Beginning of the cycle 380-389. Current focus : exploit fixes, scripts ending. Changeset 383 (1388) is up ! Movement rework - Part I, Sit / Shop fixes, Safe fall height, Bugfixes, Organization

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Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on August 30, 2019, 02:56:06 PM »
Changeset 383 (1388)

Movement is still experimental. The status IS NOT OK for LIVE servers. Boats and MoveToPawn behavior still need to be fixed.

Movement rework - Part I, Sit / Shop fixes, Safe fall height, Bugfixes, Organization

Movement rework - Part I
   - Fix following issues, plaguing aCis since a while :
      - Clicking fast enough on ground while moving was increasing the distance between the player and its actual real point.
      - Fix the pathfinding issue for monsters, blocking on the first encountered obstacle.
      - Introduce pathfinding for returning to spawn monsters, to avoid they stuck in middle of nowhere or got Z layers issues.
      - Rework most of the offsets to fix issues with move to pawn concept.
   - Introduce a 0.5s delay where player walks instead of run on start of a movement, to fit client animation.
   - Introduce CreatureMove, a complete replacement of MoveData. It's now bound to a Creature, and not generated on every single move. Children exist for PlayerMove and BoatMove. The whole movement logic is moved here (extracted from Character and CharacterAI).
   - Drop MovementTaskManager, every running task is now individual to avoid to register on a clock wall, which means the 100ms granularity is guaranteed without calculations or sync needs.
   - Avoid to process a movement if a movement is already launched with same destination and offset (huge performance boost upon spam pickup action).
   - Add a debug for movement system using ExServerPrimitive packet. It offers a good sight of what happens during movement process.
Sit / Shop fixes
   - sit/stand is now backed by _sitTask, to track delay between sit and stand position.
   - shop stand up is now instant to fit with retail and avoid exploits.
   - Player#canOpenPrivateStore is now used on 2 different places (shop opening and validation) and handle more checks. Fix multiple issues/exploits, like being able to shop while being mounted.
   - StoreType is renamed OperateType, and now include missing MANUFACTURE_MANAGE and OBSERVER. All getters/setters are edited.
   - MANUFACTURE_MANAGE is implemented, it's not possible anymore to open both (buy or sell) and manufacture panels.
   - All buy/sell/manufacture player lists are now generated on Player creation (no more lazy initializations / container creation, no more null checks).
   - Improve Player#instantStandUp(boolean) a little (don't bother with stand up if already stand up).
   - Add NO_RECIPES_REGISTERED check upon MANUFACTURE_MANAGE ; call the empty window. Add ManufactureList#_isDwarven, which allow us to call back previous state without error.
   - Don't set OperateType.NONE on invalid item count for both sell/buy manage (was leading to invalid store state). Add retail messages.
   - Fix the fact you aren't supposed to open a shop when already sat.
   - Fix the buy/sell/manufacture tryOpen methods : Don't bother with manage case, and tryOpenWorkshop only care with right OperateTypes.
   - isInStoreMode() is modified to only returns real cases of store mode. Manage cases aren't part of it.
Safe fall height
   - Added retail values based on classes and sex (was semi-implemented core side using default value 333). Ty RooT for dp side.
   - Add CANNOT_DISMOUNT_FROM_ELEVATION wyvern check, making it impossible to dismount a wyvern if not in a valid safe fall height.
   - Fix Q009 reward itemId. Ty p0w3rf1y.
   - Fix Q621 / Q622 haste potion itemId reward. Q621 giveItems recipe instead of rewardItems. Ty Idontknow1.
   - Add retail behavior regarding teleporting to nearest town if wyvern feed task ends.
   - Seeds works anew (was due to invalid handler name on XML).
   - Edit few mercenary tickets SystemMessage to use retail ones. Ty RooT.
   - Fix the delay for mass teleporter (no instant case if out of siege). Ty RooT.
   - Fix Baium zone (around door, to avoid teleport back to town) using L2OFF GF values, IL being buggy.
   - Fix the few cases of mispelling or miss on configs properties files.
   - Fix radius/height/level/stats of all NPCs, except summons and tamed beasts. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Add few missing Manor Managers on relatedNpcIds (was leading to NPEs).
   - Fix a MinionList NPE, prior to minions rework.
   - Add few missing Seven Signs event sounds. Ty RooT.
   - Drop calcFestivalRegenModifier system, which was leading to negative values and isn't retail. The only affected stat is MP regen, and it's positive, based on MotherTree zones.
   - RaidBossManager#cleanUp fix prior rev 382 edit.
   - Fix multiple SpotBugs reports (18 or so), from invalid equals/hashCode contracts to missing switch break.
   - Fix RequestListPartyMatchingWaitingRoom, RequestAskJoinPartyRoom : variables aren't set as static anymore.
   - Fix the client crash when clicking "projection" button on the "record of seven signs" (introduced on rev 239).
   - Upon SA activation on magic use, S1_HAS_BEEN_ACTIVATED message is now working and called BEFORE resist attempt.
   - FleeingNPCs / 4s victim scripts flee behavior are enhanced.
   - AI is correctly flushed upon IDLE case, leading to proper global aggro value reset (10sec aggro cooldown on respawn).
   - Fix party duel CANCELED state for ZoneId.PVP.
   - Boat _passengers is now concurrent to avoid CME.
   - Move _isNoRndWalk from Creature to Attackable, _isChampion from Creature to Monster.
   - Slight edit of Creature#isInsidePeaceZone (no static, first param is self).
   - Rework WorldRegion#setActive, it now uses an AtomicBoolean. Add WorldObject onActiveRegion() / onInactiveRegion(). Behavior is normally exactly the same than old setActive, but cleaned up.
   - AttackableAI#changeIntention getKnownType(Player) check is now replaced for getRegion().isActive(), probably leading to a lot of saved garbage. SiegeGuardAI#changeIntention override is dropped.
   - Remove GeoEngine.getInstance().canMoveToTarget pre-optimizations (it's already handled by moveToLocation).
   - Add missing onEvtAfraid and AFRAID AiEventType use. Rework Fear effect to use it.
   - Merge Instance#doPickupItem(WorldObject object) with AI#thinkPickUp() (single use).
   - Add Location#equals(int x, int y, int z), Location#setUsingPositiveOffset, Location#setUsingRandomOffset and Location#setFleeing methods.
   - Addition of StatsSet#getIntIntHolderArray.
   - ItemTable cleanup (renamed ItemData and moved to data.xml, CLogger, move temporary containers to good place, move _slots Map to Item, javadoc).
   - Item cleanup (drop Logger, correct use of StatsSet methods to feed Item values, javadoc)
   - Rework both Weapon#getSkillEffects (Fix the multiple calls upon getSkill() and getFirstEffect, rename those methods castSkillOnCrit / castSkillOnMagic for easier understanding).
   - Fix one strange use of StatsSet upon FestivalOfDarknessManager.
   - Rename all items handlers to keep naming convention logic.
   - Add warning regarding missing property key on configs. Ty StinkyMadness.
   - Add UseBlowfishCipher config. Limit the byte array size on VersionCheck packet. Ty RooT.
   - Drop few skills parameters duplicates, ty bowling4soup.
   - Addition of RaidBossManager#getBossSpawns() and BossSpawn#toString for easier customs implementation.
   - Numerous packet reorganization :
      - Few packets rename to fit NetPro.
      - "activeChar" naming is replaced for "player". Final keywords added here and there. Variables naming is more friendly and/or conventional.
      - NewCharacterSuccess uses a static approach for now.
      - Deletion of SuperCmdCharacterInfo, SuperCmdServerStatus && SuperCmdSummonCmd packets (custom, unused).
      - Implement SendTimeCheck / RequestTimeCheck packets. Ty RooT.
   - AdminCommands
      - Delete AdminMammon and associated admincommands.
      - Merge all cursed weapons admincommands into //cw.
      - Cleanup //admin2 panel (game_menu.htm).
      - Delete //adminX commands. It is now simply //admin. //admin can now answer to file names (ex. //admin server).
PS : all items XML etcitem_type parameters are edited to reflect enum value (use of caps lock).

Movement is still experimental. The status IS NOT OK for LIVE servers. Boats and MoveToPawn behavior still need to be fixed.
Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns: 10/08 !
« Last post by henrique on August 10, 2019, 07:03:05 PM »
Registration and download released.
Get ready, grand opening today at 6pm! (UTC-3)

Crappy servers / L2 Nidus LIVE DATE: 22/08/19
« Last post by splinterlr on August 04, 2019, 01:43:02 AM »
L2 Nidus(Interlude subclass acumulativa base +3) abrirá sus puertas el día 22/08 a las 23hs GMT - 3 (Argentina).

Gracias a todas las personas que entraron y participaron de la beta. Fue de bastante ayuda y se pudo depurar bastante la jugabilidad en el servidor.

Más info. sobre el balance acá:

Ya pueden crearse cuentas para estar preparados para el día de la apertura acá:

Descargá nuestro parche desde acá:

Experiencia (EXP) -  x100
Puntos de habilidad (SP) - x100
Adena - x250
Drop de items - 1x
Experiencia de quest (EXP) - 1x
Puntos de habilidad de quest (SP) - 1x
Quest Adena - 1x
Quest Items Drop - 1x
Spoil - 1x

Información básica:

Zona horaria del Servidor - UTC -8
Duracion de los buffs, dances y songs. - 2 hours
Capacidad máxima de buffs - 36 (32 + Divine Inspiration)
Olympiads Max Enchant -. 20
Anti-Bot System (Strix proximamente)
Geodata and Pathnodes - ON
Subclases se hacen sin quest.
Subclass acumulativas base+3
Master Class - ON
Offline mode Shop - ON
Auto Learn Skills - ON
Auto Learn Loot - ON
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - OFF
Champions System - ON
Wedding System - ON


Safe Enchant - 3
Max Enchant - 20
Normal Scroll chance - 50%
Blessed Scroll chance 60% vuelve a +3
Crystal Scroll chance 40% mantiene el enchant cuando falla


Zonas PVP Custom, se activa una zona PVP cada 2hs, en estas zonas hay auto-nobless y auto-respawn

Farm System: 4 zonas principales(Hot Sprigns, Varka, Ketra, FOG) en donde se juntan 'Event Medal' para conseguir items de hasta grado S. 'Event Glittering Medal' se consiguen matando raidbosses, haciendo events y votando..

Raidbosses: todos los jefes tienen una chance de dropear 'Event Gliterring Medal'.

AIO System con buff normales+resistencias. Custom Armros/Weapons(Solo apariencia). Custom Tatto(+500 HP-CP).

Los esperamos a todos, saludos.

Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns: 10/08 !
« Last post by henrique on August 02, 2019, 06:46:47 AM »
Updated informations.
Crappy servers / L2YasS - Craft x10 -
« Last post by collavinoluis on July 31, 2019, 07:08:36 PM »
Servidor Lineage 2 Interlude - Acis 381 -

Informacion Sobre Rates
Experiencia (EXP) x10
Skill Points (SP) x10
Adena x20
Party Exp x 1.5
Party Sp x 1.5
Drop Items x15
Spoil Chances x15
Boss Drop x5
Quest Drop x15
Quest Reward x15

Informacion sobre Encantamiento
(Enchant System)
Safe: +6
Full Armors/ Jewels: +20
Full Weapons: +20

Enchant Rate Normal: 7-9 60% | 10-12 50% | 13-15 40% | 16-20 30% (Cristaliza)

Enchant Rate Blessed: 7-9 70% | 10-12 60% | 13-15 50% | 16-20 40% (Regresa a +6)

Crystal Rate: 100% (Drop GrandBoss)

Informacion Extra         
Creacion de cuentas automaticas.

Personajes Inician con TOP-NOGRADE.

Seleccion de Clases por NPC.


SubClases - MAX:3 Por Player, Sin Quest (NO ACUMULATIVAS).

Todos los GrandBoss en LvL 80.

Comando /menu (Block Buff, Block Exp, ect).


Armaduras Apella, Dynasty y Transcendent Eternal en Grado S (STATS UNICOS) Solo pueden ser usadas por Player Nobles, Con Subclases y Miembros de Clan.

Armas Hero con stats UNICOS. (Se pueden Encantar, Dropear, Vender, Tradear y Argumentar).

Cancel Advanced, buffs Vuelven despues de 7 segundos.

Buff Slots 26 + 4 Divine Inspiration (1 Hora tiempo de buff).

Npc Buffer con esquemas. (Sin Buff de tercera).

Tattoo totalmente funcionales.

Sistema de Argumento de armas (Pasivas y Activas).

Sistema Medallas
RaidBoss: 30 a 50 GoldenMedal.
MobsChamp: 2 SilverMedal (LvL4 2 GM Y LvL5 4 GM ).
Ganadores TvT: 20 GoldenMedal. (Suma PvP)
Todos los mobs: Bronce M. 100%, Silver M. 20% y Golden M. 5%.
Auto Recompensa por voto: 10 GoldenMedal.
Zonas Farm: Bronce y Silver Medal.

Drop de Nobless Coin y Reputacion Clan (GrandBoss).

Sistema de recompensas por logros (Kill Mobs, PvP, PK, Enchant, Nobless, Quest y muchas mas) Silver Medal*

Olimpiadas funcionando 100% HERO CADA SEMANA, Sieges funcionando 100%, Clan Hall Funcionando 100%.

Limite de alianzas: 1 (Para fomentar el CLAN WAR)

ClanHall Alquiler Semanal: GoldenMedal (Incluye Buffer Especial: Malaria, Cholera, Flu, Rheuma)

MaxCastSpeed: 1900 / MaxAtkSpeed 1500

TvT Automatico, Enchant Skill system, Recompensa por votos, Buscador de RaidBoss y mucho mas!   

Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns: 9/8/19 !
« Last post by sahar on July 28, 2019, 07:08:25 PM »
New season starts 9 August.
Made many balance improvements, added new Daily Quests system and a new Hybrid map: Anakim VS Lilith Arena.
Don't miss it !
Crappy servers / Re: L2Free returns: 10/08 !
« Last post by henrique on July 26, 2019, 10:30:07 PM »
New season coming, begins on August 10, 2019 at 6PM. (UTC -3)
Server information updated in the first post.  :ork1_10:
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Tryskell on July 21, 2019, 02:51:34 PM »
  • Addition of forum links, to avoid to copy-paste 50 times per day links to people. I will definitively stop to answer such stuff in future.
  • Addition of Bug reports subsections : "Movement", "SpawnManager". Edit "AIs" for "AIs / Scripts".
Announcements / Re: Latest free sources and geodata
« Last post by Tryskell on July 18, 2019, 02:44:05 PM »
GitHub migration

I inform you than both public and private SVN repositories moved to GitHub. Since Eclipse got default GIT integration, it's normally easier to parameter it.

GitHub offers collaborative tools. You can easily fork public sources and share your contributions (called pull request). Source owner can then decide to accept them or not, which make them accessible to anyone in return.

aCis private repository is still hidden. Rules aren't modified, but will maybe evolve for customers, since diff patch system seems hard to be done.

SVN repositories won't be updated from now on.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos Returns: 27/10/18 !
« Last post by sahar on May 27, 2019, 07:22:23 PM »
New Interlude season starts 31/05 !
* Real money achievements system.
* Improved castle siege system.
* NO donation for gear.
* New mission: The White Walkers.
* New mini event: Multi TvT (4 factions).
* Twitch stream rewards.

And for Game of Thrones fans, special mission  :happyforever: