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Announcements / Croatia trip - project on hold for my holidays [29/07 - 20/08]
« Last post by Tryskell on July 20, 2017, 04:34:32 PM »
Hey guys, since I go soon on a Croatia trip with friends, the project will be obviously on a hold. We will stay 3 full weeks, from 29/07 to 20/08. To be short, consider I'm not here for the whole August.

You still can share and interact with each other, potential things to be commited will be commited on my return.

I will have a limited amount of time for aCis, and could use Discord only on wifi hostel, so don't expect answers from me. Subscriptions are also freezed for this period, so don't donate.

If you got time and miss me, you can work on existing bug reports topics and missing quests. That would be a nice "welcome" gift when I return :dw2_14:.

I will also share next changeset I'm working on - which isn't a final version - in order you test it. There are important changes and it will need to be reviewed anyway. I will try to move on as much as I can, deliver it and you would have one month to test flaws. Then when I come back I could fix the potential issues you found.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and good holidays to everyone !

Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos returns: 01/07 !
« Last post by sahar on July 01, 2017, 05:05:09 PM »
Server started!
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Order VS Chaos returns: 01/07 !
« Last post by sahar on June 25, 2017, 07:01:57 PM »
Server is coming back 01/07/2017 17:00 GMT +3.
Announcements / Re: Latest free sources
« Last post by SweeTs on June 24, 2017, 03:29:27 AM »
SVN updated to 360.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on June 20, 2017, 05:01:00 PM »
Changeset 370 (782)

Datatype reorganization, Summon stuff, Skills edit, Revert, Misc

Datatype reorganization
   - Creation of model.pledge package. Move ClanInfo, Clan (renamed from L2Clan) and ClanMember (renamed from L2ClanMember). Move ClanTable with really light edit to data.sql package.
   - Cleanup the Javadoc on all Table/Data types which have been already cleaned up. In the future, I will try to keep using [email protected]}, which I find useful.
   - BuyListTable > BuyListManager
      - Creation of BuyListTaskManager, a global task for all Products (avoid 1500+ running tasks, if all Products are under restock timer).
      - Javadoc + Reorganization (use of XMLDocument, Product uses a StatsSet, writting style, etc).
      - SQL data is removed on restock timer completion, not simply saved with 0 lenght.
      - decreaseCount result impacts on task schedule (negative result = no task launched).
   - NpcWalkerRoutesTable > WalkerRouteData
      - npcwalker_routes.xml > walkerRoutes.xml. The content is edited, to put content of a node on a single line.
      - Extends XMLDocument, proper Javadoc.
      - WalkerAI is fully rewrote to use generic AI logic (MOVE_TO intention, then we use onEvtArrived() to call the next point).
      - L2NpcWalkerNode > WalkerLocation, cleanup and extends Location (which is handy).
      - Addition of WalkerTaskManager, a global task handling WalkerNode delays.
   - Location
      - Location and all classes extending Location are moved to model.location package.
      - VehiclePathPoint > VehicleLocation, TowerSpawn > TowerSpawnLocation and both now extends (Spawn)Location.
Summon stuff
   - The attack stance is activated even when a player hits the summon (not only Attackable). Attack stance doesn't work for Folk only.
   - Avoid behavior is reworked and implemented in an elegant and retail way. Ty RooT/Enyrgus for tests.
   - PetStatus is dropped (unused).
   - Summon attack damage is correctly shown (different messages for Pet/Servitor). Hitting a summon also fires the EVT_ATTACKED event.
Skills edit - ty Sahar
   - Angelic Icon duration decreased from 120 seconds to 60 seconds. It has cAtk instead of cAtkAdd effect.
   - Archery range bonus reduced from 300 to 100.
   - Force Barrier reuse delay increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
   - Mirage reuse delay increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
   - Honor of Pa'agrio skill radius increased from 400 to 900.
   - Vortexes now use multi_debuff stackType instead of multi_debuff_x.
   - Chant of Victory stackOrder changed from 1 to 2.
   - Victories of Pa'agrio stackOrder changed from 1 to 2.
   - Whiplash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 30 seconds.
   - Tidal Wave power decreased from 228 to 81.
   - Salvation duration increased from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
   - Added missing SA effects to Shining Bows.
   - Blinding Blow lethal1 chance reduced from 5 to 4.
   - Blinding Blow lethal2 chance reduced from 2 to 0-1 (depending on skill level).
   - Hotfix for EffectBluff.

Revert parts of rev 361 (changeset 562):
   - Toggle can be used while attacking.
   - You don't stop moving if skill is under reuse and you try to use it.
   - Register a missing admin command, admin_knownlist_page. No clue why it was missing the whole time.
   - Delete admin_mons, which was MDT launch admincommand (no use).
   - Rework PlaySound packet, listing correct parameters and introduce new constructors (notably one with WorldObject). Ty RooT.
   - Fix the stuck behavior after requesting a movement when you're actually isMovementDisabled(). Ty Ipotonic.
Announcements / Re: Last aCis updates
« Last post by Tryskell on June 15, 2017, 08:52:52 PM »
Changeset 369 (762)

Datatype reorganization, HTMs / NPCs behavior, Misc

Datatype reorganization
   - "datatables" package is renamed "data". Creation of subpackages "xml", "sql" && "manager" inside it.
   - All tables are renamed/cleaned up
      - XML loading/storing data ends with "Data".
      - SQL loading/storing data keeps old "Table" denomination.
      - Tables using both types (xml/sql) or temporary data (such as fences) are stored as "Manager".
   - All XMLs are renamed and edited to follow new conventions.
   - XMLDocumentFactory is replace by XMLDocument, a light abstract layer enforcing writting style (parseDocument, loadDocument, load).
   - Biggest edits are following :
      AccessLevels / AdminCommandAccessRight / GmListTable > AdminData
         - AccessLevel uses a StatsSet to feed data, AdminCommandAccessRight model is entirely dropped.
         - All "datatables" are merged under AdminData.
         - All ranks are provided inside the XML (no more hardcoded rank). XML format has been modified.
         - Child access has been simplified (a unique child, instead of a array).
         - Default max rank is now 8, commands are set to 7 (Admin rank) ; all associated configs have been dropped. Colors have been edited to be unique (SweeTs will do a good Support GM ! :kappapride:)
         - A new Config has been added, DefaultAccessLevel, allowing you to set a unique access level to everyone (before, that config was a boolean and could only reward Master rank).
         - //reload acar is edited for //reload admin, which reloads accesses in same time than commands rights.
      TeleportLocationTable > TeleportLocationData
         - TeleportLocation is edited : drop L2 prefix, use a StatsSet to feed infos and extends Location. It doesn't hold anymore id (can be retrieved using the Map).
      FishTable > FishData
         - FishData is renamed Fish, while FishTable is renamed FishData. Use a StatsSet. XML edited.
      SoulCrystalsTable > SoulCrystalData
         - SoulCrystalData is renamed SoulCrystal, while SoulCrystalsTable is renamed SoulCrystalData.
         - Rework successs/fail rates using L2OFF, all chances are now using a base 1000 instead of 100. Ty Marcatu.
         - Data formatting has been edited.
      StaticObjects > StaticObjectData
         - System uses a getInstance(), like his brothers.
         - Store content back in a public List.
      HennaTable > HennaData
         - Edit XML name/parameters.
         - Handle getAvailableHennasFor/canBeUsedBy (previously getAvailableHenna/isForThisClass) differently (no more _hennaTrees).
         - Move the parsing from Characters to Items tab on server loading.
         - Cleanup + Javadoc. getAmountDyeRequire() > getRequiredDyeAmount() - still static.
      HelperBuffTable > NewbieBuffData
         - Edit XML and classes names (NewbieBuff, NewbieBuffData, newbieBuffs.xml).
HTMs / NPCs behavior
   - Karma players can't speak to NPC anymore (default behavior). They STILL can speak when such NPC doesn't have an associated -pk HTM.
   - Add and fix all merchant HTMs (addition of all -pk, -bought, -sold, -empty : something like 300 HTMs). Implemented -empty (when your inventory is empty) and -bought (you just bought an item from a merchant).
   - Fix fisherman -sold behavior (was implemented but dysfunctional).
   - Addition of npcId 31075 HTMs and 5 buylists related to that NPC. Folk > Merchant edition.
   - Toma (the guard) got its real name, Thoma, set on XML.
   - Edit respawn delay / respawn random formulas to avoid warning messages.
   - Rework the Optional uses for better performance, ty Sdw to pointing it out.
   - You can't pickup or use Intention.PICKUP during an attack. Ty IpotoniC.
   - Fix NPE on checkSide / checkSides.
   - Drop fake skills integrity checks. Ty Copyleft.
   - Fix ItemFilter, due to previous logger refactor. Ty Mellion.
   - Fix tax rate on multisell system. Ty vampir.
   - Fix a HTM typo on Q105. Ty Ipotonic.
   - Merge ALT_PARTY_RANGE && ALT_PARTY_RANGE2 configs for PARTY_RANGE. Value is set to 1500 by default (like all checks found on L2OFF AI scripts).
   - Addition of StatsSet.getDoubleArray.
   - Hotfix for skills resistance calculation. Ty Erlandys.

Examples of skills calculation, before / after.
The point is, the accumulation of different similar effects don't impact as much as before (not proportional anymore, follow what could be called a logarithmic curve : "more you got, less you get").

Sleep effect :
NM Set : 16.85% / 16.31%
- : 54.91% / 54.37%
Mental shield : 27.73% / 27.18%
NM Set + Mental shield : 1% / 8.16%

Fire damage :
Elemental resist (20) : 566 / 566
surrender fire (-30) : 920 / 1011
- : 707
surrender fire + elemental resist (-10) : 778 / 808
resist fire + elemental resist (+50) : 353 / 396
valakas passive resist + resist fire + elemental resist (+65) : 240 / 327

PS : most of this patch is part 1 of... 3-4. It's simply too long to make all changes in a single revision. Probably the SpawnManager will be delayed to, at least, the end of the cycle.
Announcements / Re: [Share] L2D Geodata for aCis Project
« Last post by joker90 on May 25, 2017, 07:31:34 PM »
Could you please refresh the URL, it doesn't working
Announcements / Re: Forum Announcements
« Last post by Sido on May 24, 2017, 04:09:06 PM »
A planned maintenance will take place this weekend
Guides / Re: [GUIDE] Java keywords (public, protected, private, final, static)
« Last post by minutis on May 11, 2017, 12:35:44 PM »
One could add transient keyword to the list. In general it's used to prevent some fields from beeing serialized. One of the common use cases would be if you have some object and you want to convert it to json, then fields declared as transient would not be used while converting from/to JSON.
Crappy servers / Re: L2 Ryden
« Last post by Marcatu on May 10, 2017, 10:40:48 PM »
really like the website. good job!
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