private SVN repositories moved to GitHub. Since Eclipse got default GIT integration, it's normally easier to parameter it.

GitHub offers collaborative tools. You can easily fork public sources and share your contributions (called pull request). Source owner can then decide to accept them or not, which make them accessible to anyone in return.

aCis private repository is still hidden. Rules aren't modified, but will maybe evolve for customers, since diff patch system seems hard to be done.

SVN repositories won't be updated from now on.
Crappy servers / Re: [L2J]Eternal Sin
« Last post by zoumhs on June 21, 2019, 11:53:54 PM »
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns: 27/10/18 !
« Last post by sahar on May 27, 2019, 07:22:23 PM »
New Interlude season starts 31/05 !
* Real money achievements system.
* Improved castle siege system.
* NO donation for gear.
* New mission: The White Walkers.
* New mini event: Multi TvT (4 factions).
* Twitch stream rewards.

And for Game of Thrones fans, special mission  :happyforever:

Crappy servers / [L2J]L2DragonAge PVp Server
« Last post by GodFather on May 06, 2019, 06:56:55 AM »

WebSite :
GrandOpening 11/5/19 time 20:00 GMT + 2

#Server Rates
# Exp x1000
# Sp x1000
# Adena x15
# Party Exp x1.5
# Party Sp x1.5 


#Enchant Rates
# Safe Weapon/Armor = 4
# Max With Bless = 12
# Max with crystal = 18
# Normal Enchant Scroll = 65%
# Bless Enchant Scroll = 100%
# Bless Enchant Armor Max +12
# Bless Enchant Weapon Max +12
# Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45%
# Crystal Enchant Armor +18
# Crystal Enchant Weapon +18

#Augment Rates
# Life Stone = 3%
# Mid Life Stone = 4%
# High Life Stone = 8%
# Top Life Stone = 10%
# You can use 1 Active & 1 Passive Skill
#Server Features
# Geodata Working 100%
# Flawless Working 100%
# Pathnodes working 100%
# Auto Learn Skills
# Buff Slots 24+4
# Duration Buff 1 hours
# Caslte Siege every week
# Class Balance
# Skill Balance
# DDoS Protection
# Flood Protection
# Walker Protection
# Ani-Farm System
# Custom Farm Zones
# Safe Farm Zones
# Mass PvP Zone
# Free Sub-class
# Sub-class without quest
# Max Sub-class 3
# Sub-class start 80 LvL
# Olympiad every Week

(One Town For Olympiad : Inadril Town)
# Stuckable Scolls
# Stuckable Life Stones
# Stuckalble Bogs
# All items in GM Shop
# Economy System Based to Adena
# Main Town Giran
# Auto loot mobs 
# No Auto Loot on Raids
# Wedding System
# Anti Feed Protection
# PvP&PK Color System
# Augmentetion System
# Auto Vote System
# Auto Vote Reward
# Auto Event System
# 99% Uptime
# No weight limit
# Pvp Killing Spree

# Team vs Team
# Death Match

#Fight Club(Hunter's Vilage)

# 3vs3 Tournament
# 9vs9 Tournament

# Vote Coin
# PvP Coin
# Event Coin

#Nobless System
#Kill Barakiel Boss

#Clan System

#You need 10 ONLINE Players to your clan to level up the clan to lvl 8 Full ClanSkills.if you dont dont have 10 online players in your clan you cant level up.

Server Commands

# .menu
# .livestatus
# .online

#Normal Bosses
#Respawn Every 6 Hours.

# GrandBosses Respawn Every 12Hours(GrandBoss Manager In Main Town)


p.s Friend Server.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on April 29, 2019, 12:41:51 PM »
On 2019-04-30 from 10:00 till 13:00 (GMT +3) we will perform a planed maintenance. Due to this reason, our services / websites will be temporary down.
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on April 21, 2019, 02:59:06 PM »
Scheduled Maintenance on 2019-04-23 12:00:00 
Estimated finish 2019-04-23 13:00:00
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on April 18, 2019, 12:47:08 PM »
Changeset 382 (1288)

Since a lot of core has been edited/moved, sources will be exceptionally shared at rev 382 for Customers, added to the diff patch for the adventurers. If you begin to dev a project, I strongly invite you to port your customs directly on 382 shared pack.

Organization, Cleanup, Bugfixes


A lot of organization has been made, in order to give some consistency to core side.
   - Creation of package gameserver.enums. All existing enum have been moved here, and renamed to either get distinct name (CtrlEvent / EventType being too generic), and to fit with new convention name for enums (has to end with "Type" or "Status").
   - Creation of package and, holding classes related directly to Player and Npc (+ children) classes.
   - Creation of package gameserver.model.spawn, holding AutoSpawn / L2Spawn / BossSpawn classes.
   - Drop model.base and packages.
   - Player is moved out of, to
   - Drop of Broadcast class and gameserver.util package, content is splitted between World / ZoneManager / Creature.
   - Drop of gameserver.templates package. StatsSet is moved to common.util.
   - Drop of gameserver.instancemanager, with rename : SevenSigns > SevenSignsManager, SevenSignsFestival > FestivalOfDarknessManager. Both are cleaned (CLogger, try-with-ressources,...) and moved to
   - AutoSpawnManager > AutoSpawnTable and moved to, with a split of AutoSpawnInstance > AutoSpawn moved to gameserver.model.
   - Drop XMLDocumentFactory and gameserver.xmlfactory package (no use anymore).
   - Drop gameserver.model.petition package, move Petition back to gameserver.model (we avoid to use package for single classes).
   - Refresh DP .project to avoid Eclipse warnings.
   - Move GET_PLAYER and INSTANT_JUMP skills to their own SkillType, TELEPORT, in order they aren't used by regular AI system. In order NPCs use them, you have to write additional script.
   - Add Npc#doCast(SkillType), which randomly cast a skill based on its SkillType and associated to the NpcTemplate skills.
   - Heading is now part of getPosition(). New setXYZ/spawnMe methods have been generated to give the possibility to feed heading in same time than X/Y/Z. To set the heading independently, you have to use getPosition().setHeading(heading).
   - Improve Npc#toString().
   - Rename Player#getPet() / setPet > getSummon() / setSummon(), since it is supposed to return Summon, which are both Pets and Servitors.
   - Walker doesn't override HP drop stuff (since it inherits from Folk#isMortal).
   - Creation of Punishment model (with Javadoc) in, holding all punishments informations of a Player.
   - Creation of HennaList model (with Javadoc) in, holding all Hennas informations of a Player. Ty vampir for the initial contribution.
   - L2Radar > RadarList + Javadoc and move it to, extract RadarMarker to gameserver.model.
   - ValidatePosition _heading isn't processed anymore (no use).
   - Generate TeamType enum, based on StinkyMadness idea.
   - Complete rework of RaidBossManager.
      - Merge the different Maps holding infos into one. Create BossSpawn in model.spawn package to hold all related infos.
      - The saving process isn't lazy anymore, but handled on spawn/death/server start.
      - BossStatus isn't related to a Npc instance anymore, meaning you can interrogate it even if Npc isn't existing (DEATH case).
      - Rename StatusEnum > BossStatus enum, moved into enums package.
   - Add the possibility for server admins to tweak default items quantity and equipability. The result is more readable than previous system. It uses the newly generated ItemTemplateHolder (gameserver.model.holder).
   - Cleanup RandomAnimationTaskManager
      - Animation task cancel is now instant upon NPC death, inactive region or intention change != ACTIVE for Attackable. Before it was waiting the regular end timer.
      - Following instances types aren't registered anymore on RandomAnimationTaskManager : ControlTower, EffectPoint, FlameTower and SiegeFlag.
      - Drop of Npc#isMob(), addition of Npc#calculateRandomAnimationTimer().
   - Add missing login status on admin/maintenance.htm
   - Generate StatusType and AttributeType enum, which are used for both LS and GS. Unload ServerStatus of multiple variables.
   - CharInfo heading / boatId is fixed, based on Vilmis remark.
   - Fix a bug introduced in rev 380, where bosses died during a server down couldn't respawn properly. Ty bowling4soup.
   - Add HEAL_STATIC as potential buff slot (fix skillId 3125). Ty Sahar.
   - Modify Lightning Strike power effect. Ty Sahar.
   - Fix the double summon spawn issue (unSummon + doDie happening in same time), as tested by Sahar.
   - Decaying summons tasks are dropped if a decay occurs (avoid tasks to run for nothing).
   - Add Porta/Perum script named SummonPlayer.
   - startAttackStance() / stopAttackStance() system is cleanup. Avoid to spam AutoAttackStop broadcast by NPCs. Decrease the amount of startAttackStance() / stopAttackStance() calls tremendously, notably because the call is moved from onHitTimer to doAttack. Since each attack can produce 1, 2 and up to 10 hits for polearm users, as much calls were done.
   - Player#store doesn't store anymore client X/Y/Z (avoid exploit upon relog).
   - Diagonals flags rule is edited on GeoDataConverter. They must now be validated in both direction.
   - Add/improve character water/fly state on SummonInfo, NpcInfo, PcMorphInfo, PetInfo.
   - Avoid NPE on ClanHall#setOwner, issue introduced in rev 381. Ty bowling4soup.
   - Fix ShortcutList#restore(), issue introduced in rev 381. Ty bowling4soup.
   - Fix ignoreShield() behavior for L2SkillType STRSIEGEASSAULT, PDAM && FATAL. Ty Sahar.
   - SiegeGuard AI is set to ACTIVE and not IDLE when reduceHate occurs.
   - Fix an issue on player creation ; items (armors) weren't equipped properly.
   - Fix default skills shortcut acquisition upon player creation.
   - A DOWN server now correctly repells login attempts (case of Shutdown 60sec). Negative access levels accounts see the server DOWN, and can't login aswell. Addition of GameServerInfo#canLogin(LoginClient client).
PS : You should update your geodata, either using GeoDataConverter or refreshing it using aCis shared link (verify modification date).

Since a lot of core has been edited/moved, sources will be exceptionally shared at rev 382 for Customers, added to the diff patch for the adventurers. If you begin to dev a project, I strongly invite you to port your customs directly on 382 shared pack.
Crappy servers / [L2J]L2Elementalist StuckSub
« Last post by GodFather on April 13, 2019, 12:26:59 AM »
GRAND OPENING 19 April 2019 18:00 GMT +2

Server Rates
Exp x1000
 Sp x1000
 Adena x1
 Drop x2
 Party Exp x1.5
 Party Sp x1.5
 Starting character level - 79.
SubClass Lvl 66
StuckSubs : 3+1

Enchant Rates
Safe Weapon/Armor = 4
 Max With Bless = 20
 Max Armor with crystal = 25
 Max Weapon with crystal = 30
 Normal Enchant Scroll = 75%
 Bless Enchant Scroll = 85%
 Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45%
 Your weapon dont lose enchant if
it enchanted with crystal and brake

Clan Lvl UpS ystem

in order to get clan lvl up lvl 8 full clan skill you need 10 Players Online in the clan

Augment Rates
 Life Stone = 3%
 Mid Life Stone = 7%
 High Life Stone = 11%
 Top Life Stone = 15%
 Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70%
 You can use All Active & 1 Passive Skill
 VIP Characters have +5% chanse for all life stones*

Server Features
Geodata Working 100%
 Flawless Working 100%
 Pathnodes working 100%
 Auto Learn Skills
 Buff Slots 99+4
 DBuff Slots 8
 Duration Buff 2 hours
 Castle Siege every Week
 Class Balance
 Skill Balance
 DDoS Protection
 Flood Protection
 Walker Protection
 Ani-Bot System
 Chaotic Zones
 Custom Farm Zones
 Custom PvP Zones
 Mass PvP Zone
 Free Sub-class 
 Sub-class without quest
 Max Sub-class 4
 Sub-class start 80 LvL
 Noble From Barakiel
 Olympiad every 15 Days
 Start with full S-A Items
 Stuckable Scolls
 Stuckable Life Stones
 Stuckable Bogs
 Anti-Buff Shield
 All items in GM Shop
 Economy System Based to Farm Items
 Main Town Giran 
 Pvp Reward 1 Pvp Coin
 Auto loot mobs 
 Auto Loot on Raids
 Wedding System
 Ranking System 
 All Bosses are 80 LvL
 Custom Clan System
 Class Quest is Free
 Anti Feed Protection 
 Dueling System
 PvP&PK Color System
Augmentation System
 Auto Vote System
 Auto Vote Reward
 Auto Event System
 99% Uptime
 No weight limit
 Dont lose Buff

Custom Items
Dark Dynasty Armor
Dark Dynasty Weapons
Epic Wings

Server Commands


Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns: 03/03 !
« Last post by henrique on April 02, 2019, 05:29:45 PM »
Last night in Giran.